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Contemplate On Christ Consciousness

Sat elaborates on what it means to contemplate on Christ Consciousness.

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Contemplate on Christ Consciousness
Summary: Sat elaborates on what it means to contemplate on Christ Consciousness.

Sat: Contemplating on the Christ means contemplating on a pure consciousness. There is an active consciousness which has all the drawings, images, memories and all the stuff that goes with it that makes the creation. And then there is the Christ Consciousness, which is the base and beyond! It is beyond and yet it’s the base. To contemplate on the Christ consciousness is literally what all the practices are all about- which is to identify the temporariness and the imagination of the thoughts and also questioning the thinker and taking it into its source by asking “Who am I?” At that time, when you are in the silence of your own Being, you are actually in the Christ Consciousness. But when you contemplate on it, somehow you have more awareness of what is happening, you are more aware and that really helps, because you are conscious.
Again, I use “conscious” so often because the only time that you can really be realized is conscious, because the rest is dreaming- day dreaming, night dreaming. So, once you are conscious then you are alive, you Are, you are not becoming something; you are not something that you were, you just are! So, the contemplation goes along with understanding; you understand Christ Consciousness and then you know how to experience it in your Oneness with it. That comes gradually; the deeper your understanding becomes, the easier it will invite you and explain to you from within your own Self. And I think your dedication is really your anchor.

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Jan 25, 2022

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