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Conversations with Sat Feb 13, 2024

Discussion on the witness, impressions and inspiration.

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Sat: Hi everyone.
Farnaz: Thank you Sat so much Sat for this opportunity. We are so grateful.
Sat: welcome everybody. I am very happy to be with all of you, now we can start our chat and we leave it in God’s hands and let it unfold the way it does. Go ahead Bahar and read the questions.
Question 1: On the USA Chat on Feb 1, 2024, You said: "When you are conscious of Consciousness, the contents of Consciousness, which is objects inside and outside of us, are not visible. Therefore, we call it Pure Consciousness and Pure Consciousness is the base before all of this stuff happened."
Here, You said, “The contents of Consciousness are not visible.” My question is, what is the Witness witnessing at that point?
Sat: The Witness becomes the base because there is no need for an active Consciousness and when the Witness looks at Itself, everything else is out of focus or nonexistent and becomes nothing but silence and peace.
Question 2: Can You please shed some light on the following quote from the June 13, 2006?
“The Witness is trying to get our attention, telling us ‘Look how calm I am, look how unmoved I am.’ That Witness is our State of Being, and when we learn about who we are, we begin to drop who we are not. It is just like a scale, if you put more weight on one side, there will be less weight on the other side.”
Sat: When you are looking at the mind, the Witness identifies with the mind because that is what It is conscious of. When the Witness looks at Itself, silence happens. So where our attention is, is where the Witness is. Where our attention is, we feel oneness with it. This is why when we are in a state of unpeaceful-ness, it is because the attention has mixed which carries the Witness in that. But by our practices, we see that the Witness does not even have to follow the attention, we begin to be aware of the fact that there is something beyond the attention that watches. But this cannot be visible unless we really look at our thoughts and the way the attention gets mixed with it.
One of the very best ways to see the passive Witness is by looking at nature, or looking at something completely and wholeheartedly without a movement of the mind, without any interpretation of what you are seeing.
When you do that, you are really holding on to the pure Witness- which is the same as Pure Consciousness. If you use your faculty of hearing, to the fullest without again any interpretation or any type of opinion, then you see the Witness in the purest way.
Those people who are self-realized are really standing as a Pure Witness or as a Pure Consciousness & allowing the mind and the body to work their destiny out, or their daily responsibility out.
We can have involved watching and we can have pure watching. We can have pure activity or we can have involved activity. What we are really trying to do on the path of mysticism is to break that tendency of outward traveling by staying with the Pure Consciousness, or silence, so that we can develop that habit. Also, we begin to see that what we thought we were as a mind, body and emotion, they are just activity of the creation- activity of the contents of the base.
That is how the Truth deepens in us little by little. Again, I emphasize on little by little, so you don’t get disappointed. As you hear the Truth, as you hear the inner voice in your silence, as the Truth unfolds within your own self, this is the way to accomplish it.
Question 3: There was a period in my life that left some impressions on my mind. After You talked about impressions, I've been practicing Stay when they come as thoughts. But whenever physically I am in the same environment although before going there, I do meditation and try to remember but it seems like I am going back to some years ago and have the same feeling, thoughts and emotions. I know that this is because of my memories and will pass but the only thing that works is sitting down meditation, if I remember. My question is should I avoid these environments or should I put myself in that situation more? The only thing that has changed is that now I know what it is, but why is it that it is always the same?
Sat: Well, it all depends on the relationship and the situation. If it is a part of your family whom you cannot avoid, like your mother or somebody that you have to have some sort of contact with, I would say no resistance. Just embrace and spread love, and I don’t mean love in an outward expression at all. What I mean is when you accept the situation, love appears in its own accord.
The best way is, instead of avoiding the situation unconsciously, I am sure we can go into a situation, prepared with meditation and everything. But still, it might not work, so when you are in it, if you can accept the situation, and not resist it and embrace it, you find out that it is not as bad as you think. There is a love that happens where there was resistance and dislike.
But if you can avoid it and you are not able to do that, I would say avoid [the situation] until you are healed in your own emotion. I emphasize in your own emotion, because the incident was many, many years ago, so whose fault is it? You could have healed yourself. If it is reoccurring, these are the only two ways I know. Nonresistance, embracing the situation, being comfortable in your own skin and spread love. Or avoid it altogether without any mercy!
Question 4: Is it in our will to increase the flame of our love and stay one-pointed to it? If so, how do we do this?
Sat: By not doing it you find out that your situation begins to slip into the worldly affairs- if you are not mature enough! Then you realize that that one-pointedness- whether it was love or practice, etc. was actually your best friend.
But in any case, I would like to always emphasize this, because I have made the same mistake on My path- condemnation or putting yourself down does not remedy anything at all. So, when you feel like you are not feeling the love, that’s ok, move on! Then you realize somehow that when you felt it- either the love, peace or the quietness, etc. everything was better with you. Then you trace your steps back again. Just have patience with yourself.
Love happens when you are inspired! Another thing, inspire yourself, the feeling of love is best felt when you are inspired.
That is why some of you say, “Sat, when I see You, I feel so much love and happiness.” It is because you relate the inspiration with this physical [form] and you feel it more. But that could happen with anything, with a good book, with good scenery, with good association with animals, etc.
Bahar: Thank you Sat.
Thank you to all of you. I am glad we met today and we talked about things that inspire us, not only are they the Truth of ourself but also inspire us. Happy Valentines and I send every one of you love, light and peace, as you send to Me. Namaste to all of you.

Excerpt from USA Chat
Feb. 13, 2024

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