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How Does Stillness Take Us To Realization?

Sat talks about how associating with the Truth lessens identification with the temporary.

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Mansour: I’m trying to understand how silence leads us to awaken from the daydream?
Sat: If I understood your question, also your contemplation, you are wondering how the silence takes you to realization. Is that what you are saying?
Mansour: Yes
Sat: When you lose yourself, and I don’t mean being conscious, you lose the interest for your mind, body and all the other senses, and you feel or you are aware of being nothing but the silence, but aware of it, you have already left manifestation!
As we do that more and more, the manifestation becomes clear, the quality of manifestation becomes clear to us. Its strength also begins to fade because the silence has started taking over our being or our being is dipped into that color. As all the enlightened souls say, realization is not something that you gain new. What it is, as you know it too, the silence leads you there by eliminating your unconscious identification with the body, mind and senses.
Again, I can emphasize by association, when your attention associates with the Truth, silence or the universal purity of the mind of God before the movement took place, then your identification with that place becomes more and your identification with the temporary becomes less. If we go out on the street, or we see any of our relatives who are not on this path, or any of our friends, they don’t have a clue of who they are but they can give you stories after stories of who they[think they] are. “Oh, I am a hard worker … oh, I do this and I do that … etc.” But for us it is the continuation of expansion and the silence is the base of all the expansion.

Mansour: Thank You so much.
Sat: It's really wonderful that you have really been paying attention to the area that is much deeper in you than on the surface, trying to be curious. I think that depth of curiosity of contemplation in silence is much different than day to day contemplating on our problem and our desire.
I assure you any of us that are aware of the truth of the Reality, little by little, your information comes from within instead of without. The without can stamp the right or the correctness of it, but you will have your own channel with your reality.

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How Does Stillness Take Us To Realization?
July 5, 2022

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