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I Don’t Know Anything

Sat elaborates on the practice of “I Don’t Know Anything.” She emphasizes that the more we realize we don’t know and our curiosity dies down, the more we get intuitive direction.

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Mandana: I wanted to acknowledge one of the teachings that helped me a lot is to make sure we believe that we don’t know anything. We get rid of all our knowledge that we have accumulated in the past because many of those were probably the knowledge that was wrong and we created the world the way we were told based on that knowledge and that information. It helps me a lot to now say to myself, “I don’t know” and to start fresh and build a completely new database. That was very helpful to me.

Sat: I am glad that you had enough opening to understand that one small sentence could have such an unbelievable significance in the life of ignorance, which we call knowing. As you do that, you begin to see that you really don’t know and never did. That is when you stimulate the grace of knowingness beyond what we took the knowingness to be. The world is full of suggestion and advice to one another; all you have to do is open your computer and you see it. No one stopped to say, “Do I really know or am I going by the memory of hearing what I am telling somebody else?” It is a very simple saying with a profound change in one’s life- if it is understood well.

Mandana: What you just mentioned, to open the computer and you can find all sorts of information, through my struggle I researched a lot and there were a lot of recipes, lists, suggestions and none of them felt right, none of them were correct. Since I joined [this path] it is a completely new thing, it has opened my eyes, I am thinking and looking at everything differently. Thank You so much for that.

Sat: Yes, it is like the blind leading the blind. Not only that, when we are curious and we are excited to have information upon information and the mind wants to go and get entertained by searching, we close down our intuitive faculties. In other words, we cannot listen to the conscious voice because this is not where we are equipped or used to. So, the more we realize we don’t know and our curiosity dies down, the more we get intuitive direction and that is how the humanity was supposed to move forward by intuition, not by ignorance leading ignorance. So, as we see, we are really going back to the purest form of living, which is simplicity and openness to the Source.

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I Don’t Know Anything
June 21, 2022

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