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Faith - Notice The Silence In Relax Mode

Sat discusses what it means to live simply and how everything is taken care of when we don’t take thought. She then leads a meditation to help listeners experience their true nature.

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Kumud thanks Sat for everything and shares how much she loves Her. She asks about an audio that she had been listening to recently from the Reno Center, in which Sat says “faith is not even a feeling; it is positive energy.” Kumut asks Sat to elaborate on this.
Sat: True faith is not something that you can create or try to maintain. It is really almost formless and that’s why I call it energy. I think I was saying that Baba says your faith is like a negative current and the object of your faith is negative and when they come together, they do that. I have heard Him saying that. As far as faith goes, it has different degrees; it comes out of a feeling in the beginning, devotion, etc. But then it becomes a spontaneous flow of this energy of trust - that’s what happens. And you don’t have to put any effort, or there is no need, like you were saying, you just have it. You just have it. In the beginning though, it is out of need and a feeling of, “I am having faith,” and then when it is proven to you, this energy of trust becomes spontaneous.
Kumud: Sometimes when I want to ask a question, somebody else will just answer it, or you are talking and the question gets answered on its own. I don’t even have to ask or put any effort. That energy that You are talking about, is that what that is?
Sat: Yes, that’s a part of it. That’s the part of the State of Being that you are in. You are open; open to receive out of your faith and trust. There is a sincerity in your openness, meaning your sincerity wants to know, then it gets provided for you. You can say that it is the negative and the positive again hitting each other; it is all really symbolic. But if we take all the words out of it, the best we can say is a spontaneous flow of heart to heart without effort. We all know by now that the less thought we take, the easier things come to us, whether it is through understanding, through getting, through situations, etc. When the mind is relaxed and the body is relaxed and there is some amount of peace, then the activation of the Perfection comes to the surface. And that is why your questions get answered, whereas people might have to travel around the world to get their question answered.
Adrienne: Sat, are You saying that if we can let go of the mind the grace becomes activated?
Sat: It becomes very visible in your life, yes. And letting go of the mind really means going beyond the mind and the only way to go beyond the mind is through the technique of Staying and watching and being! It is an Art that once you find mastery of, you find an unbelievable amount of freedom. Honestly things come to you that would not have come to you through years of effort. Because there is no story; there is no delay; there is no obstacle to keep it from being received by you; it is a flow. Just like that prayer we were doing on Sunday - the flute is made up of bamboo and it is hollow in the middle. But when there is a lot of emotion, sensitivity, thinking, then it is not hollow and the energy cannot move as smoothly. And that is a fact. That is a fact, and we can all testify to that as we advance in our understanding of the ways of doing it. (Remains silent)
It is not something that would be just My experience in My life. Anyone who follows a certain technique and certain understanding of what is real and what is not could say the same thing. (Remains silent)
I have quoted Jesus and also the Trust Meditation, “If you take no thought, everything is taken care of.” Why? Why is that? Because the thoughts are obstacles to arriving, to receiving. Unless there is a prompting, unless there is an intuitive prompting, then that also comes from the same Source. Just allowing the horses of the mind to go without any control, they will be running this way one minute and another way the next minute. Then, where are the eyes to see the grace or to feel it or to receive the grace? (Remains silent)
I honestly believe that the less complicated our life is in our thinking and approaching through speech and action, the more we feel the grace. Having said that, it does not mean that we are going to be lazy and idle. No, not at all! It is just this feeling of release inside and the doing, as I had said before, the doing happens through you. It happens through your hands; it happens through your mouth; but it is spontaneous. It is fresh, fresh and new. (Remains silent)
Adrienne: What do You mean by our lives being simple?
Sat: That’s a very, very good question, Adrienne. It does not mean that you should not desire something or [not] be active in life. It is what the intention behind it is. Meaning that we leave the worry, the concern, reviewing the future, and regretting the past behind us. We stay vigilant and we live life happily. In other words, [despite] any situation that rises, we keep that silence with us. And that simplifies so many crowded items from our mind.
Just imagine if you got mastery of Staying while you are doing [and] while you are talking; that means your mind has simplified. When your mind simplifies, your speech automatically will follow it. That is the indication that Adrienne as “I am Adrienne” or the sense of individuality is beginning to sink to its Source. And that is simple. That is simple!
Simply joys, little things can make us very, very happy. Simple eating; simple entertainment; these all come with an uncrowded mind. Then we see that our curiosity to learn decreases, because the learning is happening inside. In our silence, we are getting so much wisdom, that we are no longer interested in the morsel [associated with] the temporary eating off the world’s hand. You become self-contained. That’s simplicity. Instead of branching out, you are branching into the silence. And then you live a normal life; you are with your child; you associate with family; you go out with girlfriends; you work, etc. But there is a simplicity about it because there is not so much thinking of the future, the past, finances, [and] this and that. You are just letting it work through you. (Remains silent)
And when one’s understanding begins to expand through hearing the wisdom over and over and over again…when that starts expanding, things will happen automatically. Your mind will be calmer [and] your heart will be more open. So the most important [thing] is to be bombarded with the Truth. So that brainwashing reverses itself, like I used to say. (Remains silent)
One of the most profound truths that all the realized people have come to know is that you and I are not this human (chuckles). We are dreaming humanhood. I am not saying that out of some philosophy; I know it! And you know it, if the mind simplifies itself. You can testify to that, because we are all That, period! There is nothing but That. There is no existence apart from That. There is no consciousness apart from That. You can find it in the silence of the mind. That’s the bottom line. (Remains silent)
Why don’t we do meditation together?
Let’s all of us experience firsthand whatever was said on this chat. Instead of just hearing it, let’s firsthand experience it.
Again, if you wish to have your eyes open or shut, it is your choice. But if you do have them open, keep [your gaze] in one place and begin to shift your attention in a relaxed mode; your body and your head in a relaxed mode.
Nowhere to go; nothing to do.
Now begin to go deeper.
Turn your attention even deeper inwardly.
Just let go of your body and the mind and just continue following this inward sinking.
Now, feel your silence. Be aware of it. Notice it!
Notice this silence. Keep your attention firmly there.
You feel that you still exist but your existence seems to be sunken into that silence.
Notice the stillness in a relaxed mode.
Now notice that you actually are that silence; because the thinker, the thinking, and the memory of the body seem to have merged into this silence.
Keep your attention there. Notice it.
Notice the silence in a relaxed mode, just settle.
Now this is who we are and in this mode the doing happens. There is a simplicity. There is no rising; there is no taking thoughts. This is true letting go. Letting be. Letting God.
Now, with the eyes open, notice the silence. With the crowd around, notice the silence in a relaxed mode. This is when spontaneously the flow has a hollowness to move through.
Keep noticing the silence and also being aware that you have sunken to your origin. The thinker as the name and form is pretty much faded. The mind is relaxed.
Now sink even deeper.
Just settle down deeper with your attention.
Again, notice this stillness.
You can feel the expansion of this stillness without boundary. You can’t say where you begin and where you end.
You just are!
Only Existence IS.
This is knowing Thyself.
There is an Existence without ‘this’ and ‘that.’
The Art of Living is to be THAT; I am that I am.
Oh it is so hard to talk!
Now for a moment, where is all that commotion? They were never real!
Where did the seriousness of life go? They never were.
Namaste to all of you.

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FAITH-Notice The SIlence In Relax Mode
October 14, 2021

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