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Conversations with Sat March 12, 2024

Discussion on getting rid of repeated thoughts, how to do contemplative meditation effectively and more.

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Sat joins the USA Chat call and the following set of questions are asked and answered by Her:

Question 2: Dear Sat, there is one particular tendency which I continue to fall for. You have told me that when I get that particular sense, it’s the troublemaker rising and it never ends up well for me. What else can I do to help myself when I see the troublemaker rising & make a choice that supports my peace and expansion vs. the trouble that always accompanies this troublemaker?

Sat: What we call troublemaker is really a habit of reacting to repeated thoughts. This habit has to break little by little. We have many ways to do that- one of which is to have patience with yourself but don’t give up. Whatever is painful is not us. When you cut your hand and it gets infected, the infection is not us, it is not the hand that causes trouble. When some reaction gets repeated, we just have to really pay attention at it, not push it away, not converse with it, we just have to decide with a conviction that “this is not for me anymore!”
That is when you have a much easier time to ignore it or just give it a passive look, a passive gaze. Blaming does not do it, looking for a solution does not do it because the solution is always in the mind that causes these repeated thoughts or reactions.
The easiest and the simplest way is the right way- which is Just Stay, Just Stay! Don’t get irritated by seeing it again or be afraid that it is going to knock you down. It is an imaginary scarecrow and we just have to come to this conclusion! Until then, there is no other solution that I know of!

Question 2: How can I forgive or tolerate someone who is not doing their basic, common duties as a parent for their child in a worldly situation, especially when the other parent is not around?

Sat: Well, if we are talking about somebody else, it’s not our business. If we are talking about our own husband or wife, just communication. I am having a very tough time giving solutions to the worldly problems, to be honest with you, because we get lost in correcting ourself or somebody else. That is not something that I am assigned to!
For Me though as a mother I did My job. If My partner did not at times, I put twice as much effort to nullify that missing part. That was My approach, I can only tell you about My approach. I tried very hard to cover up or fill up that gap- if there was any at times.
Again, we go back to looking at ourself and finding out in a situation like this, “what am I doing to fill up that gap? What am I doing to make it better?” It is all about the ‘I’, otherwise we get stuck, angry and disappointed at every turn in our lives!
So, let’s put the spotlight on ourself to see what it is that is missing in our child’s life and “what can I do to make it better?” Because ultimately, we cannot change other people but we can surely give more, or in some situations less. But again, the most important position we can take is to not lose ourself and take this world seriously and think that this is all there is.
Every good and bad gets erased in the end and what is left is your expansion that you carry. So, let’s put all our effort on not making our marriage life, or our family life, or our life in society better, but “how can I help myself in a way that the majority of people do not know how?”
Problems always arise even when there is no problem. Most of the time there is no problem, but it arises as I have said many, many times before because the ego seeks lack! Let it go! The life cannot always be perfect and it will not be perfect because perfection is an opinion.
So, let’s go after a Perfection that is eternal, is our birthright and not waste our time and our energy on something so temporary. The personality, the ego CANNOT be perfect because it always finds fault with itself and others! It is like a dog chasing its tail!

Question 3: Hi dear Sat, what is the best technique for having an effective Contemplative Meditation?

Sat: Contemplative Meditation is that you brew over a reality that hits you really hard. When something is important to you at work or with your family, you really contemplate on it to see what you can do, but your contemplation is in the mind to find a solution.
But when you want to pierce a Truth and make it a realization, it is the same method, you keep it in the forefront and you think about it, you look at it, you take it to silence until there is a movement, there is a realization, there is clarity. That is what they call self-inquiry or contemplating on oneself.
It is not an ordinary way, where you completely rely on your thoughts, memories or your education to find a solution. It is an emptiness as an ego that is really waiting for some light to be shed on what you want to know. That comes with an inner life.
When you are interested in your inner life you also get interested to find out- the same curiosity that was going outside, it begins to go inside and ask questions from inside instead of using the computer to find the answer [for instance]. Which is the ordinary way nowadays.
When a mathematician for instance uses the calculator, or the add and subtract feature of a cellphone or any other equipment, then the reliance is on that. They lose their ability to do it in their mind, they weaken in that.
When we want information, deep information, we keep reaching out, out of curiosity and getting it from the wrong places and not quenching our curiosity and going to another site and another site, etc. We shut down our intuitive self.
I have said that before, so contemplation really revives the intuitive Source in us. Nowadays it is looked down upon for the people who do not use technology to find information. I would say they are wrong; they are really closing down a lot of their faculties that are very natural to a human.
Now that we are finished, I have one suggestion and you don’t have to go with it since it is just a suggestion- if each of you could take an inventory of your progress of your different meditations, or your practices that you do, and if you find any obstacle in it, or if you are having a harder time at times with it, then contemplate on it.
Also, if you couldn’t [do that] then make it a question and bring it the next time we meet. Because honestly, I am more than happy to help you with the day-to-day problems that you might have, but it is never ending. It is like plucking the leaves off the tree as I have said before. It is not really looking at the roots of the problem.
We should spend more time on contemplating on our own self and what is keeping us from joy, rather than trying to fix a situation to give us more joy.
Now if you have any sharing please do, we got 5 minutes.

Bahar: I wanted to share that today I did get bogged down with some very temporary details. I just wanted to express so much of my gratitude because through all the generous answers You gave us on this chat tonight, I found my way out of that. Every small part that I was struggling with was just washed away like a rainbow- it was incredible. You are just so generous, when You continuously point us back to the Eternal, again and again and again, and pull us out of our own stuff. I went from being bogged down to grateful, joyful and focused back on where I belong.
Sat: Thank you for sharing, this is exactly a demonstration of My point tonight.

Before we say goodbye to one another, please put your hand on your heart. In this moment first feel your Existence, your Beingness and no matter how much lack the mind and the emotions presented to you today, you put it aside and from the bottom of your heart, from the bottom of your being, let’s say ‘Thank You.’

USA Chat
March 12, 2024

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