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How To Do Omnipresent Meditation For Others

Sat explains in detail how to do Omnipresent meditation for others.

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Question: I am able to do Omnipresent for myself but I would like to understand how to do it for others. For example, I have a nephew who is in trouble. How can I help him in my Omnipresent Meditation?

Sat: Just the fact that you are concerned for him, by sitting down and tapping your own oneness with God, just the intention for which you sit down to do Omnipresent Meditation, it will have an effect. Because of the thought that you had and for which you sat down to tap your own Divinity and the Divinity is only One, there is only one Existence, there is no distance between names and forms at that time. Then when you are really an expert in connecting to the way that you really, really feel your oneness with your Source, at that time, not any earlier, I am not saying that for those of you who cannot connect, at that time you can also say, “what is he … what can he be?” but not before accomplishing your own [connection] pretty well.
Everything about the fundamental teaching or Truth, it really narrows down into one infinite energy, infinite Existence, infinite this and infinite that. By dwelling there, a lot of our anxiety, fear, etc. decreases because it is not two anymore to fight it, to resist it, to embrace it, to accept it, to reject it, etc. But not often do we put our mind on that Source to free ourselves. It is nice to know though that it is accessible and it is profitable. Most of the time we forget and that is the nature of being born, so we can’t blame anything, we can only have the grace to be reminded!

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December 07, 2023

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