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Conversations with Sat February 13, 2024

Discussion on expansion, contemplation and time.

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Conversation with Sat
USA Chat
March 21, 2023

-Sat joins the call, welcomes everyone and a list of previously submitted questions are asked and answered by Her.

Question 1: I have a question on the following quote from the U.S. Chat on March 12, 2024, where You say:
“Every good and every bad gets erased in the end and what is left is your expansion that you carry!”
My question is, what does “expansion” mean here?
Sat: Expansion means that you have already left the world of opposites and you are relying solely on your own Truth and realization. That is expansion, meaning that limited self died down or it died down to some degree. And that is because when we are mixed with the opposites, we are the limited self, we are the ego self.
As we release it through the understanding that it is temporary and it cannot be real and important, to that extent you start having an expansion of consciousness. It means your consciousness is not as crowded anymore. It is like a field without too much vegetation in it, and what we really carry after the body turns to dust is our expansion that either takes us to the realms that is worthy of that expansion, or it takes us to the Absolute depending on our progress.
But if we limit ourself continuously through good and bad, judgments and opinions, then it would be a continuation of that- even when the soul leaves the body. This is very important to know, because then you see the worth of your practices.
You know, at the end of their lives, people look to go to heaven or hell or this and that. Heaven and hell is really in one’s mind; once that is erased what is left is just stillness and peace!
Question 2: On our last chat You said:
“We should spend more time on contemplating on our own self and what is keeping us from joy, rather than trying to fix a situation to give us more joy.”
What is the meaning here of “to contemplate on ourselves?”
Sat: Again, if we don’t contemplate on our own stillness and grandeur, and all our concentration goes to the limited self, no matter how much you want to make your environment agreeable to you, it will not happen. It just won’t!
So, what is the solution, it is to go to the source of your being and stillness and also ask yourself, “why am I expecting things from this world that I know are not possible? Why can’t I put my effort and go to the Source of Grace and release myself of worry and anxiety and get to know me better? Even as a character get to know me better, find out why am I having this expectation.”
Taking it into silence.
“Is it giving me joy? Is that resistance releasing me of pain?” Then we find out that it isn’t, it is actually the cause of our pain.
This is what it is to be with oneself. It is not to be with oneself and think about our misery- that is not what I mean. It is to really get to know yourself, your reactions, the way the mind thinks, the way you accept it, and then questioning it.
“Does it give me joy wanting to change someone? Is it profitable? Does it happen?”
If the answer is no, then you go into silence and that silence heals, that silence goes before us and sets things right- if it needs to be right.
We spend very little to know ourselves and we think we know everyone else. It is impossible! Unless you are functioning from an intuitive source, it is just mind’s imagery about your environment, yourself, others, etc. Who wants to deal with a shadow and try to fix a shadow? It has no substance!
Question 3: How can we evaluate our practices and contemplate on our practices in a positive way instead of getting into self-judgment and seeing lack?
Sat: If your practices bring you lack and self-judgment, you are not practicing at all. The practices should be the release of all that. And how do we release it? By not grabbing it, by not accepting it! We accept that we did wrong, we accept that we have fear, we accept that we are angry.
Who can help [then]? What if you accept that you are not wrong or right? What if you accept that you are neither fearful nor without a fear? What happens then? Freedom of thinking.
Now, we can go on and judge our little self as long as we want, but I assure you that there is no correction in that. It is better to move with fear and go forward than become a mouse with fear. It is better to be okay with un-okayness, even if you cannot practice and let go of the un-okayness, at least to be okay with it than to accept that “I am not okay.”
In other words, do not mix with a mind that is bothersome. The mind has an incredible benefit, the benefit is that it is making the body function and bringing up the memory of an appointment with someone, learn schooling, etc.
What is not the function of the mind is imaginary thinking, imaginary judging. We get lost in a wrong way of using our mind, rather than allowing the mind to do its very simple function. Say a thought comes in your mind to not forget your appointment tomorrow at 10 o’clock. That is very beneficial! As soon as this comes, you get in a hurry to prepare, to have all sorts of imagination about your appointment. That is extra work for the mind! That is just a very small example of what I am trying to say.
Stay free and let the mind do its job. The more we listen to our mind, the more we imagine, the more we have fear, the more we believe it. So, we have to pick and choose. We take the essential and we let go of the unessential. We pick the important reactions, we let go of the ones that are harmful. We take the essential activity and we let go of all the busy body [activities]. It is okay to sit down and absolutely do nothing! It is totally okay to do that.
A lot of people feel that if they sit down by themselves, the mind will attack them but it only does [that] if you go with it. If you take that time just looking at your mind and not going with it, it would be an incredible practice!
Question 4: Is it ok to pick one practice that we feel that we are better at and use that one, or do we need to aim to get strong in all of them?
Sat: No, it is absolutely great if something gives you a benefit, by all means use it and make a mastery of it for yourself. But the mind is very finicky and would like to jump from branch to branch, and this is why we have a variety of things, when it gets bored with a practice and starts releasing the practice, then you can become enthusiastic about another one. But if you can stick to one, please do.
Honestly, everything we do, even one sentence if it is understood, will release us of any other practice!
Question 5: Dearest Sat, Your latest recording about time that was live-streamed for meditation last night completely blows my mind. Having not let it go for an instant since we heard it last night, I realize like everything else that comes from You, it is multidimensional and so multi-faceted. I’m seeing that the crucial point You convey is that when the Reality is not present, the past or the future cannot exist. We all have parts of our past that we remember having experienced. Or aspects to the future that still occupy us. With this new wisdom, are they all just passing scenes in the dream? Is the key to using this new wisdom that Reality exists eternally and hence not in a past that already passed or a future that will pass by soon enough?
Sat: That is right. That is correct! Time is a passage, like the mind is and the body is, but we are not. The Truth is not! So, we can move by time or we can watch the time pass by- whether it is in the past or in the future! The most essential thing is the point that we exist now, we don’t even exist 3 minutes ago when I was explaining some of the questions, that is already a memory.
Why is it always now? Because It always existed! The only thing that finishes from now, from past to now and the future is the temporary, it is just the changes.
So, when we anticipate about the future, if we ask ourselves “Can I find myself there?”, we realize that we can only find an image in our mind that is thinking about that future. But it is not our being there because the Being is ever-present now.
Now, when we look at our past, we might have an incident that we can cry about from the past and condemn others for what they have done to us. But all we have to do is ask “Am I there? Do I exist there?”, and the answer is no. Then what is the problem?
This is what contemplation means! Immediately when we have even a mild understanding of this Truth, we find ourself as silence and all the weight is gone, we are purely here, not as words, not as thoughts or actions, but as Being. We are Being and Being is perfect!
Namaste to all of you until the next time we meet.

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