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Conscious And Unconscious Silence

In this audio excerpt from a US Chat, Sat discusses the importance of being conscious of your silence.

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Q: What is the difference between being silent knowingly and being silent without being aware of it?
Sat: When you are unconsciously sitting and there is no thought and this goes on, really you are in a deep sleep in the daytime. But being conscious of your silence is what will take you back home. It’s very important that you feel the silence, you sense the silence, you are with the silence. You are aware there are no thoughts. But if none of those things exist, it’s like being again like I said, in a deep sleep in the day dream. So being conscious and feeling it is the key.
Being conscious does things that are necessary to be done. First, you realize you are thinking. Then, you realize “Who is thinking?” and then you go into the silence. Silence happens but the process is very important. The silence happens, but it happens knowingly. And that is because you realize that you have gone beyond the thinker and the thinking. This is why step by step we became familiar with our Home; we became familiar with our silence; we became familiar with who stays Home and what is thinking. With this knowledge silence becomes very potent!
We should always continue exploring ourselves (pauses) and never get tired or give up on something that eventually becomes our salvation [from] the duality. I think there is nothing worse than having the disease of duality and being tossed as the thinker between these two shores and never finding a place. So, now we have our Home
Namaste to all of you.

USA Chat
July 13, 2021

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