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Sat gives advise on not having compassion for the world and the fact that the world is not our business.

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Question: The world is becoming much, much smaller and we keep hearing about events happening in parts of the world that do not impact us immediately but we can feel it, and it does impact us emotionally. How can we still be aware of what is happening to others and prevent it from having a huge impact on us personally? I want to tell You that it really does impact me, I put myself in their place and I can feel it. I would appreciate it if You have any suggestions and teachings that can help me.

Sat: Yes, the world is not our business but in order to not get affected, I don’t listen to the news! And when it comes to Me, I go to silence. Because the world has its own system, its own laws and it is not up to Me to even have compassion for it. How do I know that the things that are stirring up are not actually taking all of us to more light? We really don’t know what is happening, but we know what can happen to us, which is what you are doing- turning within.
I would say cut down on the news and if there is anything that we can do, such as help, then send a little bit of money so they can help someone there, etc. that is all we can do to help our own surroundings. But we cannot go any farther than that; I tell you from the bottom of My heart, the biggest purpose you can accomplish, the biggest help you can offer the world is your silence and your oneness with God, period!
There are so many volunteers who that is their role at this time, there are so many people who are rushing in and doing this [helping]. But if your heart says it, you can, but to be affected means you are not investing in yourself and wasting your time on the news or on what is going on in the world. We just have to trust that whatever is happening, whoever is in control of it knows what It is doing, leave it at that and dive into our heart and find silence.
In the beginning of your talk, you said something interesting, you said, “The world is so small, even though it is not impacting us directly, but it is.” Well, reverse that to the silence, the silence seems to be personal, you go to silence. But you don’t know how effective this is as far as the vibration and energy of the world goes. We will never know how much our peace is helping the unpeaceful situations around the world- even to the minutest! Yes, I think you are starting to really understand that life has no meaning unless you realize who you are, then the life has meaning. And what is that meaning? That all is good!

USA Chat
June 9, 2022

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