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Desire-Everything Is Temporary And Changes

Sat talks about how get rid of strong desires.

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Question: How can we get rid of the strong desire for an outcome when it comes to certain things in our life? Examples would be a good job and something we are striving to achieve and how to account for our emotions when it doesn't happen the way we have seen it through?
Sat: Well, the main thing to know is that everything is temporary and changes. You cannot want something bad enough in the world of changes. That is the main knowledge one has to understand- that things do not stay the same. That is the first step! This is the nature of it, that we refuse to accept. We still want stability in an unstable world! We still want to get the best of the best in the world that has the best and the worst. So, we are asking, we are desiring the fruit of action in the world of change.
What is the solution with that? It is to understand that everything changes, but the more you are balanced, the more you are stable in your own unchangeable Self, the things will come to you. You do not have to worry about it, you don’t have to want it badly enough.
The other very big point is ask yourself “do I really think this is good for me, the result that I want? Or is it bad for me? Do I really know it or am I going with the memory of what is good and what is bad?” And just let it be.
Of course, the thinking that you are the doer is the job of the ego. Again, it comes back to survival and [having] a comfortable life. But to not be concerned actually brings the fruit of your action much easier to you than by telling yourself stories, [having] concern, worries, etc. It is just an Art of Living by experience, not even so much by practice but by experience that every time we desire something bad enough, we lose sleep, we lose equanimity, we lose balance. So, who wants that?
So, let’s talk about what we want the fruit of our actions [to be], let’s talk about what it costs us to have that. It costs so much of our peace and yet the result will be what it will be. So, we go back to kick the ball without looking for what the result of it is and free ourself of that bondage.

USA Chat
November 30, 2023

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