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Conversation with Sat April 30, 2024

Discussion on the witness, power of prayer, purpose of life, freedom, meditating consciously, love for the Guru and more.

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Conversation with Sat
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Summary: Discussion on the witness, power of prayer, purpose of life, freedom, meditating consciously, love for Guru and more.
Sat welcomes everyone as She joins the call. A set of pre-submitted questions are asked and answered by Her.
Question 1: Dearest Sat, You have taught us to drop all thoughts by asking the question “Who is doing, seeing, thinking, feeling?” You have also taught us to eliminate thoughts and emotions by witnessing them.
Is asking the question “Who is doing, seeing, thinking, feeling and thinking?” the same as witnessing the thoughts and the emotions?
Sat: No, the process is not the same at all! But it is one way of catching a hold of the Witness. Normally, at least most of the time, we are not aware of the Watcher or the feeling of Being. The Being that does things, the Being that the thought happened to. This is why we lose our peace because we don’t grab a hold of the sense of Presence, or you can call it Witness at the lower stages.
Once we do that with different techniques, then soon enough we get such a deep understanding that we don’t need to use any technique or any approach. We know the nature of the senses and we are aware of who is watching rather than becoming the watcher; who is listening more than the one who is engaged in listening as one. In the end, it all takes us to a silence of our own being.
Question 2: What is the power of prayer?
Sat: It depends on your faith. If you really have faith in that type of conversation with your higher Self or God, then your prayers are just as strong as your faith is! So, the power really lies in one’s heart, how much one is gravitating towards prayer and how the prayer is being done through a strong faith and trust. Prayer for Me is communion- meaning that you have the silent time to really open your inner ears, to be aware of this Awareness that is Omnipresent. And if you feel separated from That, then the ego or the thinker listens very vigilantly to this two-way conversation that takes place in the form of awareness. It is not in the form of normal thinking and answering at all.
It is a dawn of something that is just very audible- at the same time it is not of this world. That is another type of prayer, where you sit there and say “tell me!” and then you receive. But ultimately I think each person if they are using prayer, they should use it as if their heart is speaking, not their contradiction of the mind! With sincerity and humility!
Question 3: Why do human beings look for purpose in life?
Sat: They look for everything, not just purpose in life. We look for joy, we look for happiness, we look for being loved, we look for partnership, we look for a comfortable house, we look for millions of things, endless things.
Eventually we look within. And what is the purpose of life? I really don’t know, I can say that the purpose as I have said before, is to realize that either it has no purpose or you can make the purpose your aim to find eternal peace.
But now I am standing in a place that I realize Being does not have any purpose and since I am That, then how can I accept a purpose? Every stage is different, where we start with the purpose of learning, purpose of achieving, purpose of a lot of things. Then we get a little disappointed here and there and then we start finding a deeper meaning of life- which is very good to do.
Then in that deeper meaning we find our purpose to really feed our soul and find peace. This goes on and on and eventually we get to a place that (chuckles) … I don’t know what to say. I think I have said enough.
When you get to that stage that I don’t feel like explaining, you realize that all the purpose in the world, all the achieving and the seeking- it is just an activity of a tranquil and content State of Existence.
Question 4: Can You please elaborate on the following quote from the DVD Whatever, Addiction from 12.9.2005:
“Freedom is here and now and what that means is this- whether we do know it or not, we are free. So, it is a permanent, eternal and infinite freedom. The only thing is that as long as we are consciously aware of this freedom, that is already to us, to that extent our mind expands. That’s it. It is that simple.”
Sat: Well, let’s experience it right now, to see if what was said in 2005 is true or not! For a few seconds, for a few moments, Just Be- without a past and future, without thinking that you have thoughts or not! (Remains silent for the next few minutes.)
If we can let go, we are proven that it is correct. And even if we cannot let go, when we are talking to someone or we are involved with our thoughts, for a moment that we take a deep breath and put a gap in between two thoughts or two sentences, we see that that State of Being is visible!
If It can be visible when there is a pause in every activity, thought or words, then It must always be there! It is just the activity, thoughts and words cover it from our vision, our inner vision. We see that It is always the same form of silence and tranquility and no thoughts, no mind.
And yet, we believe in things that are constantly changing. How can it be real if it is changing? How can it be stable? How can it be permanent if it is changing?
In other words, if we can have a little bit of contemplation in our lives, it really shows that our Being is eternally tranquil, peaceful and silent! But it needs questioning the impermanent things in our lives. We have to question “Why is my joy so dependent on other things? Why?” Because it is not a permanent joy that we are after, otherwise, we see it as a base.
It is really very clear if we have a vision to see! All of us have tasted disappointment. Why did we taste disappointment? Because of changes! Why is this strange to us? This is the nature of where this body was born in.
But, the remedy for that is what we are doing, it is an inner life, to put the outer life in perspective and make it smoother, because we are not resisting changes as much, we are not reacting as much because our priority is in our own inner journey- as we live a normal life, as we solve daily problems.
Question 5: Would You please expand on the significance of consciously transcending the mind and how this differs from the transcendental meditation technique?
Sat: Our Truth is Consciousness; our Reality is Consciousness. In order to achieve anything, whether it is in the world or an inner world, you have to be conscious. You cannot do it while you are sleeping at night.
When we meditate and I have done it because I was initiated in transcendental meditation, which their aim is to transcend. It was beneficial and then something in Me prompted Me to let it go after a few years. And that is because I felt like even though it gives Me more peace, but there is something missing there! It is temporary and I felt like it is not taking Me to the highest Truth- which has to be achieved consciously! We are consciously having a passive gaze; we are consciously questioning the stability of this day-to-day life. We are consciously aware of our silence. Why is it supposed to be conscious? Because our achievement is when we are conscious, when we are not sleeping.
If you become conscious of your dream at night, you are awakened- right there. But if you are unconscious of your dream at night, how can you go past it? Unless you go to a deeper sleep. But that is temporary, you come out.
I hope this is enough explanation so I don’t have to explain it again. It is obvious that when you look at it this way and give it a little bit of attention, it becomes very clear to you why I say do not have transcendental meditation- unless you want to. But it is not going to give you enlightenment. What is enlightenment? To know what you are not! In order to know who you are not, you have to question the image of yourself and doubt it!
Question 5: Does our soul remember the wisdom and the teaching from one birth to the next?
Sat: I don’t know if it remembers it, I think the continuation just happens to the new body. I certainly don’t know what I did- [what] the impression of this soul did in other lifetimes. But just the fact that from the very youth, I was different or I wanted a deeper truth than what I was seeing around Me- must say that it just wasn’t given to Me. It must have been a process to get here.
The same for the children- My children, you guys’ children, just the fact that they were born into a family that was already doing spirituality, they are either continuing, or they are even there to teach their parents- meaning help them achieve it more and more.
That is all I can say as far as My understanding goes.
Question 6: At the Sai Center on 11.5.23 for the topic of devotion, You speak about how Your quest was for the formless. But that You needed the form, as Your ailment was in this dream- so Your remedy had to also be in this dream and how the devotion You had to Baba’s form led You eventually to the formless.
Can You please speak to us more about how the love and devotion to the form will eventually take us to the formless?
Sat: Yes, again and again I have to say that I can only talk about My destiny. I am sure there are people who don’t need a Guru. But I needed it as much as I needed air! As you all know, when I heard the name of My Guru, Baba- right there, only the name opened up some gate in My heart. I felt it, I heard it and the love that poured out without even having seen His picture could not have been of this world. That again goes back to the person who had asked about reincarnation or do we remember it? I did not remember anything; I just knew that this is the man that would save Me! Or give Me what I wanted, fulfill My desire.
So, this love- I honestly cannot say what happened to Me, as I am sure everybody on the phone can say the same thing if they have a Guru. It just overtook My life, My body, My soul, and My mind- everything. I was after the formless; I wanted to question the formless! I wanted to have some sort of communication- which came later.
What happened was this love, the potency of this love made Me to really stay on the path and not get disappointed with the ups and downs of life- of which I had a few! It gave Me inspiration, it gave Me hope, it gave color to My life! It gave enthusiasm to My life- this love totally changed My life.
And then, in My case, because of the destiny I had that I was unaware of and I could not get close to My Guru with all the love that I had, through His teachings, through His unspoken words, I had to take refuge in living My life according to that.
Then, little by little, things started happening. The Truth started pouring out that did not have any form and it was just for Me, it was for My own progress and I kept it in silence!
That is the benefit of having a strong love or having a Guru to love. Because in My case, the formless was too farfetched and also, there were too many opinions of the formless. People had thousands of images of the formless and I wanted a formless that did not have images. Wouldn’t that be our Being because It is invisible and has no name? Isn’t that just the Existence without this and that? Could we not call that God because It is the Totality and without name? And accommodates all the forms? I think I am off the subject so that is all I can say about that.
Yes, love will take you from- love to the Truth, love never goes anywhere but it gets divided to whoever comes to your orbit, you give that love out- love of the Guru, once you are with the formless. Then your whole being becomes love!
We have a few moments, so if anyone has any sharing or any inspirational event from their life, please do come forward and share it with us.
Mandana: For me also it was the love that helped me get through everything and changed my life significantly, and it started with the love that I have for You. It changed the meaning of life and everything else for me tremendously. Thank You for that.
Sat: Yes, I really believe that everyone on the phone, all of you are experiencing this love and all of you can say that “this love has changed our life.” Because this is the love of God. We didn’t create it in ourselves, I definitely didn’t. It is just that the dam broke and this love that holds the universe together became apparent.
Namaste to all of you. You have a great week.
USA Chat
April 30, 2024

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