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Conversations with Sat February 2, 2024

Discussions on "I am," being conscious of consciousness, practicing the presence, worldly relationships, gratitude, and more.

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-Sat joins the call and a set of pre-submitted questions are asked and answered by Her.
Question 1: In a private conversation on November 28, 2023, You said:
“The first thought upon which the whole creation of that child depended on was “I am” or you can say the Existence in the form of a being, a human being, and that became stronger and more solid by the belief and acceptance of this child according to the circumstances that child was being raised in.”
The question here is so the “I am” here is the first thought which has a body or form, but has no identification with that body yet. Correct?
Sat: Yes!
Follow Up Question: Is this “I am” the same as “I am” that Jesus or other self-realized people say is the key to get to the Source of our own Being?
Sat: Yes, yes it is, because when we say “I am” there is always some sort of explanation after that. Even we think of ourself privately, we don’t just say “I am.” The thought comes, “I am making a mistake … I am not happy right now… I am not capable … I am this and that …” etc. It objectifies the subject; in other words, there is always some sort of an identification after that and the “I am” gets lost in the phrase or the sentence that goes on as a dialogue in our mind.
But when we stay with the sense of Presence or just the Being of ourself, even as the image we have of ourself, without this and that, what happens is it transcends itself. That is what happens in a deep meditation or a conscious meditation, you go into silence, you are aware of the silence but you are not aware of yourself as who you thought you were before you started meditating.
We go through life the same way- if we get really an expert in that, then there are not so many explanations or dialogue of judgment going on in our mind. It is more simple, therefore the mind is calmer. When you go to the roots of “I am,” meaning holding onto the “I am” or being aware of the “I am,” the mind sort of slows down or just becomes very vague, vaguely available.
That is peace and when we get really good at it then that becomes the Art of Living. Meaning we do everything we need to do but there is a tranquility because there is not so much judgment, fear, etc. that go with it which objectifies the “I am.”
Question 2: Regarding “Be conscious of Consciousness” meditation, does the stage or level of being conscious of Consciousness take one above or beyond the Consciousness, as a witness or the watcher?
Sat: Well, when you are conscious of the Consciousness, the contents of Consciousness which is objects inside and outside of us, are not visible. Therefore, we call it Pure Consciousness and Pure Consciousness is the base before all of this stuff happened.
So, when you are conscious of your Consciousness, you are really holding onto “I am” in the purest way and that is healing- healing for the mind, healing for the body, but we do it consciously.
A good and very effective example of that is when you gaze in your surrounding, just complete gazing, complete looking- the mind shuts down because you are not after giving meaning to your surrounding, you are just looking. Just like a newborn that just looks around without any attachment or any opinion about it.
That also goes for the hearing, when you are just listening and without needing to interpret what you are listening to, then you are in Pure Consciousness.
Question 3: When, for any reason, I feel separation and identification with the ego, I attempt to turn inward or remind myself that this will pass and is not who I am. But still there's a significant difference between living in separation and living inspired and in tuned to my heart. Why is the difference so much and how can this difference become less?
Sat: That is a very good question. The more we practice the Pure Consciousness, the less we behold differences and the calmer the mind is. It takes time, we cannot be encouraged, but I can tell you one thing that I know for sure: when you are on the path of self-realization, self-recognization even your falling is a success.
I have said that before because I believe it! In other words, when it gets tough and you lose heart, when it is hard to practice, when you have too many thoughts or depressing thoughts and you feel like “am I going backwards … is that happening … what is happening …” etc., you really come out of it stronger. Also, with the feeling of “I am going to make sure I don’t allow this slipping to happen next time,” and you are much more vigilant, much more conscious, and much more advanced in your practice.
I would say the reason for that is the tendencies, we cannot conquer everything we believed that caused us fear, anger, etc. overnight. But little by little, we can definitely find more and more peace.
Question 4: What is the best way to help our family members who are both physically far from us and have physical and mental ailments and are struggling with pain, anxiety and depression? Is it ok to send them one of the guided meditations? If yes, which one first?
Sat: Yes definitely, definitely! I remember … of course My parents were very much exposed to the spiritual path and both of them meditated for years and years. And when they were not feeling well, I would repeat the Gayatri mantra, I would chant the Asatoma prayer with them. I would chant other chants that they were familiar with. When it was towards the end of their lives, I would make the environment like a temple, with amazing music, meditations, etc.
I think the biggest help one can give to their parents when they are not feeling well is to practice the Presence of God- which we all do. Also, send them things that they can relate to that are not too deep for them but that they can be inspired by.
Being inspired is half the battle with any type of mental and physical problem. I would definitely say this would be the best approach- better than compassion or empathy. And practicing the Presence, going downward and saying “if God is everything what can I be?” and then immediately when you have a connection, they also get connected to it in your oneness with them.
Final Question: In the audio of ‘The Story of the Child Who Left Home,’ in the very end You say: “Now you realize all was a play of the cosmic mind. It is really beautiful when it unfolds.”
Can You please talk to us about this beautiful aspect of unfoldment? What is this beautiful unfoldment of which You speak?
Sat: It is an unfoldment of one’s heart. We can review life differently to our own understanding! It is the unfolding of one’s heart. It always starts from our own being, when our heart is open, there is more love, there is more peace. And also, we don’t review life as we used to in a more negative way but that has to come with our own understanding and unfoldment and by not going with unpleasant thoughts.
In other words, when I say “not going with unpleasant thoughts,” what I really mean is not giving a damn about it. In other words, they are not as important for you to listen to and be affected by because you understand it is just a lie!
As I said in one of the audios, the reason the mind is a lie is because it never declares who we are! It declares what we are not and why would you listen to the ideas that actually separate you from your Self? That is the Art of Living, that needs time, that needs patience- patience & forbearance & earnestness.
Again, I say over and over again, as a human that has been incarnated many, many, many times, please have patience with yourself! I say that to Myself daily because the humanhood or the ego part of us is not something that you can just get rid of overnight. Your understanding takes care of it, not by force or by bullying yourself.
Bahar: What You just said about getting to the point where we just don’t give a damn about the troublesome or worrisome thoughts, really helped me. Because I feel like these days I don’t often sit down and do a full meditation during the day. Or earnestly practice necessarily- Omnipresence for example throughout the day. These are all meditations that I love so much which we do our meditations to during our sessions, and of course as a family we do our morning and night meditations together. But what I am saying is I have experienced what You are saying and sometimes I think to myself, ‘am I doing enough … am I ok?’ and I really feel like that is a part of it now, not taking those thoughts seriously and not giving a damn and being comfortable with those uncomfortable things and just not caring. Thank You so much for all of that- even for clearing that up for me.
Sat: Yes, absolutely! Listen, all the meditations are to be able to do what you are doing. It is to be able to daily not listen to anything that comes towards you-whether inside or outside as the reality or truth and keeping your peace as the most important thing in your life. Honestly that is miraculous when it becomes automatic!
Yes and all the effort we put in are stepping stones to being able to live it at all times! Or at least some of the time.
-Anitha thanks Sat for all the wisdom and tools that Sat has given to her that have been so helpful to her at this time in her life. She talks about having a lot of friends who appeared to be very present and there for her during a tough time, just prior to coming on this path. Yet now they are nowhere to be found and don’t really seem to be as interested in remaining her friend, now that she doesn’t have a lot of stressful and painful stories to share with them.
Sat laughs and says: I am sorry to be laughing but that does happen and it is a blessing. When you have ignorant friends and I don’t mean ignorant in a bad way, meaning the worldly friends, they love to hear your suitcases being opened and give you sympathy. But you have gotten to the point that you don’t want sympathy, you want to be saved! You want to rise above your thoughts of feeling sorry for yourself! Is that not why we come on the spiritual path?
And then those people who are not receptive to your new vibration or new way of life, they fall away. Or, they come back and ask you “can you share with us what it is that you do?” That can also happen!
But I would say if you are really uncomfortable losing them, then do whatever you can to keep them. But naturally this type of friendship sort of slows down because something greater is taking place. Yes, so it is not as bad as you think it is (continues to laugh wholeheartedly). Don’t be sad! I mean you can ask anybody on the phone who has been on this path longer than you, they will all tell you that it was a blessing.
Anitha: This question had been popping up and I had been thinking to myself, “Sat, when You started this journey, did You lose Your friends too?” I now see them moving away from me and I used to think that they were so understanding [when I was going through a tough time]. But I see them as too far away from me now. They are not asking me what is helping me to keep myself so calm and happy. They did not want to know. They only wanted to know my problems when we were friends.
Sat: I did not lose them, I let them go. Because when I had My little kids, when they were born, I was already meditating. When My younger son was a year old, and My older son was 3 years old, I got to know about Baba. I gave My whole life to My family, to God and to My Guru and I felt no lack whatsoever. In fact, they would be irritating.
My parents for instance used to associate with a lot of the Iranians [in town] and not one of their parties I felt as though I wanted to go. I just felt why would I want to waste My time, when I can sing bhajan and meditate with My children and repeat the Gayatri Mantra. We had candles in the house and incense and just inspiration! I think the best thing for us is to just have the atmosphere of the home really holy- as I know a lot of people on the phone have done it. And that is our friend, that is the highest friend!
Mandana: I was recently listening to several audios about gratitude. In almost every one of them You mention to be thankful for no reason, particularly during the tough times in life. I was instantly reminded of my childhood and how I had learned to be thankful even during the tough times and I had forgotten all about that. It also reminded me of how I felt and now I am constantly doing that, being thankful especially when things are going wrong. It completely changes the picture and opens up a brand-new space in me.
Sat: Yes absolutely, it really does! Our thankfulness is not a trade of merchandise where we say “I got this, so thank you.” Our thankfulness is to change the vibration of ourself and others from lack to plenty and that changes the whole vibration inside!
When I say “for no reason,” it fills our entire body because we are not sending it “out”, we are sending it to ourself. Immediately lack of any sort, whether it is emotional, mental, physical, social or financial lack, it just changes.
So, yes, that is something that was shown to Me gradually! As you said, particularly in the hard times because that is when the lack has taken over us. Even when we say “I don’t feel good,” there is a lack there- lack of feeling good.
Mandana: During some very tough times in Iran for my family and I, when we were under a lot of pressure, I remember my mom saying “just be thankful.” That really changed the picture and I had forgotten how to do that when I was separated from her and as an adult, I would go through life looking at what I didn’t have and my desires.
Sat: Yes, you see, the thing is that when we are young, they say to us “be thankful.” You go to your mom and say “my father is in jail, why do you say I should be thankful?” But now, you really understand that it is not about the situation, it is about the vibration! It is changing the lack which always brings more lack to completeness which always brings more completeness! Now you can understand your wise mother with your own wisdom to understand what that really means. It is not like saying “I am miserable, but thank God anyway.” What does that even mean? Why should you? But this is why we should!

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