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Faith, Trust, Love And Sacrifice

Sat explains the relationship between Faith, Love and Sacrifice

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Kavi: What is the relationship between faith, love and sacrifice?

Radha: Is faith the same as Trust?
Sat: I don’t know. I don’t know, those are just names that refer to you, that you are loving something that gives you comfort. I don’t know what the definition in the dictionary is, but I think when you say “faith” or when you say “trust” it points something to you personally that maybe somebody else is not feeling the same way about it. So, it can have many meanings for many different people. Even at different times in life, what faith meant to you some years ago when you heard the word “faith” and what it brought up for you, could be totally different today. So, who knows if they are different or the same!
Sepid: To me, I thought about it, may be if you don’t have faith you have fear and when you have fear, you can’t love. When you can’t love, you can’t sacrifice.
Sat: Yes, or the other way around works too. People fear God so much and call it love, even though they have faith, but it is out of fear. We all have experienced it- I know I did at times when I was very young, and that’s very unfortunate because it is a misrepresentation of what the truth is. But once we really love, so intimately that there is no room for fear or condemnation, we really have done incredible progress on our unity with God. And wisdom really is the guide of dropping fear of God, because fear of God is from a memory of other people telling us, it is not our own direct experience.
Kumud: What about the sacrifices of destroying the ego or the little self?
Sat: On one Christmas that I was at the ashram with My family, Baba said the cross, the symbol of the cross is the crossing of the personal “I”. So, again sacrifice is a word, how does it feel to you? What do you take out of it? For Me personally, sacrifice doesn’t mean much because sacrifice for Me shows that “I am sacrificing something good because I am such a loving person,” but getting rid of the ego is not sacrificing something good, it is being intelligent enough, having enough wisdom to say “no, that is the cause of my trouble”. Once we realize this is the cause of our trouble, we experience a lot of love towards ourselves and others because there is not so much of being offended by others or by our own thoughts.
We drop the shield of protecting, of making this thing survive that needs to be merged.
Soheila: So we can say that letting go of the little self is kind of sacrifice in a positive sense?
Sat: I agree, Soheila is right, if you look at it in a positive way, you sacrifice the “I”, but who sacrifices the “I”; do you know what I am trying to say? It becomes a little bit tricky; it is just the wisdom that takes the darkness away from a room; it is not a question of going in with a knife and sacrificing it. The more we are fed wisdom, each sentence of wisdom that comes from within our own self or something points you to it, it is rays of light in your consciousness and you get enough rays of light that there will not be any darkness. Really sacrificing the ego, it is to really be a watcher, that’s all! Yes!
Radha: So, really to live without any wisdom is being in darkness.
Sat: It is being in the darkness of ignorance, when we say darkness, I don’t mean “oh something horrible.” No, it is not like this! It is not knowing the Truth and the Truth is light because It lights up the objects that you didn’t know what it was before and you were fearing it. It turns on the light and says “look, you were afraid of this snake, but it’s really a rope.” (In a whisper) I got goosebumps all over.
Soheila: One time You said that we are not even trying to fix anything, trying to remedy anything, we just try to transcend everything, so there is Fana, there is no battle.
Sat: No, Fana was the way they present it to us. There is no jumping! They say jump, jump where (laughs)? Just watch; watch yourself if you can and if you can’t the wisdom will support you as long as you stay with it. Don’t sacrifice it for daily life!
Radha: That’s a sacrifice.
Sat: Well yeah.
Radha: I was just wondering where would you even use the word sacrifice, and You just did.
Farnaz: I only see one sacrifice, I see You sacrificing Your silence, Your time for us, Your love and seeing that sacrifice makes us have more faith.
Sat pauses for a moment and says: Well … thank you, that is very complimentary but it is not true because I don’t do anything, I am just being Me! And really it happens the way it happens, even when I am really ill and I still talk and I still give, even at that point I had nothing to do with it; something forced this to happen.
It was like that for years that My body wanted to just drop dead and still this power wouldn’t let it go. It would bring Me into the room, it would bring the words out and from the outside, you would look and say “Sat is sacrificing” but there was no choice in it (chuckles). There was no choice and the reason I talk like this is that not only is it the truth but to say that we really are not the doer. We really are not, if the body wants to be beat up while it is talking, that is how it is going to be.
Like tonight, I wanted to be left alone, that was a thought, the thought came “oh it would be really nice just to sit down.” Did it happen? Did I have a choice (laughs)? Did you guys force Me? No! It just happens as it happens in each of our lives for all of us, but we are really beginning to realize that what we thought we had control over, we don’t. The only thing that is permanent, available and accessible is our silence. The rest it just happens.
Another good point is that as I watch the activity happening is that the prompter of the expression whether it is action, through words or thoughts is love. What makes us talk is love! The source of it is love!

Sai Center
December 12, 2021

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