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Divine Mother

In this audio excerpt, Sat discusses the meaning and significance of the “Divine Mother.”

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Farnaz asks: Last week on our chat You said “I have to congratulate all of us, actually I have to praise the interest that we all show in this lifetime to have that eternal freedom. By doing that, believe Me if I tell you that the Divine Mother will support us, particularly at this time! Divine Mother is a symbol of love, tranquility and peace. As we go towards tranquility, peace and love, through the understanding of who we are, not blindly, we have grace and the blessing of the Mother and the Self. Those people who don’t get it or have no interest and continue their mischievous approach to one another, they will have a hard time, out of the love of the Mother. It is all symbolic!”

Can You please elaborate on this?

Sat: The Mother- you can call it the function of the universe, the function of manifestation. It is the movement that created this dream or this manifestation. I call that Mother, and in Sanskrit and in the Hindu religion it is Shakthi. Then for Me, the aspect of the Absolute or the All Mighty that is unmoved is the Father or the Self. These are not like relatives like we call our mother and father. Please put what I am saying on an infinite scale and try to understand the importance of it through this symbolism.
When I talk about the Mother, I am talking about this movement that I call Mother and to recognize it. This movement happened out of love, as Baba and many other saints and sages say. So, the Heart of the Mother is symbolic of that love, that infinite love, that undirected flow of love. When I feel close to that aspect of Allness or the Self, it brings humanity to Divinity. When I look at the unmoved aspect, then I transcend the humanity in Divinity.

In other words, when we transcend the mind, then there is nothing, there is no division of Mother and Father, but day to day when it comes to understanding creation, the best way of understanding creation is through the Heart of the Mother and I have a high, high respect for that symbolism!

That is the best I can say, but ultimately, ultimately, if we go beyond even the words of explanation, all is One. All stems from Existence, Sat-Chit-Ananda- Existence which is Sat, Chit- Consciousness, Ananda- Bliss. So, yes, that is the explanation I can give at this time.

When you say Mother, or the Heart of the Mother, immediately something in your human form softens, [it] softens; that harsh edge of personality shuts down. So Mother is love and Shiva would be the wisdom, or the silence or the Self. And when you go through the wisdom, then you go beyond the thinking and the thinking is what presents the creation.

Anyway, I hope I didn’t confuse you more, but that’s what came out of Me. Well, it’s time to say Namaste to one another and this time when we say Namaste, let’s for a moment understand the meaning of it. Recognizing each other not as a human but the force that has appeared in these different forms. So, for a moment, when you say Namaste, you are recognizing yourself in all and all in one.

U.S. Chat— 10/7/2021

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