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Conversations With Sat April 16, 2024

Discission on the conscious voice, the dreamer, the watcher, forgiveness and consciousness.

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-Sat joins the call and a list of previously submitted questions are asked and answered by Her.
Question 1: Hi dear Sat. After Livestream on March 27, 2024, You talked about the conscious voice and intuition. You said, "There was a time I was sitting in Goa after visiting Baba, at the door of our hotel outside and it came, [that] the one that is going to the conscious voice actually in reality, is the conscious voice."
Would You please elaborate on this part so I can understand it better? Thank You so much.
Sat: Yes, as long as we are still in duality, which means ‘me’ and ‘you’ and we have not advanced enough, there is the ego, the person going to a deeper place, relaxing there and getting awareness and information from there. But what I got was ultimately the person that is going there doesn’t exist. It is only that Awareness that is Me. This was proven to Me very clearly, so that is what it meant.
Question 2: Is the dreamer of the day dream and the night dream one and the same? Are they both the Existence? Would You please help me to understand this, so I can have an effective practice and contemplation on this?
Sat: In the daytime, which is much more in a physical realm, you take yourself to be your role and you take this world as a place where you have responsibilities to attend to, such as the family, etc. Then this personality sleeps at night and has another world, which is a mental world and sees itself as an entity in its own dream.
For the dreamer, the only difference is that at nighttime it is mental and in the daytime it is physical. But they are identical to each other and because it is physical, it feels much more real than the scene we have in the dream [at night].
Although at times people tell Me they had a very real dream at night. But to really understand the significance of this comparison, is to know that we are neither one of them. We are just a watcher of two different scenes. In order to be aware of it or at least have glimpses of this reality, the path really is a spiritual path.
What is a spiritual path to Me? It is not leaving your current life and having another path. It means life of the Spirit. Spirit means that infinite Awareness, rather than a limited soul!
Question 3: What does "Just be a watcher" mean? Is this practice like "Just Be"?
Sat: Being a watcher will give you a release of many other things and it would be like Just Be. But it is different at the same time because you are not consciously watching your thoughts; you are watching your life. Rather than being so unconscious that you feel at every moment that you are a part of what you are watching.
You cannot be a part of something that you are watching. If you were, you wouldn’t be able to watch it! Although watching has the feeling of Just to Be, but as all of you know, the benefit of it is that you are actually watching what needs to be watched, rather than what needs to be involved with and go unconscious.
When we are busy doing our work, if for a moment we stop, we realize that we were not conscious. It was just automatically effort, problem solving, all the activities and all the stories around it are happening. It is like a scene happening.
But when we stop for a moment in the middle of our work, or in the middle of our activity and take the position of a watcher, it means allowing the attention to be on itself. Then we are awakened. We can see the nature in a clarity we never saw before. We understand people intuitively like never before, because we are present in the moment and conscious as a watcher.
As we advance, we realize that we cannot serve two masters. Meaning that even in our daily life, we are very conscious. We are aware when we are unconscious because immediately discomfort comes. Like I said, our Awareness is more evident. The effort to release the nonsense is less but to recognize the nonsense is much greater.
Question 4: Is the Watcher the Pure Consciousness or Beingness who sees without eyes and hears without ears?
Sat: It depends to what intensity you are aware of yourself as a watcher. If you are practicing, no it is not, it is just the way to get there. But it gets to the point that the ego does not exist as a personality, and it is nothing but Awareness and the Witness! But this has to be done through wisdom and the understanding of this knowledge of what is temporary, what is visible, and that what is watched cannot be our reality.
It really needs contemplation and what I mean by contemplation is really looking at what I am saying, looking at it and it will even make sense once the attention goes there. We take everything on the surface level; we accept everything that is said. Why not take a good look at it?
Question 5: How can we forgive someone who has hurt us? And if appropriate, would You please elaborate on the power of forgiveness?
Sat: Try not to forgive and see what happens to you. Your mind will dwell on that scenario or situation, and you go completely unconscious. The mind makes up stories upon stories and next thing you know, you are drowning in it. Forgiveness means “I am willing to forget.” You can’t forgive and not forget. So, let’s start with forgetting.
What is the past, means it is not now. If you hold onto it, it is now, but you have a choice to let go. Once you let go of your past, whether it is this way or that way, your heart is open because it is not busy with stories.
Also, we have to realize that whatever has happened in our lives, whether it was good, bad or horrible, it is the way it needed to go. In other words, we had nothing to do with it. In other words, we could not change it or resist it- just the fact that it did happen.
So, forgiveness is really not dwelling on the past, because if we do dwell on the past, we can never let go of the ego- that ‘me’ and ‘mine.’ Let it all go and then it turns to forgiveness. And maybe you forget enough that you don’t even need to forgive it because you already forgot it.
But holding onto something, or some situation that was hurtful, why? Let it all go, so you can be happy and if you insist on forgiving, then do it for your own heart because you want to move on. When we don’t take inventory of our hurt in the past, then we are free to move forward. But if we keep reviewing our past, when is the time to let go?
Everything that has happened thus far was perfect- the good, the bad, the painful and the pleasurable. This is why I am really against opening suitcases or giving out information to one another, information of horror, or useless information. We need to really choose our words- either it is humorous, inspiring or important. That in turn translates into our own joy and gratitude.
Question 6: After Livestream on April 10, 2024, You said, “When the mind looks at the mind, it stops. When the mind looks at the objects, it starts. When the heart looks at the heart, it is Consciousness being conscious of Itself. When it doesn’t, the emotions and feelings are an interference.”
My question is, what does the “heart looks at the heart” mean? And, with what practice is the heart looking at the heart?
Sat: Being conscious of your Consciousness without contents! In other words, being in silence and being just aware of silence and your Presence. And I don’t mean presence as body and mind, there is a Presence if you are used to looking at it, It becomes very clear for you.
When we go into silence, there are no contents of activity and energy of the mind or anything else. Then we are conscious of Consciousness without any contents. In other words, the Consciousness is just there and the movement objectifies it.
So, when we just stay on the ground of silence and [are] looking at our own Existence, at our own Presence and I don’t mean body and mind. When I say our “Existence” you get familiar with it when you practice it. There is a Beingness and when we catch that Beingness in ourself, then there is no mind. We can’t even say “calm mind” or “an empty mind,” there is no mind! That is being conscious of your Consciousness, and you have transcended the creation as we know it.
And yes, when you leave the thinking behind, you allow the attention to detach itself from the thinking and descend to the heart and you stay there consciously. It is Consciousness being Conscious of Itself. The practice is that every time we sit in silence and we bring our attention down, we become only conscious of tranquility and stillness- which is Pure Consciousness.
Namaste to all of you, have a great week.

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April 04, 2024

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