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How Not To Believe The World

Sat explains the different types of thoughts and practicing tools for not believing in the world.

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Question: What does it really mean not to believe the world?
Kavi: This last question was my question and I can add some context for it. I have been having a lot of challenges and tough happenings lately in my life. On top of these challenges, today I was faced with another one and it created an intense immediate fear in me. I just said ‘no, I don’t believe that thought.’ I did it twice and I found this peace and was flooded with what You have taught me all through the years. I had all this okayness and all this realization about how these extra thoughts are so untrue. What happened is I just sat with it and I wondered to myself, what does it really mean to not believe the world? Because I think there is more coming for me and I would like to better understand what that means and how to put it to practice- not believing the world. Tonight, Your last two answers have already helped. Is there anything else You can teach me that I could put into practice when it comes to not believing the world?
Sat: Kavi you just did. Not believing the world means not believing your thoughts. We have two ways of thinking; one is imagination and reaction. One is immediate; immediate thoughts are very beneficial for the body and its function. There is a hunger, you eat! There is a thirst, you drink! There is a meeting, you attend. But there is another kind of set of thinking that would go under the category of not believing in the world- those types of things that come from the memory and they repeat themselves in the way of anxiety, anxiousness, discomfort, dis-ease, all of these are changeable, non-immediate, unreal, unbeneficial and it is not who we are. By saying “no” to it and really meaning it when you do say “no” they release themselves. You come out of the bondage of this slavery.
Again, we go back to the world that we are born in as a body, as a person, the nature of this world is instability, so we cannot be surprised by ups and downs. Not only can we not be surprised by that, but by our understanding, we can find stability in ourself like you did today.

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November 30, 2023

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