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Sat talks about having true harmony.

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Mandana: I want to ask about harmony. One time I felt harmony and it was in the most unusual place. I was doing deep scuba diving. In that depth of water, I saw a lot of animals, they were eating each other, hiding from each other, but there was a harmony in that area and for a short period of time I felt as though I was a part of that harmony and that community, I even forgot where I was. The word that came to my mind was harmony. I wanted to ask about harmony among humans.

Sat laughs: My observation about diving deep- you did it symbolically and literally Most Precious talks about diving deep a lot. When you dive deep, the energy becomes very heavy and not heavy in a bad way, heavy with silence! And somehow the mind picks up a different vibration than what we are used to. Symbolically when you look at it, the deeper you go within yourself, the more harmony there is.
Now, when you want to have harmony with other people is to not want harmony with other people. In other words, you get to the point that you are not even striving to have harmony with other people, you are just happy to have harmony within yourself. When that happens, your surroundings will start having people who have harmony with your vibration. The nature, the people, anything that you come across of, will feel harmonious!
I would say wanting to have harmony is disturbing the harmony, but by diving deep and feeling the way you feel now, believe Me if I tell you that your surrounding will become harmonious. Then you come on the chat, share and say, “I don’t understand it Sat, everywhere I go I feel people’s hearts are open, etc..”
If you are asking Me on the worldly scale, how can the world have harmony? We each have to clean our own heart. It is not a universal cleanup; it is an individual cleanup. Again, we go back to ourselves and we are all doing it. Not only are we doing it, but we find more harmony in our immediate surroundings, we feel more harmony with nature, with water, with everything! That is the way I see it!

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July 12, 2022

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