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Exercise & Silence

Sat discusses how exercise alone will not bring lasting peace.

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Mandana: I have noticed that I meditate the best when I am doing an activity that I really love, for example sports, skiing, swimming, dancing, etc. At those times I completely forget everything around me, is that ok?
Sat: Yes, yes, of course it’s ok. We are here to have a good, happy time. Yes, you forget because you are doing something that the mind likes to do. But even if you have continuation of dancing, continuation of skiing, which I do a lot, continuation of horseback riding and forgetting yourself, you come back home and you remember all your misery because it was not combined with wisdom and with an inner journey. You did not face it, you just pacified it! Now, what we do here doesn’t prevent you from skiing, dancing, running and in fact I suggest to everybody to do more activity. But that is not enough! That does not give us the Art of Living! That does not show us how to deal with grief! It is like some people take alcohol to forget, you love dancing and I love skiing; the world does not exist when I am waterskiing.
Now, do you see the difference, Mandana? What I am trying to say?
Mandana: Absolutely, absolutely! You are absolutely correct, thank You, thank You.
Sat: Sure.

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Exercise & Silence
May 17, 2022

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