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Free Your Spirit

Sat discusses how cultivating a pure mind and living in the present results in more self-confidence and an inspired, free-willed type of living.

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Mammad: The mind sometimes can be to our help, to our rescue. On a day like this in the community, they do it because they're told that they can do it.
Sat: Yes, well, again, like I said, the mind is empty. You can get direction from maya or you can get direction from inner prompting, but it appears to be from the mind, as a thought, but the quality of the thought is different. The quality of the ego mind is fear, hesitation, self-preservation, and limitation. The quality of the mind that has been dipped in the heart and has become familiar with that inner life is inspiring, it's encouraging, it's unlimited, in some cases. I'm not saying completely, because the body is still there.
And so, yes, there are two sides to the mind. One is pure mind, one is polluted mind. And I think what is happening with us, we have trained the polluted mind by Stop meditation to not be the predominant orderer, the one that orders. As a thinker, we have settled down into our reality;what has happened is now, the mind that was polluted reminds [us], you can do it, do Trust Meditation, do Omnipresent Meditation, where before, it would refuse it. Because the pity party somehow sadistically went agreeably to the thinker.
And I say that they are more in shape, but they really have more confidence. That's what it amounts to, to having more confidence. It's like when, how many of you when we go together for a walk, you say today I feel like I can do anything. I'm capable of doing anything that I didn't think I could do [before]. And that brings expansion in the physical realm instead of closing up. When I say child like, what I'm really saying is let's put our hesitation aside and just be a free spirit, really, literally free your spirit, and don't try to hold it tight. You cannot bottle up unlimited. So, in this way our approach to life and God is very different.
Mammad: Jesus has said that we can move mountains. Is that a representation of the potential of human beings?
Sat: Yes, yes, yes. And it doesn't mean the physical realm. When He says you can move the mountain, He means you know what the quality of the material life has been in a dream. Then you can see through it. It's not so hard and real for you. You know the difference between your consciousness now and before? [Before,] we lived by hearsay, we lived because somebody said this is the way to live or our parents dictated [it]. Now, because everything has gone [through] ups and downs, and it doesn't have that stability that we thought it [did] , and we know the quality of it. Now, we have released this free-willed type of living. And now, we are living not only under the Grace, but [also] being present, being present. We hear ourselves laugh, we hear ourselves talk. Because there's no entity willing to talk or willing to laugh. It [is] just that spontaneously the impression of living happens. I hope you can follow Me. It's really [a] magnificent way of living compared to what we thought we were, what we thought [life] was, what the family meant, [etc.]. All of that becomes one chain of release.

Aida: That's why it becomes so enjoyable.
Sat: If it's for any of you, since you've been here. [If], the bazaar penetrates, I will say try harder, because [there] should not be any bazaar, or memory of who you were before you walked in. And it happens automatically, you don’t have to put effort, and that's the power of Satsang. You are really, each one of us, at this very moment I can promise you, you're keeping your own company. You're keeping the company of silence. Now I'd like to share something else that came to Me. You know, when we started from the house, we were on asphalt. Then we went on gravel, then we went on the rocks, then we went up the hill and down the hill. Just symbolically take this as life. Now, look at it this way. On the asphalt, we sang, on the gravel we were in silence, on the rocks we kept silence, on the rocks we told a story and laughed. We didn't even know what was under our feet. So when we go through life, it will show a different pavement and different ground under us. This is the beauty of keeping the company of your Self, the joy of your Ananda, that you didn’t even notice what was under your feet, whether it was hard or easy. No thought of any sort penetrates that. So that was just a parable to remember how to walk through life: by keeping good company, by keeping Satsang, by keeping silence, and by laughter. This is the sum total of life.

Mammad: What is the breakfast today?
Sat: The breakfast would be to feed what [one] needs to walk.

May 2nd Retreat - Morning Hike
May 01, 2022

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