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Conversation with Sat April 23, 2024

Discussion on "going deep," serving two masters, personality & tendencies, helping loved ones, impressions and more.

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-Sat welcomes everyone to the call and a list of previously submitted questions are answered by Her.
Question 1: During the chat on April 16, 2024, You said “As long as we are still in duality, which means ‘me’ and ‘you’ and we have not advanced enough, there is the ego, the person going to a deeper place, relaxing there and getting awareness and information from there.”
Would You please further explain what is meant here by “going to a deeper place?”
Sat: Deeper place means not reaching out, it is reaching in, bringing your five senses inward, rather than outward, so you can feel without touching and you can hear. When I say ‘hear’ it means there is an awareness that is full of knowledge and wisdom. That is what it means!
Question 2: During the chat on April 16, 2024, You said, “As we advance, we realize that we cannot serve two masters. Meaning that even in our daily life, we are very conscious. We are aware when we are unconscious because immediately discomfort comes. Like I said, our Awareness is more evident. The effort to release the nonsense is less but to recognize the nonsense is much greater.”
Would You please describe what it means to serve two masters?
Sat: I think it starts like this, “what is it that I really, really want? Beyond the daily activities, daily attachment, daily desires, and family, job, mortgage, home, etc.?” After you put aside all your desires for a minute, when we ask ourselves “what is it that I really, really want?” and I can assure you that 100% of people will say peace and happiness.
But they don’t admit it or they don’t have the knowledge of how to achieve them. Even if you do tell them how to achieve it, they are too entangled with serving another master. When I say you cannot serve two masters, it does not mean that we give up an ordinary life. It means that we don’t give up on our highest and most noble desire.
As we go through life, if we really want to know the answer to our highest desire or the achievement of our highest desire, we cannot let go of that. In other words, the ordinary life becomes secondary. That is when a person is seriously after their joy and peace.
When we serve two masters, meaning we say “yes, I do want to be on a spiritual path, I do want to meditate …” and then go on having full capacity, attachment, worries, concerns, desires. Which one is going to be achieved?
It is a very important sentence to bring us back in to a balance. Yes, the body does have to work, yes, the body has to be provided for. But extra desires, extra things, extra thinking that takes the place of your achievement of peace and joy, then that is when the two masters are working.
Question 3: Being on this path has made me learn so much about my personality and tendencies. At first, I went through a phase of protecting the personality and tendencies by defending, justifying, analyzing, continuing to ignore, and so on. Finally, I accepted the fact that it is the personality that is the cause of all my pain and suffering. Thanks to You and all Your teachings and tools, now, I am able to “Watch” my personality and tendencies, and in some situations, I am able to “Stay.” However, it hurts every time a personality or tendency shows up, and I am unable to “Stay” as a watcher and I become involved. What can I do in those situations?
Sat: Who is talking about the personality? What I am trying to say is that it is the personality talking about the personality! When that happens and you feel as though you failed, who is failing? It is the ego! Then fail, then feel the pain until you don’t!
You see, again I would like to remind everybody that we do not need to change the personality as you all have realized, even the questioner realizes that. So therefore, we are not trying to push it away or get disappointed with it either. Any emotion that we show means we are the ego trying to get rid of the ego and it is impossible. There is a very fine line to what I am saying but once it is understood it opens [itself] up beautifully.
Now having said that, again going back to the questioner, you know your progress since you started. You say “most of the time I am this way and sometimes I am that way.” Sometimes be that way until the hurt would complete your release.
Question 4: Sometimes we have a feeling that a loved one is facing or may face potential harm (mental or physical). Is there a way that You suggest we can pray for them or assist them?
Sat: I would say both, it depends on how close that dear one is. If it is your child, definitely both! If it is an acquaintance, just Omnipresent Meditation. What is prayer? Again, the Omnipresent prayer releases the child, or the person or the member of the family, friends, etc. from being limited at least into your awareness- and that helps.
The prayer would be, if you want to guide them and you don’t know how to guide them, pray for getting some insight on the situation and also guidance on how to be of help. But this has to go very strongly. In other words, if you are going to take the responsibility of doing that, you cannot give up. You have to be persistent.
If you choose to do Omnipresent Meditation, every time the thought of that person comes, do Omnipresent Meditation. If you choose to pray, every time you think of that person, you need to stop and do it. You have to be persistent in your quest to help!
One of the best ways is to not behold that person into the bondage of impurity. In other words, even if the situation is not good at all, silently erase it by saying “Consciousness is pure unless I behold impurity in It.”
Question 5: In Scotland on September 25, 2023, You talked about how the most advanced medical personnel don’t even know what goes on in the body. You continued to say: “So we throw in the towel and we have to get rid of all the impressions that the maya innocently causes and that is the worth of being in this world.”
What is meant here by “all the impressions that the maya innocently causes?” Or is asking this another attempt of mine to try to understand yet another incomprehensible facet of maya?
Sat: Baba says a sentence that I could not understand the first few years. He said to someone “there is not an iota of impurity in the world.” When I heard that from the person Baba had told that to, I was shocked. I said to Myself, “what is He talking about? Does He not see what is going on? Plus, if there is such purity, why would He descend and help the purity? There had to be a problem.”
It took Me some years to understand. He is talking about Pure Consciousness. The impressions are in the impure consciousness. What is impure consciousness? It means polluted thinking and perceiving! Beyond this polluted thinking and perceiving, there is a sky of purity. To His eyes, He was not seeing, He was not beholding impurity.
Just like Jesus in the bible who passes by a dead dog, where His followers were holding their nose because there was a foul smell and He says what beautiful teeth the dog has. Removing impressions means going back to a place where you cannot see impurity, even if you tried to because you are not beholding it in your consciousness. What is not in your consciousness cannot be your experience.
Question 6: Dearest Sat, on the U.S. Chat on March 28, 2024, You said: “When a soul is born as a body, or in the body, that soul’s Beingness creates this manifestation or becomes aware of this manifestation.”
Who is moving our mind and body in this manifestation (like moving our hands, feet, etc.) and leaves the entity when one passes, as these parts don’t move or are not active anymore?
Sat: The movement of Consciousness. I just finished talking about pure and impure Consciousness. The soul is the Consciousness and when it is pure, it is Absolute Awareness. When it is not, it descends into individuality as a consciousness. Please if you don’t understand it, it’s ok. It is not something that would be a very big help to you; it is just information.
Question 7: Is it true that Peace, Pure consciousness, Gratitude, Silence and Stillness are one? And when one is experienced, all is experienced?
Sat: Yes.
Question 8: My understanding of Your teaching is that what is real knows itself. In other words, if something does not know itself, it is not real. Is this correct, and if so, can You please elaborate on this?
Sat: No, it is not correct. It is the opposite of that. If you know something, you are not that. (Laughs) when you eliminate everything you know, then we will have another conversation and see what happens to you. This is why we say that it is such a good feeling when you say “I don’t really know anything,” it is such an expansion- because we truly don’t. The more advanced you are, the less you know. That is a fact!
Now let’s open it up for sharing for a few minutes before we say goodbye to one another.
Sat: This is exactly what I mean when gratitude is extended to a right place. When we say “put your hand on your heart,” like I have said before, the heart is the center of Being, means infinite Being. Your experience was beautiful, thank you.
Adrienne: Did you say to strike out the impurities from our purity of being? Erase it?
Sat: What I was saying is that the impressions are the impurity that we picked up. It is not by resisting, avoiding, pushing, pulling, making a story about it; it is by staying in a Pure Consciousness. In other words, Staying, knowing that Pure Consciousness is who we are, and what we take ourself to be as a bundle of impressions- is not. So, why fight something that we are not! Can we fight a shadow? We just move on or we realize that it is a shadow.
Most humans fight it, they want to bury this shadow, like Ramana says. How can you bury your own shadow, no matter how deep you dig? So, this is a mystic way of looking at things. It is not to embrace or resist it; it is to understand it and move on. And that translates into Pure Consciousness. Did I answer your question?
Adrienne: As much as it can be answered, yes. (Laughs)
Sat laughs too and says: Thank you for that, because I feel like no matter how many times I explain it, it is hard. It is so subtle. You cannot analyze it with a logical mind. But I know that all of you on the phone, your heart hears it because there is a movement. There is an inspiration, there is a joy, there is a release, there is a lightness. So, forget about understanding in a normal and ordinary way. Just be happy if there is a movement in you. Namaste to all of you.

USA Chat
April 23, 2024

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