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How Do We Give Understanding To Others?

Sat explains how to give others understanding.

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Question: You often say have understanding about different situations or give understanding for personalities or characters, etc. What is this understanding and how do we give understanding?

Sat: Understanding is best when you don’t have ego in it, when the personality is not peaking. The purest understanding is when you’re listening to someone- you are fully listening without judgment, without wanting to immediately remedy something and then for Me that has been what I am prompted to do to see where they are coming from. And it took Me years to develop this understanding; it is not where am I coming from, how righteous I am, how right in this situation I am, how much injustice has been done towards Me from that person that I am listening to. But actually zooming in to see where that person with this personality is coming from. When you do that there is something that opens up about that person that he or she might not even know, but it is known to you.
It is way beyond compassion; it is understanding that heals, changes people, it is a divine understanding and it comes from ripening and giving understanding a chance, and not listening to someone with a premeditated response. It is spontaneous, it is very open and it needs interest to understand people to be able to gain this art. I went through many, many, many, many misunderstandings of others in order to see why it is the way it is and again another inquiry right there.
If we spend our life in a habitual response without understanding and curiosity of finding out why there is so much misunderstanding, then we continue not being helpful to one another.

Namaste to all of you.

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Feb 8, 2022

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