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Conversation With Sat March 23, 2024

Discussion on Grace, repeated worries, no right or wrong, contemplation, existence and consciousness.

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Sat joins the call and a list of previously submitted questions are asked and answered by Her.
Question 1: Can the unseen Grace be seen with the inner senses?
Sat: Yes, when we are in tuned with the Invisible, we see it in our lives. I don’t know how else [to explain it]. You would probably feel contentment, joy at times, you have a better understanding of people, but because it is invisible, the visibility of it is only in the way you feel in your life. It is just like love! Love is invisible, but it gets expressed by words, or loving thoughts or actions.
Question 2: I have been trying to be alert when a repeated worry comes, and let my Presence nullify it, rather than trying to escape it. But when I ask “What are you? Where did you come from?” I don’t get an answer or a deeper understanding yet. Just peace. But the thought continues to come back. Am I doing something wrong?
Sat: No, the only reason we question it, is for it to be proven to us that when we question it, we go into silence. Therefore, that alone shows that it was not anything stable or real. This way we see the quality of our thoughts. We don’t believe it like we did before, when worry came we really felt very uncomfortable and almost one with it. But by questioning it and seeing that it goes to silence and peace, that begins to prove to us that it didn’t have any stability, it didn’t have any reality. It was just a passing cloud!
If it comes back, you do the same thing. You either don’t go with it or don’t believe it or question it. Once you see it clearer and clearer that it doesn’t have any base, then it won’t show up as much.
But until then, it will come back and you have to practice it continuously until you understand that it is just not what you thought it was. There is no other remedy really, because any other remedy is made up in the mind. The only remedy is you either question it or you keep silence against it. In other words, you pull yourself out of the opposites, out of the duality. Little by little, that becomes permanent and you experience more peace than discord, as this understanding develops.

Question 3: On the last chat (3.21.24) You had said:
“What if you accept that you are not wrong or right? What if you accept that you are neither fearful nor without a fear? What happens then? Freedom of thinking.” Can You please elaborate on this quote?
Sat: Yes, that was a very, very important point. We always want to make a bad situation good, a good situation to hold onto, to get attached to, to correct ourself, and when we correct ourselves, we become so proud of our correction. It is just a vicious cycle going on and on and on.
But when you pull yourself out of the opposite sides: “neither do I want good, nor do I want bad, neither do I want joy nor sorrow,” immediately there is a stillness. We free our soul from this battle of rejecting and wanting, correcting and failing. On our path, it is not about making a bad good, it is realizing the quality of this bad and good and how they follow one another.
They are like a loop in a chain; they are intertwined with one another. In order to break that chain is to move away from either. Changes bring opposites but our Beingness or our Pure Consciousness has absolutely no opposites in it.
Question 4: Hi dear Sat. In one of the series of Contemplative Meditation Programs on 4/26/16, You had said:
“It doesn’t matter if we accept what we are contemplating on. What is
important is we recognize it. Through contemplation we sharpen our sense of recognition, our sense of not being fooled, our sense of being or not being.” My question is, how does this recognition happen in us? How that expansion happen in our consciousness?
Would You please elaborate on that?
Sat: I think we talked about expansion on the last chat we had together.
Contemplation cannot be done with the outgoing senses, whether it is seeing it, dissecting it, hearing it and pondering on it. It has to be done in a very, very silent mind.
When you say “Who am I?” you are directly questioning the concrete quality of yourself. As if you are saying to yourself, “ok ... I went through a lot of ups and downs in my life. But I want to know who went through all these ups and downs in the life.”
When you ask “Who am I?” in your own silence ... I don’t know how to explain it. It is not the mind asking, it is an awareness of this question that asks; it is very hard to explain. The closest I can get is it is as if your heart is asking “who am I?” and what is the result of that question? It is complete silence and sinking. Why? Why doesn’t it say “who I am,” because that silence is who we are. It is actually telling us who we are, but we are so used to words, explanations and all of the philosophies of ourselves that we forget every time we ask “who am I?” the Reality is shown.
So, contemplation is questioning through your heart, whether it takes you to a deeper silence, or Awareness communicates with you- is the true contemplation and expansion.
Question 5: In an elaboration on the Consciousness being Conscious of Itself Meditation on a former U.S. Chat & as well as After a Livestream discussion (2.1.22, 2.5.24) You said:
“So, the day dream and the night dream exist because of My consciousness.
If I was not conscious, nothing would exist.”
In the same audio You have said “That Existence is no different than Consciousness.”
Please elaborate how Existence is no different than Consciousness.
Sat: When I say “Existence,” I am talking about your Beingness and the Beingness is the source of Consciousness. If you were not “be”- I don’t know how to say it in English, if you did not exist, the Consciousness would not be there. You would not be conscious of anything. The world only exists because of your being conscious of it.
And who is being conscious of it? Your Beingness, your Existence.
Beyond this existence that is conscious of the creation, manifestation, there is a subtler Existence that holds all of that together. Which is no different at all, it is just a different subtlety. It is like the five elements, how every element has more subtlety or more grossity than the other one.
When a soul is born as a body, or in the body, that soul’s Beingness creates this manifestation or becomes aware of this manifestation. But when we really become very familiar with this “I am-ness,” even the “I am-ness,” and the consciousness that the “I am-ness” is made out of, it melts into the infinite Existence, infinite or Absolute they call it.
I am sorry if I am getting too deep and it is going to be really hard to understand, but this is why we talk about “I am.” The “I am” that I am talking about is that Beingness or Consciousness, which is one and the same. But when it is held, it goes to a subtler existence which is the Totality.
It really goes beyond measurement and that we call the silence, peace, stillness and that is the one that Jesus said “Be still and know,” because the knowing is infinite now at that point. It is not a limited knowing, but in order to get to the subtlest part of our Totality, we need to go through the being, the “I am.” In order to do that, you have to have more attention on the “I am” alone, than the “I am this and I am that.”
From the moment we wake up in the morning we say “I am awake ... I have a lot to do ... I have an appointment ... I have to fix food ... I have to drive to the school ...” etc. and that has to be reversed to some degree by just “I am,” just being, beingness.
And when you go to the Pure Consciousness being Conscious of Itself, which is the same as Beingness, then It transcends Itself to an immeasurable state of total Being. That is the enlightenment that the realized people talk about.
I am really surprised that a handful of people on the chat have the capacity to even hear what is being said here because this is not a normal conversation. Because it has nothing to do with the creation or manifestation.
We are talking about the naked truth of who we are and how to realize it. Just the fact that you were guided to call on the chat [tonight] shows your capacity, whether the mind rejects it, accepts it or it does not even have the capacity to behold it!
Question continues: In the deep sleep we exist, there is being without awareness. How can there be existence in a deep sleep without awareness?
Sat: There is always awareness, it is just that you are interpreting awareness differently. You are interpreting the awareness as consciousness- being conscious of something.
It doesn’t matter if we are in a deep sleep, we still exist. That Existence is the totality of Existence because there is no beingness or consciousness in it. The beingness or consciousness is our totality in creation, beyond that there is an existence that does not depend on the consciousness or beingness. Beingness is “I am,” when you hold onto it, it dissolves into that Existence, that Totality! That is the reason as Ramana would say you get up in the morning and say “I had a very deep sleep.” Who had a very deep sleep if consciousness was not there? That is something to contemplate on.
Even a corpse still is in consciousness, still is one with the consciousness, just because it is not moving, does not mean it is out of it. This is why I say when we look at the birds, the trees or enlightened souls, or Avatars, etc. we are no different than the birds, the corpse, the Avatar- as far as the Consciousness is concerned because there is only one Consciousness that has all the manifestation as That.
When we look at an animal, all we can say is there is only one Consciousness, what can this be? And we realize that we have absolutely no separation from that animal at all. In reality, if you ignore the form of different forms or different characters, you come back to the base of one Consciousness, acting as different entities.
Like one dreamer acting as so many entities in the dream. We see our mother in the dream, it is really us, it is really the dreamer, there is no mother there. It is the dreamer that created the mother, the father, the house, the events in the dream. In the daydream, there is only one Consciousness that created all of these entities.
But we are that Consciousness even though we find ourself to be an entity only. And this is what the spiritual path is- to make us realize that yes, we see entities but can we also imagine that we are the dreamer of all these entities- since there is only one Consciousness? Am I losing everybody?
Aida: I don’t think so
Sat: So that’s that.
Well, for those of you who this type of Truth is really steaming up your mind, just know that I was talking to Myself!
Now, I am not sure what time it is, but we can open it up for sharing. I would like to hear from you guys.
-Negar expresses her gratitude for the opportunities Sat provides on these chats. She asks the following question as well.
In her own words she asks: On the last FDE we had with You, I shared that after leaving You I would experience deep peace. But then the thought would come that “you don’t deserve peace like this.” You had said to me had I not been afraid of it initially, this would not be happening to me right now. What does it mean when You talk about had I not been afraid initially I would not have been feeling this way.
Sat: You say that the thought of “I don’t deserve it” disturbed you. The reason that it disturbed you is because you had a fear of what if you lose
that feeling.
Had you not given in to this thought and had you not been disturbed by it, knowing that it is just a thought that you have given attention to before that you are not worthy, had you stopped giving it any value, had you not feared or resisted it, it would have been finished right then!
So, when I say it is because you were interested and you feared it is because it disturbed you. We get disturbed by something that shakes our confidence or gives us fear. When a thought comes that “I am not worthy,” question it and ask “Who is not worthy? Whose opinion is this? To whom is this thought happening?” like Ramana would say. And then it would shut up right there.
Questioning is important when you are incapable of not going with a thought. Even when you have a lot of thoughts in your mind, if for a moment you turn to your thoughts and say “give me another thought,” the mind cannot give you a thought. Because it wants to be a leader, it doesn’t want to be a follower!
Yes, when a thought of worthlessness comes, or not being worthy, just genuinely don’t move and don’t believe it. It is only a thought! It doesn’t have any roots. Its roots are in imagination.
My last words would be do not get discouraged! As
long as there is a tendency in the mind that has not been remedied over and over, it will sneak in. But fear not, Grace says “I am with you.”
Eventually, we will release that situation because we have so much wisdom, so many ways of dealing with it in a right way and so much more understanding of what it means by questioning. So, it is like digging a well, every shovel, is one shovel less to get to the water. Just think of it as your life now, before, your life was completely [in] ignorance, now the life has light and it has some darkness. But it has light so we just keep on digging until we hit the water. Namaste to all of you.

USA Chat
April 28, 2024

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