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Fear of Judging And Being Judged

Sat talks about the root cause of feeling uncomfortable with judging and being Judged. She teaches us to watch our tendencies and patterns of thinking and to not go with them, as a remedy.

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Mandana: I wanted to share that there have been at least a few occasions where I have shared the sense of freedom and harmony that I feel when I am in nature with You. I don’t feel that when I am among other humans and You asked me, “Why is that?” I have been really going deep inside, I believe I know probably why it is that way. Mainly, I think it is because I analyze every behavior of others towards me and I am afraid of being judged at the same time. And that puts me in a situation where I am uncomfortable, and that is why I don’t feel that harmony and freedom when I am among human beings. I am not sure if that is the correct understanding or not.

Sat: Yes, well, I am glad you looked at it and you found out that this is your problem and you can easily see that again the problem starts from the self, the self, like you said, gets uncomfortable with being judged or judging. So, the remedy for that is really to watch the behavior of the mind, the thoughts of the mind and just not go with it!
I mean it is very obvious that when we are alone in nature, [or] we are having satsang with someone with the same values, that we will feel much better. But when you are with the people that are not in the same rhythm with you, watching yourself is more important than trying to resist, or judge, or even condemning yourself for feeling that way.
Again, like I said, we go back to Stay, just be conscious, and look at it and since it is uncomfortable, why would you want to touch it? You just let it go and the many, many talks we have had on nonresistance- again we go back to that.
If you relax your body and let go of all your expectations of yourself or others, or the desire to change yourself, your situation or others, then you find peace even in the midst of people that you usually would rather have satsang instead (of their company)-- at least you can tolerate it much easier. So, it is very important for us to watch our tendencies and patterns of thinking, because by just watching we have separated ourselves from identification with them. We can’t say “I am judgmental” because you are watching the judgmental things happening without your voluntary suggestion, so it is a wisdom, it really is!

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April 25, 2023

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