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Going Beyond The Limitation Of The Mind

Sat discusses how to go beyond the limitations of the mind to find the expansive, unlimited Isness.

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Going Beyond The Limitation Of The Mind

Sat’s Writing from Love & Wisdom:
Are You Kidding?
To understand the life of appearance is impossible, and yet the faculty of understanding is given to each one in the appearance.
It is like a mathematician without numbers.
The whole thing is meaningless and absurd.
Everyone has a solution.
For what? For life that wants no solution and is impossible to solve.
How can you solve the problem of your image in the mirror?
This is why I say Stop. JUST BE.
What else is there to do?
Stop looking, thinking.
Be Quiet.
Be Still.
(Page 20)

Sat: I would like to do a small exercise with every one of you and I know you have done it with Me before, but let’s do it again.
Let’s find out within each one of us first hand if what we believed [ourselves] to be we actually are or not.
Let’s hit the road, that includes Me.
I ask that all of us relax, meaning if your jaw is not relaxed, relax it, [same for] your shoulders, particularly the stomach and the feet.
Just let it all fall apart physically.
Now, let’s be aware of the silence within our own selves and around us. (Remains silent)
Watch the energy sinking.
Now, when I ask you a question, don’t look for an answer, just relax and hear Me out.
Look within yourself at all times, within that silence.
Am I a man or a woman?
You can think of it within your own selves but don’t look for an answer.
Am I a man or a woman? (Remains silent after each set of questions)
Am I my thoughts or not?
Am I the past or the future where I exist?
Am I the image that I think of myself to be or not?
Am I my intellect or reasoning mind?
Stay with the silence as you hear and repeat [it] within your own selves.
Am I this body or not?
Who am I?
What am I?
Now most of you will realize that the thinker, the thoughts, the body, the different images that we take ourselves to be, when you question it and allow it to show itself without preconceived ideas, they vanish! What is left is Sat-Chit-Ananda!
Existence, Awareness, Bliss.
Now, if you have experienced that, even beyond experienced, you saw why Baba says beyond space and time, beyond the beyond.
In that space, when we are beyond it, you can’t even say there is unity, it just Is as One, because there is no body, there is no entity, [no] ego. (Remains silent)
This is the essence of the quote tonight- to go beyond the limitation of the mind, space and time and find that expansive, unlimited Beingness, Isness- as we relax and question the reality of [the] false.
Now, slowly we open our eyes. (Lets out a deep sigh)
How many of you felt like you were going beyond the mind and what you felt yourself to be, a woman or a man, sort of fell apart? (Everyone raises their hand- Sat continues to remain silent)

Sai Center
March 27, 2022

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