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Discussion on How To Contemplate "The Kingdom Of Heaven"

Sat contemplates on a passage from Bible, and shows others how to contemplate in this way.

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In this chat Sat guides everybody to contemplate on the following quote from the Bible.
“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed that someone took and sowed in his field. It is the smallest of all the seeds, but when it has grown, it is the greatest of shrubs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches.” (From Matthew 13:31-32)

Sat: Adrienne, I have a few questions before we do any kind of contemplation and I will tell you why I am asking afterwards. What made you choose this one?
Adrienne: Well, it has so many meanings on so many different levels. I think it is a blast to your mind; it is one of those things that when you think about it, it makes you stop. Do You want me to tell You what I think it means or why I chose it?
Sat: The reason I asked was exactly what you answered. The main reason that we do contemplation is because we are interested in something that we haven’t completely understood, or there is something more that we need to know. Like you said, there are so many facets [to this quote] and I agree, but there is something that we feel is very important, dive into it and listen to the silence to explain it to us. Because when we look at a quote, whether we hear it or read it, the first impression is that we like it. We like it because of the feeling it gives us and then once that liking happens, if there is enough energy of interest behind it, then we want to review it again, take it into silence and see what we get.
It seems like you already feel like there are a few things that you found about it and I totally agree with you that there are different levels [to it]. Do you want to share it with us?
Adrienne: There are so many things. It is still a mystery and a miracle that such a little seed can turn into such a huge tree. Where is this Kingdom of Heaven? How does it become so big and where does it become so big? This is not something that people think about at the end of a life but it is here. On some other levels, I think of You Sat as a tree and You are providing shade to all of us. At some point, we have to think of ourselves as trees and stop expecting shade from others and actually provide the shade ourselves.
Sat: Yes, yes, beautiful. Everything you said really tallies with what our understanding can do, but let’s take it into the meditation and I will guide you on how to do contemplation. Then we come [out] and you and I will discuss what we found and the others can come in too if they want to.
The first thing we do is to empty ourselves of any concept that we had of this parable.
In order to do that, we close our eyes and we go empty.
Empty is the key word here!
As soon as we do that, we feel nothing but silence.
Just keep the silence very visible, meaning be in it.
(Remains silent) let’s just stay in the silence for a moment.
In this silence bring these three words, the consciousness of these words, it doesn’t have to be pronounced- The Kingdom of Heaven.
And then look into the silence, you can repeat it a few times, or if it’s needed more- The Kingdom of Heaven.
What is [the] Kingdom of Heaven?
Now, remember we are empty.
Just stay with these three- Kingdom of Heaven.
What does it mean, the Kingdom of Heaven?
We don’t use the active mind; we use the subtle mind (Remains silent).
Let these three words explain the rest of the saying, the story, the parable, just stay with these three.
Where is this? What does it mean? (Remains silent)
And then we stay quiet as we remember what you just read.
But we leave it alone, we don’t want to understand it.
We want to look at it that the Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed. (Remains silent)
Where is it? What is that field?
Again, we are empty, the whole time we are empty.
We are using the pure mind, the subtle mind, not the memory mind!
The Kingdom of Heaven can explain the whole thing. (Continues to remain silent for a few minutes)
We don’t take our gaze off the silence and the words that we are dwelling on.
But we are very relaxed and empty.
And then the silence will begin to bring to your awareness what needs to be there. (Remains silent)
Now let’s go beyond the words!
Let’s use no words, just alert and open. (Continues to remain silent)
Now we can come out.
This is the way of contemplation- meaning that it is different than any other way of understanding something.
So Adrienne, how did it feel for you? Was it any different? Did you have any more understanding or did you actually go beyond the whole thing?
Adrienne: At first, I was picturing beautiful things and then I tried to go beyond the words like You had said. Then when I came back, what popped in my head was that the Kingdom of Heaven is where we would be without the mind getting in the way.
Sat: That is right. You just experienced the Kingdom of Heaven when you went beyond the words. When you plant something like that in your consciousness, rather than the junk that we are fed, it does give you expansion. But it is not something that you have to develop, it is already there! When I say expansion, [it’s just that] we become more aware of it- that it is already there.
Kingdom of Heaven to Me is Home, that’s the way I felt when I was doing the contemplation with you and immediately, or maybe after a while, you went beyond, more than if you had to dwell on it in a more physical or mental way. This is communion, it is not about hearsay, it is about realizing it firsthand. And in order to do that, the ingredients for it are silence, emptiness and openness! That is the sum total of contemplation and inquiry.
Even the word “heaven” is beyond the beyond! So, when we go empty, we are already there in the Kingdom of Heaven or Home. Like you said, then you can give shade to others because in essence we are all one. Now, if there is any need for explanation, once you are in that silence, something becomes visible to you that is not the gross mind. There is a knowingness, it is not analyzing, it is just knowingness. And then that doesn’t mean you only get it with closed eyes. When you are aware of it, you could be driving a car, you could be walking in a crowded street. This awareness- you become familiar with it; it gives the depth of the meaning. It is accompanied with realization at the same time, you get it, you say “ah…” it takes your breath away.
Does everybody understand contemplation a little better? Did anybody else feel something that they would like to share?
Radha: During the contemplation I felt that whatever I was experiencing when I stayed with the Kingdom of Heaven, was also growing. It felt like it was expansive and growing endlessly. Afterwards, I thought maybe that’s what is meant by the mustard seed!
Sat: Yes, perfect, perfect, exactly, exactly. We have to remember one thing, as much as we can remember it, the Self, the pure Self, God- once it has risen, it becomes manifestation. When it has not risen, it is God.
So mind and God, as much as there is no difference between them, one- when the concentration [rises, it] becomes black and white (the opposites). And once it has settled down, it becomes expansion and unlimitedness. That is exactly what Adrienne and Radha realized- that this expansion happens in the consciousness, [the] limited consciousness. When you take it that deep, it becomes unlimited! And that is who we are.
Adrienne: This communion was so moving to me; I thought my eyes were watering but I am actually crying.
Sat: Yes, it is. The true communion is not one-sided where people go pray and say “God, you give me this and I will give you that.” True communion is an oval energy; it is going empty and coming back full.
Sat: Is there anybody else? I would like to know if you need any more help with that?
Saranya: I felt an explosion of light, especially after the contemplation, the energy that I have now is comparable to having a good darshan from Baba. So happy when He would come out without the slightest thought in our mind.
Sat is touched and says: Wow … yes, we did have the darshan … we all had the darshan of the Self, where Guru and the seeker are one in their intimate communion. Well, I am very happy, you guys made Me very happy. [I] also feel an incredible amount of grace, your interest and your love and My prompting came together and made this chat a very beautiful chat.
Namaste to all of you.

USA Chat
March 22, 2023

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