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Contemplate On Simplicity (03/2020):

In this video made in the early stages of the global pandemic of 2020, Sat discusses how the world’s situation is calling us to return to a simple life. Here, She describes the importance of simplicity in thoughts, emotions, words, actions and lifestyle.

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Sat: Hello to everybody. I know in the past few months somehow the subject of simplicity keeps coming up. So tonight let’s see what else will come out. The world as we knew and lived in had left the simplicity behind. There was no simplicity in thoughts, there was no simplicity in emotion, there was no simplicity in their words and actions, nor in their lifestyle. And that caused havoc; not only did it cause struggle for humanity, but it also rippled into nature and all the other parts of creation. This subject of simplicity keeps coming to Me every day- going back to our nature.
And I think the situation that the world presents, for those of us that have enough wisdom to see through the lines of fear and wrong reporting and chaotic action, is that what it is really calling for is simplicity.
In simplicity there are very few desires and those desires are very essential for maintaining the body, or maintaining this dream. So, if we can look at our desires or attachment to many, many things in our life, if we can take an inventory and truly see which one is giving us more peace by holding onto or desiring it. And by taking inventory, if we see that it is not giving us peace, by holding on or wanting it then it is time to drop it.
Simplicity of eating, simplicity of thinking, simplicity of emotion! What does that mean? It means that we feed our silence, that eternal vastness of that silence, more and (we give) less time to wanting, grabbing, fearing, sustaining, surviving. All of these emotions and behaviors only feed the ego, which is that false entity that we call ourselves. So simplicity is not just a very inspiring word. It is a way of life we need to go back to.
For the first time after many, many, many years, I made myself bread and I thought it would be very complicated. I took the flour and I thought water would be good, but it would be very complex if I put some milk in it. Then I started kneading it and then I stretched it and I put it in the oven. It was the most delicious bread I have had since My father used to bake it. That is simplicity, that’s just an example of how our food can be simple, not so much cooked (food) and spending hours in the kitchen or thoughts about what we are going to eat.
If there are thoughts that are complex, if there is fear, all of that is not simplicity. It is not us; it just is not us. If it was us it would feel good, so we let it go. Like I said so many times, this is the most enlightening time of our lives to have everything closed for us, every shop, everything, and to tell us not to go out. Perfect, now I can have more silence and let go of my attachments.
So simplicity in emotion means when the fear comes, and it will come at times because it is the mechanism that keeps the ego going, we need to say, “No.” And we need to mean it. As the first ripple of fear that comes up, not later, just right then, because it is not simple, it makes our life complex.
So please take simplicity into contemplation and you will see that there is a new world that opens up. Even though it is a simple word it does something to your consciousness that is beyond description.

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