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Going Back To Simplicity

In this audio excerpt, Sat discusses how as life has gotten more complex with the introduction of technology, our minds have gotten more complex as well.

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U.S. Chat - 1/12/21

Sepideh: I was thinking of the human mind and Creation a few weeks ago, and it suddenly dawned on me that human beings on earth were created just like any other animal, with certain instincts to survive, and that was that. And everything else from that point on, came from the human mind. After the hunters and gatherers learned to use fire, tools, etc. And then everything else all came from the human mind, universal mind, etc. that was very interesting to me, that these all came from the mind actually.

Sat: Yeah, that is interesting. This is exactly why [the goal of] 99% of our practices is to find peace. And in order to find peace [one must] empty the mind of the unnecessary stories and unnecessary work. I really believe that many, many centuries ago, the mind didn’t have that many ideas that we have nowadays, with technology, with the way people can travel to each other’s countries and all of that. So, many centuries ago, life was simple, because the mind was simple. And I think going back to some extent, to the simplicity is the way to go, because the complex has not gotten the world to a better place to live. But that’s something each individual has to find out for themselves, it’s not a universal change, unless there is a universal calamity, so that’s that!

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