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Grace And Gratitude

Sat talks about the need for nourishing the soul.

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-Nasrin talks about an experience she had after their weekly satsang. As she sat in her car, she felt as though her heart was bursting out of her chest, because she felt so inspired by it. She states how different we all are and how our mentality could vary but that there is something that really unites us all and we can bring one another inspiration. She felt that was her gratitude on this path and that is how she feels with anyone who is in our group, particularly with Sat.
Sat: Thank you for sharing, it really makes Me happy to know that everyone who shares this so-called path has the same approach, the same goal, the same love for it. Even though like you said, the personalities are so different, but the heart is the same. Everyone is interested and knows that the worldly talk means nothing anymore. So, when you don’t bring the world then you are inspired, because you are talking the language of the heart. That is a food; it really is a nourishment.
I remember when I was 18, the pain of separation, which at that point I didn’t know was separation, was so heavy that I didn’t know if there was any solution for it. One day as I was sitting and contemplating My misery, not My inspiration, I realized that I am from a good family, a very comfortable family, I have enough love and care around Me. Why is it that I feel so miserable? And what came to Me was that I have been fed mentally with information and do’s and don’ts and physically with food. But My soul, My spirit was dry, was thirsty, was hungry, was not being nourished! And that is when My pilgrimage started, realizing that it is not enough to have a comfortable home, it is not enough to have money, it is not even enough to have a good family. It is something that the soul is thirsty for and cannot be happy unless it is given some nourishment to bring balance between every part of our being.
For the soul to be nourished, it has to go to the Spirit and the Spirit is the Existence, it is the Totality, it is where we need to be nourished [from]. Not only are we nourishing each other like that, but we are nourishing ourselves like that, we have learned how to do that now and that is gratitude. We know something that people very rarely know of -that is gratitude and grace of course.
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April 21, 2022

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