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Drop The Resistance

Sat talks about how to deal with resistance.

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Saranya: A few weeks back, You spoke of resistance and how to work on it. Recently I know that I am resisting from going to certain places and talking to certain people because I know there will not be any quality in that. Is that resistance also? Is it something harmful that has to be worked on?
Sat: Well, resistance has many, many levels. Sometimes we have resistance towards our thoughts and we feel a knot in our brain so we have to release that, notice it and release it. Sometimes we have resistance towards what is in front of our eyes that we need to do or it needs our attention. We need to see it, drop it and open our arms to that moment.
But when it comes to a relationship that is not the immediate family, that you don’t have an immediate responsibility [to], like your husband, children and your sister, then you really have choices. If the situation is that you feel like you don’t have choices then I would do the same thing, drop the resistance and go.
I personally don’t blame you for not wanting to talk about worldly things, because it’s just nonsense, it is just a waste of time. It is worse than a waste of time, it is the time that we can do something much more productive, so it depends on how important it is. If it is important, use the same thing- watch your own resistance. If it is uncomfortable, do what you did with fear and then dive into what is in front of you and then it turns into something much more joyful than you expected it to be.
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