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How Can We Guide Other People?

Sat guides us on how to truly help others.

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Adrienne: What would You say to someone who is feeling discomfort but they are starting to look in directions to solve it that you know is going to take them down the wrong road?
Sat: In most cases, My experience has been that I want to help a lot of people who are around Me or I have come across throughout My life, but the success of My effort is when the person is ready to ask you whether they ask directly by saying ‘what do you think … what would you do in my place?’ etc.
Somehow, they want your opinion or they are just curious to know what you have to say. In most cases, if this is not the case, only an experience is important for them, whether we think it is wrong or right! But what can you do if they don’t ask or they don’t volunteer or no situation pops out where the ground is fertile for you to say something? In that case, you can help them in silence- which means to transcend their form by tapping your own reality.
As I was saying before, every soul will eventually go to their knees because they find that what they thought was fulfilling just isn’t. That is unfortunately the process of release most of the time- which is also one form of grace that we have all experienced before we found the right Home. (Remains silent for a few minutes)
Believe Me if I tell you there are times that I want to say something so badly because I see so clearly that I have to take a few deep breaths and go to silence. Because I also know that most people are just not ready to receive it and if they are not ready to receive it, they get offended by your Truth.

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June 28, 2022

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