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Class-Trust Meditation

Here, Sat gives an in depth explanation of the Trust Meditation.

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*Sat is an abbreviation for Sathyam.

Summary: Here, Sat gives an in depth explanation of the Trust Meditation.

Sathyam: For a moment, just imagine whole-heartedly that your Guru, Teacher, or someone you utterly trust, whether that is God, Jesus or whomever you choose, tells you this: “I am sending you to the Himalayas and all of your needs will be taken care of there. If you need food, it will come to you; you do not need to worry about your family, I will make sure they are taken care of too. I mean everything will be taken care of from the minutest detail to the biggest worry you may have.”
All we have to do to make this trip enjoyable is to trust what was said to us; so imagine this is said to you and that beyond the shadow of a doubt this is going to happen.
Now, let’s sit anywhere in the Himalayas, where you feel comfortable being alone, knowing that you cannot get too hot or too cold, etc. We get very quiet in that reassurance. This is what I call the Trust Meditation.

Meditation continues for a few minutes.

Sathyam continues: How many of us needed time before anything happened in our meditation? Once it happened, did it get easier? Of course, we will all share what happened a little later.
I would now like to talk about the importance of this meditation, which was given to Me no more than two or three weeks ago, on a Thursday night in My other meditation class.
This scenario, which we just had in our meditation, is in actuality a Promise given to every one of us when we took our body. We might doubt this Promise and not believe in it, thinking we have to work really hard and go through lots of ups and downs.
The key to understanding this meditation is not lack of activity, but rather an abundance of confidence and trust. It is not about us being active or inactive in the society, rather it is an extremely subtle trust. Once we have developed this trust, instead of being scattered here, there and everywhere, going through different avenues, hoping to join different rivers, we are putting all of our efforts together into one thing, one ocean, and the result is that we live by grace.
We go through life, but we live by grace! Why? Because we have connected ourselves to that flow. By merely letting go of our concerns, we are able to connect to it automatically. Therefore, what happens little by little, through this type of a meditation is that we are able to go through life, without feeling too burdened, heavy, or overloaded. There is no way that we will have to do too much; there is such tranquility that knows a little goes far. Yet when we only go by the mind, a lot of effort results in only a little bit.
I remember one time, one of My teacher’s students in India was talking about specialists, and He said that a specialist is one who knows a lot about very little. (Sathyam laughs.) This is true; because a specialist will study so much, just to know a lot about a tiny portion of a tooth, or a small portion of one’s gums.
So, I think what we try to do here is not to verbally say “I surrender,” but to actually understand through the Trust Meditation that there is no need to even surrender. It is already there awaiting us. Then what happens is that we do not need to think a lot about doing, solving and accomplishing things. Too much thinking is not necessary.
I would now like to hear about your experiences. How was your experience? (Sathyam asks one of the men in the class.)
He replies: I started meditating by telling myself that I will not have any wants. Then I went to a place in the Himalayas that I have physically been to- which is very beautiful, and where I have actually sat and meditated. I don’t know if it was consciously or unconsciously, but I just went there in my meditation. Even right now, I feel that I am still there and have a lack of wants. I am not saying I don’t have a desire to do things, but I don’t have a desire to grab things and make them mine.
Sathyam: Beautiful, thank you for sharing that. You used a shortcut and did it that way. But for a lot of us, because we lack confidence and trust, we have too many desires and concerns; like we worry about losing too much money, we are concerned with the security of our future, etc.
So, when we practice this meditation and feel that this Promise and Truth is already within our Being, then we can settle down and not be overly concerned. But the result is exactly how you did it in a shorter way, and that was to just let go of any desires (referring specifically to the man with the last comment). However, for most people, to just say “go desire-less” is not enough. It is just not enough!
-A man talks about having the most peaceful meditation he has had in a while.
Sathyam: Yes, yes! You see, all throughout our lives, the mind which was just a blank slate or a white sheet of paper, has gotten survival etched on it, the method of survival, the way of seeking and grabbing things that will make our lives comfortable. All of that makes meditating harder. In this meditation, the concern is dropped and in that moment of dropping, because we have confidence, we are closer to the nature of who we really are than any other time.
So like one of you was saying, a desire-less mind is free of any designs and the one with the utter confidence and trust is the blank sheet of paper. Anything that takes us to before any learning took place, which is that pure Being, ought to help us experience the peace which we truly are.
It was very interesting, because right after this meditation came through, Richard was reading a piece about our Teacher in India and I was reading another thing from another book and both readings, which none of us had read before, came out to be extremely similar to what is happening here. The timing must have been really perfect.
How was it for you? (Sathyam asks one of the women in the class.)
She replies: I had a hard time.
Sathyam: What part of it did you have a hard time with?
She replies: I just had a hard time with it because I have not been practicing.
Sathyam: The reason I ask is not because I am just curious for no reason, it is because I want to know where your resistance was. Were there a lot of thoughts? Did you have an issue with letting go? What was it?
She says: There were a lot of thoughts.
Sathyam: Can I ask you to close your eyes one more time right now? I want you to let go and let your mind think as much as it wants to, let it think completely. The more you think, the better off your meditation will be. (Sathyam stays quiet for a moment.) As the mind is thinking and doing its job, you are completely o.k. with it, just shift your attention to the region of your heart, where there is quietness and allow your mind to go wherever it wants to go. (Sathyam stays quiet for another moment.) Just know that where your attention is, there is a complete okay-ness and the mind is not a challenge whatsoever.
Sathyam remains quiet for a moment.

She then continues: Now slowly open your eyes.
The same woman says: Thank You.
Sathyam: You are welcome. How was it for you? (Sathyam asks another woman.)
That woman says: I loved it; I just fell into it and let it go. Everything you said this week and last week too makes sense. It makes sense to surrender it.
Sathyam: If someone comes to you and says, “Surrender to God,” you would think, “That sounds so good,” but you will not be able to do it. With practicing our tools however, you can experience this.
Here we are saying the truth, that when this manifestation, this appearance came (referring to the body), it was absolutely not an obstacle for what is behind it (referring to the Self). Do you understand? Your mind is absolutely no obstacle and it is simply doing its job. [With this practice] the attention gets shifted from the mind to the Truth. When we see through the false, the Truth is already shining and that is what brings us a sense of relief.
How about you? (Sathyam asks one of the men in the class.)
He replies: Well, you notice tonight I don’t have anything to say, I am not driving anymore, I am riding. Today I officially began trusting the person who gave us life and so I was running around like a little child skipping everywhere and playing in the yard, not worrying about anything, just playing.
Sathyam: That’s it! As I told you a few weeks ago, there is no need for hard work; you are taken care of, you really are! I am not saying it just to say it and you may ask yourself, “What gives Her the authority to say that?” The Truth comes through, whether I like it or not. And in that fact, I feel really free, through the many years and through a lot of experiences that I have had, I have come to realize that the Truth is the Truth and the false has to fall away.
Listen to this very carefully: it is not that we don’t have peace; it is that we have not dropped the imagination or the false; the peace is there and we all proved it tonight. We proved that the peace is there; was the peace given from Me to you? No. Did it come from the sky? No. Did it come from one of these shelves in this room? No. Where did it come from? When the false fell, the Truth was already there and this is what gives us freedom. The freedom is unlearning, letting go.
There are many methods and one of them is this Trust Meditation, and I think it really helps. The Eraser Meditation is also very good, even though I may not comment on it very often, but when the time is right, it will come out again.
So here we are, the mind cannot enlighten you and it cannot bind you, unless you give it the idea that it can. Enlightenment is when the false begins to fall, when you begin to see things in the right light, when the many become less bothersome.
How about for you? (Sathyam asks another woman in the class.)
She replies: Lately, I have been getting rid of extra stuff around the house and have been cleaning out my closets, etc., so letting go has been a process I have been working on. Also, recently, when I let go and go into a deep meditation, I have been seeing a lot of rain and green glass jars, the same thing over and over again. Today, in my meditation, I asked, “Why are you showing me this?” And I heard a voice that said, “You need to find the life in your life.” I would like to know what that means.
Sathyam pauses and replies: It is interesting you should say that, because I was just telling Richard in the car last night, 99% of people in the world are dead men walking. I do not mean this in a negative way at all; they are very responsible people, who are also extremely caring and have good hearts. Yet, the eternal living is what is meant here vs. living from point A to point B. In order to live eternally, which is true living, one has to come face to face with the reality that there is neither death nor birth. To do that, it is to come face to face with who we really are, head on.
These experiences that you have been having are incredible blessings, because the words would not be uttered, if you were not ready to go for it. Rain for Me, is always symbolic of the shower of grace; where we lived for the world, now you can be taught to live eternally to eternity. When a person is ready, then they are initiated into something similar to what happened to you. Now you can go there and you showed up tonight willingly. You showed up willingly!
These are not accidents and I have said this many times before, the reason I show up here and you show up here is because of the heart’s prompting. If your heart did not prompt you, I would not be here and you would not be here, so what I am trying to say is that the Guru we are talking about, who might send us to the Himalayas or any other place, is not so much Sai Baba for Me or Jesus for someone else, but it is this Guru (pointing to Her heart) who told you so, “The life within life.” (As it had been said to the woman in her meditation) the one and only one that we can call God, is the closest we can come to it.
Living the way that it was said to you (addressing the same woman), is the final chapter of all that doing, which is now turning into a deeper understanding of living. The direction given to you is an unbelievable blessing, because it would be an utter loss of a lifetime if one does not get this chance.
I always say to people who are very serious about life, “Do you know how many times you were a man, how many times you were a woman, how many times you had children, how many times you were a widow, and how many times you were a soldier, etc? Is that not enough?” It is enough; accomplishment in this world is great, but it is only to get you from A to B.
Last week one of you could not calm his mind and I told him to die (referring to the Play Dead Meditation); at that time nothing mattered and then he started living. He perked up and was happy and began living; true living is different from how we were taught to live, to live “this” way, to behave “that” way, to be proper, etc. That was restrictive living, now it is living in freedom.
To Me, rain is a shower of grace and the symbol of the green jars you need to discover by yourself. (Still addressing the last woman who had spoken about her dream a little earlier) I know something about the color green, but that is something for you to figure out and we will do that tonight. It is excellent news and it is very symbolic because you said, “As I was cleaning the house, letting go …” and that is exactly what we were doing on the mountain tonight, in our meditation.
I always say that the quality of this deep understanding surpasses two million years of being on earth and living as a dead man walking. This is all very happy news and we just have to trust, dance, rejoice and be happy.
Any other sharing or questions? (Everyone remains quiet.)
I have to put this in words, which really escapes the Truth, but sort of points at it in a vague way: there is one current and we are all That. The Guru whom I am talking about, some may call it God, is in truth the reality. The Promise of this reality is that everything is taken care of, whether you scream, laugh, strive or you don’t. The sun and the moon will continue to come up, the tides will remain in the ocean, the birds will continue to get fed, the fish will have what they need in the water. What makes us so arrogant to think that we cannot rely on That? What makes us so arrogant?
So here we go back to the Himalayas again.

Meditation continues again for a few minutes.
Sathyam continues: (Addressing the woman who saw the rain and green glass jars in her meditation) when we feel unhappy, it is not true because within a second it (happiness) is at your disposal, as soon as you unmask the mind and as soon as you are not fooled by it, you see that the unhappiness is not there and therefore not true. You are a divine being that already was and will never change and that is all there is to it.
Was it easier for you this time? (Sathyam asks another woman.)
She replies: It is hard for me to concentrate sometimes.
Sathyam: Oh, I do not ask you to concentrate. Do not hold back; say what your problem is!
She says: I focus on him moving all the time, (referring to one of the men, who continued to fidget in his chair during the class). I am not used to sitting next to someone who is constantly moving and it drives me nuts. I am sorry; so there I said it.
Sathyam: O.k., I want you to close your eyes.
She says: It is hard!
Sathyam: You allowed it to be hard; you allowed it to be so. Now allow it to be o.k. and just try to do it again. Just concentrate on your okay-ness, rather than everything else (Sathyam pauses for a minute); go through the agitation until you find peace. Go through it! Just feel it and go to the other side.

-Everyone remains silent for a moment.
Sathyam continues: Now slowly open your eyes. Were you able to go through the irritation, until you got to the other side?
She says: I did. It was like turning around to a mirror.
Sathyam: And then you watched it, and what happened to that irritation?
She replies: I became very light for a minute.
Sathyam: So, you did go through the irritation of what happened and on the other side you felt light for a moment!
That is exactly it; in a moment, you can go from complete stress to complete peace. Usually, when you have irritation, you go with it and then you can’t meditate. See the irritation and say, “I have had enough of resisting, supplying and catering to you.” Go right into it and then the other side of it is peace- that easy! So, next time someone moves around you, what you do is welcome this opportunity to go right through the wall.
Let Me tell you a secret! The reason the walls in this room are concrete and they are not concrete for My Teacher, who can go right through them, lies in our beliefs. When you master the five elements, by not believing them to be concrete, you can even come and go through a wall.
What I am trying to say is that this is our capacity. Why operate at only 1%? This is our capacity. There is an irritation there, challenge it! This is our opportunity to go through it and find the peace that is always, always there awaiting us.
The good news is that, amazingly, that peace is the only thing which is eternal. The rest are just pictures. As time goes by, the more we stay with the eternal, the fainter those pictures become. It gets to a point where you start laughing and asking yourself, “Is this a joke?” This is the difference between wallowing in ignorance and rising above it.
A man asks: I had a question in relation to the meditation on abandonment, I don’t seem to get that.
Sathyam: It is the same thing that you were doing in the first meditation. Abandoning means when thoughts such as “I should be doing this or that,” or any other thought comes and tries to get your attention, abandon it, based on the virtue of the truth you know in that confidence, in that Promise that was given to us.
Thank you for coming.

Class Trust Meditation
Jan 11, 2005

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