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How Do We Avoid Giving Our Baggage to Our Children?

Sat talks about how giving our grown up children a copy of "I Am the Child" is the biggest gift we can give them.

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Adrienne: I was wondering if You could share on not giving our baggage to our children. I feel like I have baggage and my son has seen my baggage. But I feel like he hasn’t picked it up
Sat: I am glad he hasn’t, but listen, nobody in the world is without baggage. The baggage brought us to these realms again! It is not your baggage; it is just the baggage that is created here under the fact that we were born. Yes, but I think those of you who have grownup children it is not your responsibility anymore to interfere or try to put their baggage down- if they have any. But to give them this book, so that they can read it and it would be a map for them, in case later on in their life they have a question, or they are frustrated, or they have some sort of anxiety, then they know what it is and they can trace their steps back. That would be a good gift. The first copy, I gave to My son for his birthday, the very first copy we made. Of course, both of them (Her sons), one of them before he had any children and the other one on his birthday and I think it is the biggest gift we can give to a grown-up child.

Sai Center
How Do We Avoid Giving Our Baggage to Our Children?
June 26, 2022

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