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Conversations With Sat April 4, 2024

Discussion on focus during meditation, Self-realization, witness, character and the “Are you with me?” meditation.

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Sat joins the call and the following sets of questions are asked and answered by Her.
Question1: After watching Your recent video called “What is meditation?” I have the following question. Different meditation techniques emphasize different approaches like Trust, Stay, Omnipresent Meditation, and so on. Should we have focused thoughts during meditation, or go with an open awareness of being still with no focused thoughts during meditation? Which is more efficient and effective?
Sat: All the techniques that are given are to get you familiar with the fact that your base, basically your true nature is silence. Now, the Omnipresent Meditation not only takes you to the silence that you are and I call that true meditation [which] is who we really are. It also gives you a chance to realize your oneness with the Source. They are all aids; they are techniques that help you be familiar with the Home that you have within yourself, and to be able to go there with joy and spend more time there.
I call them meditation because of a lack of words, but they are really techniques to take you to silence and the silence is the true meditation. The technique of doing the Trust is what releases the mind of the burden of day-to-day responsibility. So, they are just aids, but if you can be still and go through life and not lose your stillness or your base- by all means you don’t need any techniques.
But until then, whatever reminds you of settling down even in your own activity and not taking everything as a finality of your life, then that would be the true meditation- which is the reality of ourself.
So, they are just stepping stones for those who cannot stay still long enough or let go of the titles. Eventually as we advance in our own realization, the techniques all fall off. Even the Guide and Guru fall off, but until then, we need to help the mind settle down step by step.
Question 2: After Livestream last night (4/3), You said, “Self-realization starts with realizing who you are not, and having the simplest way to recognize who you are. Losing complete interest in who you are not, as far as paying attention at it, [and] expanding the one that you are, which is “I Am.” Then “I Am,” because it’s purified of all pain and heaviness, can merge to not even “I am.”
Would You please elaborate on that? Thank You so much.
Sat: What I mean by dropping who we are not is really by not listening to the mind and believing it. Unless it is very profitable, beneficial and immediate thoughts. In other words, as long as we as the thinker, believe the suggestions that the thoughts give us, then the chance of seeing that expanded Consciousness that we are becomes, very, very hard to see.
So, as we lessen our belief of looking at the thoughts and saying “yes … I am this way … yes … I am that way …” if we can just cut down on that- knowing that it is only a thought. It is like something that doesn’t have any base to it. It is just a repeated opinion. If we can come to this conclusion that most of the time, the mind is like a dog that is barking for no reason, then we are ready to experience and taste ourself beyond the mind, beyond the useless thinking.
If we cannot do that, then our silence is temporary. In other words, we are either in silence or in chaos! The chaos has to be realized that it is just a baseless sound, noise and imagery. That needs a really good taking a look at this repeated activity and come to the conclusion that “I am none of these thoughts … these thoughts don’t even belong to me anymore. It did before- because I accepted them as real.”
So, when we have an unpleasant feeling that is triggered by a thought, we just don’t believe it. We just reject it! Whereas we always accepted it, now we reject it. Reject its quality, reject its opinion, we delete it as if it was a [file] on the computer.
That is when we could go beyond the mind- beyond the mind means not going with the mind, that is what it means. If little by little, we can do that, then the balance, the equanimity, the peace, the freedom, and the stillness become visible in our being.
It is like a piece of paper and I have given this example hundreds of times in the past 30 years, you start taking a pen and start doing all sorts of figurations on it. Then you look at it and forget about the piece of paper. Now, if even once in your life you really look at the piece of paper and say to yourself, “wait a minute, if I want to find the paper, it is already there. I need to take my concentration from all the imagery that is on top of it.”
Or erase it with non-attention and the realization that what we believed constantly and turned to moods, feelings and emotions, is just a suggestion from the part of us that is very ignorant- very ignorant. And we can’t give it any more credit than that.
Now, the mind for instance can be used if you have studied mathematics and you have a job that you have to deal with it, God bless the mind. But any other registration in the mind that is imagery, useless and just a suggestion, opinion, condemnation, etc., little by little these have to be completely rejected by realizing the quality of it. Not rejecting it by force, but by realizing that they CANNOT be real because they are constantly moving and changing faces.
If we can come to this realization, then what is invisible to us right now as peace, joy, eternal peace and joy and equanimity, we will experience it in our life to that degree.
In Most Precious, the first question and answer say “what is the cause of suffering?” It says “suffering is a product of the mind only, go beyond the mind and experience no pain and no suffering.” Beyond the mind means do not believe the mind. What is the mind? Just thoughts! What are thoughts? Impressions that we believed and accepted from our childhood. So, we release it.
I think I have talked about that 200 times or 2 million times. But it is really worth listening to it over and over for all of us, because eventually it will register. I have told some of you this story before that in the early 2000’s I used to have conference calls with Iran for a year or two. At that time, a few participants asked Me “why do You emphasize on the mind?” (Laughs) I said to them “what do you want Me to emphasize on? I am emphasizing on the cause of your pain and suffering.” We don’t want to pacify that, we want to understand it and let go of it.
Question3: On one of Your latest earth-shattering talks, this time with Iran on March 14, 2024, You mentioned that life is like entering and exiting through a revolving door. My apologies for not having the exact quote. My question is what can help us get out of even our own way, where the revolving of this door is concerned? What keeps us stuck in accepting the temporariness of our own physical existence and those of our loved ones? What is our roadblock here?
Sat: Just the fact that you are on the chat- shows that you are trying to remove the roadblock. I think every word that you have heard throughout the years, is for the removal of the roadblock. It needs patience and it needs realization- really these two.
I am sure the person who is asking if he or she looks back, they will find out that they are not believing their thoughts, their useless thoughts, emotions and moods as much as they did before, because they are being bombarded by an antidote to it. Which means before we were told to use our mind, now we are saying use our mind when it is necessary to use it. And when it comes to imagination and judgment to let it go. Just be wise!
Since we are that Divinity, when we do criticize, go with a harsh opinion of ourself and others, we really are insulting our own Self, we are belittling ourself. How can you continuously belittle yourself and your surroundings and feel big? It is impossible, unless your ego feels big. So, we are really releasing that infinite possibility within ourself by letting go of a puny individuality, and we all have experienced grace when we do that.
Many of you, every one of you text Me, call Me, come here and tell Me an incident in which you realized Grace. People don’t even know what the word Grace means unless they are in the church. We are experiencing it firsthand in EVERYONE’S life.
So, I would say you removed a lot of roadblocks already. Just continue!
Question 4: Hi dear Sat, who sees, hears and tastes through our body?
Sat: Well, the soul does, the answer is that the soul does, the soul that occupies the body through that experience of Consciousness. But the better question would be who sees the soul, the body, the five senses, etc.? Who sees the “I am such a such a person that is sitting here, talking to you, listening to you, looking outside the window? Who sees that?
And you will find that it is just an infinite awareness that is just being a witness of the whole package. Then in that state, you don’t need to have ears to hear, and eyes to see because the seeing comes from that Source. So, it is Awareness beyond the five senses.
Again, you know, when we get to answering a question to which there is going to be a deep answer, really the words fail, because one really has to experience it to know what is being said here. That is all I can say.
Mandana: Someone asked me how does being on the spiritual path impact one’s character or personality in life?
Sat: It depends on what they identify with. If they identify with the body, they have tons of personality. If they don’t, they don’t! It depends on where the person stands. If they are engrossed in the material life, I would say that is where their being is at which is consciousness, their consciousness is full of that. If they are not identifying with just the limited, then the Being is released to a much more of a purer existence.
When we look at our own life, I know that each of you when I met you, you would not be able to come on the chat today and understand much about it. The reason you understand it is because your identification with the limited has sort of been shaken. You have tasted something beyond this small self. It is not a general answer, it has to do with where that person stands.
-Before saying goodbye, Sat guides everyone in “Are You with me?”
She begins by saying: With the “Are You with me?” Meditation, which all of you know that I used to do it many, many, many times a day, 30 or so years ago or more. I would have incredible connection, reassurance and release. I highly recommend for newcomers to do that or anytime you feel like you are not enough, or you are not capable enough, and or you are overwhelmed. This short technique will help a lot.
In this case, you can have your eyes open if your attention is sharp, if not, please close your eyes.
Feel the silence by bringing your attention downward with your energy to your chest area. That is always the key to any meditation.
Please zoom [in]on that area. In other words, bring your mental energy downward and be very, very alert, present!
Without needing to use your thoughts as a sentence to say, please use your heart, meaning that silence. And say “Are You with me?” and be quiet and zoom in, be present! (Remains silent)
Let’s do it again.
We are not using our mind.
We don’t want its opinion.
Feel the silence, let that center of your being ask that. (Remains silent)
Once you feel a movement or an awareness of something or a release, come out.
You don’t need to stay any longer.
This practice, when it is done correctly, has a miraculous effect that I know firsthand.
Did anybody on the chat experience some release or some movement? (Many people respond yes.)
The person who asked this question, did they experience that? (The person replies yes.)
Perfect, namaste to all of you.
We are all one infinite (sighs deeply) divine being. Don’t forget! Don’t forget! Good night.

USA Chat 4.4.24

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