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Class-Stop, Prioritize Meditation

Here Sat talks about the importance of giving priority to our peace and recognizing the “I.” She further reiterates how recognizing the “I” can contribute to our progress and wellbeing. Through a few of the tools such as Stop and Trust, the Art of Living in Truth can therefore be practiced and lived daily. This can be likened to living in a continuous state of meditation.
Two of Her previous articles are read and also elaborated on, Who I am Not, as well as I am I.

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*Sat is an abbreviation for Sathyam

Sathyam: Tonight, I would like to open My mouth and talk about the fact that in life as we all know, there is always a storm that goes on and on and on. This is the case for everyone, and I have talked about this before and I would really like to touch on it again.
Every one of us has a story; some of us have a very long story. In this country in particular, they buy your story, they give their ears to your story, they sympathize with your story. Once we hold on to our story, the future would be a continuation of that story. So what are we to do? When we enter the path of mysticism, the past does not need to be remedied.
You don’t remedy the past, you just move on. We don’t bring out all sorts of reasons as to why we were victims, or why we were victorious. Neither one has any room in there- this is because they are extra baggage. And by carrying them, one cannot know Oneself. As long as you hold on to the fact that you are a human being with a story, then you stay a human being with a story. There is no baggage that one can carry in the Kingdom of God.
Every time there is a thought that comes to you, the best thing to do is … (She remains silent and still for a few moments.) Just this, just be quiet! Now, I could sit here perhaps for the rest of My life and tell you that we are not the thoughts. But unless we stand outside of it, do we see that we are not that? As long as we are swimming in it, there is not enough perception; there is not enough clarity to see that we are not that. So it’s really good to step out, like Buddha did and like Baba was saying in one of His discourses, “You are not the body.”
That brings us to another very important point, which is the reason for which we are here: our priority has a lot to do with our progress. People say “I want peace; I want happiness and success.” What good is it to say “I want peace?” but how much of a priority is it for you? If it is our priority, then we can’t find it in the mind, then we have to stay back and watch it.
Books are very, very helpful in the beginning, and we should read books that stimulate our heart chakra, books which stimulate that inspiration in our body. But to enter the Kingdom of Heaven or God is to be utterly naked, without a memory or anticipation of the future. Our work then is to drop, rather than pick up more stories and more knowledge. Too many people on the spiritual path gather too much knowledge, in the end you have to let go. We go to too many places to find out too many things, just like in the bazaar.
Most of us have the concept of a priority. We have the concept that we want peace, but our thoughts, words and deeds do not justify this priority at all. Priority means urgency, urgency means you are consumed by it because it needs your attention, it wants to get your attention the most. And that is where the success of this release is.
We might say “self-realization is my top priority,” but let’s really check this out. Let’s check this out. The span of life is not as long as we think it is, so for those of us who have a concept of priority to be free, to know the truth and to have peace, I would say re-evaluate it to see how important it is and where it stands on the list. And I will tell you why it should be important: if we are not the Knower of the Known, that is to say if we are not able to become aware of it, our life becomes a series of eating, sleeping, striving, changing and judging. That consumes our day and night! That's it, how fun is that? (She giggles.)
If you are in a relationship and you want to be understood … don’t, instead give understanding. You want to be loved … no, give love. Why? Because anything that we get from outside is temporary, so we need to cultivate the deepest understanding. I am not saying that you need what is coming out tonight; as usual, if what I am saying is useful for you, use it and if not, throw it out.
So many times we are in situations where we like our neighbor’s land more than our own, or we like our friend’s job more than our own, or we say things such as “I wish I was like this or like that …” etc. On the mystical path, the world exists because I exist, because you exist; you don’t exist because the world exists. So the whole Creation is actually happening because you are here, therefore it is important that the “I” be recognized. It is very, very important that It be recognized.
Earlier, one of you asked about Baba’s hand movements, behind it there is an extreme deep silence that is worth far more than any words!
So if we have thoughts that are coming and haunting us from the past, it is because we sat down, gave them attention and had fun with them, so they come again and again and again. What is the solution for that? The solution is to reevaluate our priority and Just Stop, Stop- in order for us to stop carrying this heavy burden.
A man asks: When can you Stop throughout your day?
Sathyam: Thank you for asking this question. Questions feed Me, because there has to be this negative and positive pull that constantly has to create this energy.
Back to your question; say a thought comes to you, without you saying “I should stop.” Do this (Sathyam gets completely silent and still, to demonstrate how Stop is done.) Do you see the silence? And another thought comes, and again without saying “I have to Stop” ... (She demonstrates this again and remains silent and still.)
Another man asks: Why can’t you say “I have to Stop,” if that helps you get in touch with a thought that is coming through? Don’t you need that thought process?
Sathyam: If I tell you that you can do that, it creates a concept where again you are playing a game of the mind. This is because the mind that says “Stop,” will also say “Continue.”
The man who had asked about doing the Stop throughout the day says: My question came from the fact that life goes on and we all have things we have to deal with each day, so are You talking about taking time as …
Sathyam: No, no, no, I am saying be even busier than you are now. Do whatever you need to do, but Just Stop; be quiet. You see, I think the way that it sits in My heart is not about hours of meditation; it is the Art of Living in Truth. What we do with twenty minutes of silence is irrelevant to how we live every given moment- that is when you experience peace continuously. You just Stop, and the thoughts come and you Just Stop. Now, I am not talking about thoughts that are useful, which you need to have in order to take your next step, those thoughts you can use. But in the end, you don’t need them, because what happens through you spontaneously is the most perfect one. So the doing does, the thinking thinks, we don’t take thought for it, but until then, there has to be a conscious effort to stop. Even if you can stop for a split second a day, if your priority is right, the next day it will be for two seconds. You might take this lightly now and it might not give you the grandeur of what it is, but if you repeat it enough, you will realize that we are talking about something that is extraordinary for freedom.
When the thoughts come, the mind gets muddy, even with good thoughts there is an energy; there is a commotion going on. The more we Stop, the calmer this water gets, the more you see your own reflection, which is God, which is Divine. Lake Tahoe, which usually has such crystal clear water that you can see the bottom of, is not very clear on windy days. And if you tell someone who just arrived there that this is really clear and pure water, and that you could see the bottom, they would think that you are crazy and have a hard time believing what you are saying, because on that day they are not able to see that.
The mind is a pool of judgment and desire, once we Stop, what happens? It becomes calm, it becomes silent, in that silence you see the reflection and out of this reflection what needs to come comes- this is self-realization. You may think that one who is self-realized should have fireworks like the Fourth of July or a grand finale, but it is not so. The mind that is under the obedience of silence is a holy mind; it is a Christ mind.
The Stop is not contradictory to what we do daily at all! We continue doing whatever is necessary; it is very hard for Me to explain it, because I don’t want to put it into a concept, Just Stop! And I don’t mean stop doing what you are doing, Just Stop.
I tell you if we become the watcher of the mind, we realize that 90% of the thoughts that come are useless; there are very few thoughts that you can use to have temporary relief. The rest are just concepts and imaginary things; they are images, and so many of us who don’t know the truth become ill, physically, mentally, emotionally and we feel scarred. What? The mind created the Universe, what does the past have to do with it? The past is the past; a realized soul once said that the past is an old newspaper that you can wipe yourself with. (Sathyam laughs at this.)
A woman asks: Who said that?
Sathyam: Nisargadatta, a very self-realized person, who I tip My hat off to.
And if we think we can change our mother, father, brother and sister, we have something coming. By releasing yourself of this limitation, you don’t need the world to change … we don’t need the world to change; it can be as big of a mess as it wants to be.
If anyone has an argument for what was just said, bring it on and I will agree with you. (She begins to laugh wholeheartedly) what is it to Me? (She gets very serious again.) I am not here to be somebody; I am here to show that we are nobody. We really are nobody, quit acting as if we are somebody, we have played enough roles; it is high time that we get sick of it.
The Truth is very simple, it is so simple that it takes years to see it! (She begins to laugh again wholeheartedly) because we took this clean water and put so many concepts and so much junk in it that we cannot see our reflection, therefore it takes time for us to not do that anymore.
Just Stop, Just Be quiet, Just Stop, Just Be Quiet, and I don’t mean be quiet and act nice and virtuous, while your mind is going on chaotically… no! When we say “Stop,” you can talk; talk up a storm if you want … Stop. I know more people who are quiet but have a chaotic mind than those who jabber away.
Do you have any questions?
A man says: I have a question, but I think I am looking for a tool rather than an answer. One of the things I am trying to do is fall into a meditation, for one to three minutes throughout the day, while I am at work. And sometimes it happens that somebody important tries to ask me a question, and I am not really there to answer it. The tool I guess that I am looking for is that if you do that and you fall into a meditative state, would you try to do that every two hours or so and then bring yourself back? Is there a mechanism in dealing with somebody from the outside?
Sathyam: How do you meditate for those few minutes?
He replies: It’s mostly allowing the mind to think, ignoring the thoughts and slowing it down when the thoughts come, by paying attention to my heart.
Sathyam: And right then someone comes and asks you a question?
He replies: Yes.
Sathyam: Allow the answer to come spontaneously and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.
The man asks: Just let it go?
Sathyam: Let it go … the silence is saying “Maybe I can do a good job,” so rely on it a little at a time, without taking thoughts and see what happens. Maybe your silence is exactly what is needed or the time that lapses between the time you meditate and the time that you can actually talk could be very important moments.
I would say if you feel this way and someone is asking you a question, just don’t force it and see what happens. There will come a time when there is a mastery and you do that at all times without taking conscious effort. In other words, the Stopping begins to happen automatically. And when that happens, you can do anything you want to and it doesn’t change it (Stop happening automatically).
The story that we are carrying from childhood to adolescence and then to old age, belongs to the body and the mind and has no effect on who we really are … none … none whatsoever and that is really good news.
On that note, I would like to read something that I have read before, which I think is relevant. This writing came through very fast, I call it “delivery,” I know when I am pregnant and when I am about to deliver. The night that this writing came out, it was a “delivery,” it was July 20, 1999. The title of it is Who I Am Not, please pay attention because after reading this we are going to go to Who I Am.

Who i am not

They told me I was born on such and such date;
I believed them.
They told me this is your mother and that is your father;
I believed them.
They told me I am a girl and girls do this and they don’t do that;
I believed them.
They told me being naked was shameful and
I believed them.
They told me “wear this, or you will catch a cold;”
I believed them.
They told me a woman gets married, and this is only right and proper;
I believed them.
They told me to be strong and
I believed them.
As I believed, I hardened into a rock.
My beliefs made me concrete.
They told me that fire burns and you can’t go through walls; I hardened some more.
They told me this is good and that is bad;
I believed them.
They told me the world is flat and they told me it is round.
They told me cancer kills, but the flu does not.
They told me time exists, that the future is important, education is the means, and money is survival;
I believed them.
They told me death is bad and being born is good.
Bad people are dangerous and good people are to seek after;
I believed them all.
But why, with all of these directions, did I feel worse and worse?
How can you limit the unlimited and make it feel better?
How can you put the infinite into the finite and think that you are teaching the truth?
My beliefs became chains upon my soul;
I undressed shamelessly, dropping the veil.
I broke the statue that was made out of my beliefs.
I spat at their goodness!
I turned my back to all their ways and
I vanished from the make-believe state.
Every morsel of their beliefs I swallowed, until I could take no more.
So one by one we became a fool.
Nobody ever questioned or admitted that their beliefs were someone else’s beliefs or hearsay.
No one really explored what was truly real, so this world became the products of beliefs without any base to stand on.
A baby grows up with layers of beliefs, not living but being a puppet of fear, shame, hesitation, and that was good.
Well I say I have no use for all that I have ever learned thus far; to me they are infested with the unreal.
Victims of our own beliefs, all swimming in the ocean of falsehood, most don’t even know it.
The unlimited, the absolute, looking as confined as a rock.
What a joke!
We pay to buy the falsehood, “worldly knowledge.”
We become a bundle of desires, a slave to our beliefs.
We desire to be good, wealthy, healthy and ever young. Yet all along, we were perfection.
We had abundance; we were never born, so health was not even an issue.
Unlimited, timeless, absolute, acting bounded.
Now, this is absurd!
July 20, 1999

Sathyam: And that is the Truth, that is the Truth for Me and you don’t have to accept it, but this is the Truth and now we have to undo it (the false beliefs). I am not saying that we should be shameless in society- that is not the shame I am talking about. The shame I am talking about is thinking that we are limited and that we are bound by all these do’s and don’ts, instead of concentrating on who we really, really are, which can free us and those around us.
I Am I, which talks about who we are, was written three years before Who I Am not. What we are has nothing to do with who we think we are. Baba always says you are not who you think you are, nor are you what others think you are. This is how it goes, one morning I got up and went into My cave and this is what came out:


Dream, dream, dream
When am I going to realize it totally?
No time is real and there is no when
Now, Now
I am neither liberated nor in bondage
Whether I am it or not
Whether I cry or sit still
Whether I remember or not
Whether I can see the dreams as dreams or not
Whether I appear to struggle, forget, live an ordinary life or not
Whether I suffer, feel joy, or none of the above, still I AM I
Whether I have a beginning or not, whether I was born & died
Whether the skies stay above or become part of the soil or not
Whether the birds sing or the flowers bloom and perfume or not
Whether son or daughter, wife or husband, father or mother
Kin and kith, a stranger or a friend, child of a mother, or mother of a child
Sinner or saint, killer or just
Politics, science, education, knowledge, interest in the world or not, so what?
Words, sentences, phrases, long and communicating absolutely nothing
Morning and night
Sleeping and waking, dreaming all along
Years, days, hours, sand in the hourglass
Here, there, everywhere,
Somebody, nobody, king, beggar or this and that
Heaven, hell, earth, sky or the Milky Way
While drinking, eating, having sex
Mad, intoxicated, out of my mind,
Priest, rabbi, holy saint,
Frustrated, failing, or succeeding
Feeling the “I” or not
Needing you, needing me, needing this or that
Needing God
You did good, you are bad, don’t do this or that
Thinking, thinking, thinking, still I AM I
Feeling, loving, hating, touching, and seeing
I live, I is, I dies
Names, forms, places, stages, phases, chapters, periods in life
Young age, middle age, old age
Married, divorced, belonging to you or you belonging to me
This life, last life, next life
Ups, downs, laughter, pacifier, tranquilizer
Concepts, beliefs, tendencies, habits
Call me mother, daughter, wife, call me friend, sister, whore or what you like
Love God, serve all or be a bum under a bridge
Still I AM I
Ravana, Hanuman, Arjuna, Kauravas,
Be on this side of the army or that side
Every reincarnation, every avatar that came and went
No beginning and no end
No cause or reason
January 02, 1997

Sathyam: This is saying that no matter who you think you are, you are still “I am I.”
Whether I appear to struggle, forget or live an ordinary life or not, I am I
You see, how many of us struggle because we want to be successful or we want to have “this” or “that” image of ourselves. And here it says, “Whether you struggle, forget or live an ordinary life,” it makes no difference to who you really are.
Whether I suffer, feel joy, or none of the above, still I am I
So the concentration has to go to the “I,” not all the fanfare and the masquerade that is happening outside.
Whether I have a beginning or not, whether I was born & died, I am I
Whether the skies stay above or become part of the soil or not
Whether the birds sing or the flowers bloom and perfume or not, I am I
Whether the son or wife or the husband, father or life, I am I
Kin and kith, stranger or friend, child of a mother, or mother of a child, I am I
Sinner or saint, killer or just, I am I
Politics, science, education, knowledge, interest of the world or not, so what?
I am I
Sathyam: Do you see that? I don’t know if you guys see that here we consumed our life with becoming, to become somebody, to become successful, to be a good “this” or “that,” to become a good communicator, a good friend and we are missing what is already there as peace and truth, as joy and peace and truth.
Words, sentences, phrases, long and communicating absolutely nothing, I am I
Morning and night
Sleeping and waking, dreaming all along, I am I
Years, days, hours, sand in the hour glass, I am I
Here, there, everywhere, I am I
Somebody, no body, king, beggar or this and that, I am I
Heaven, hell, earth, sky or the Milky Way, I am I
While drinking, eating, having sex, I am I
Mad, intoxicated, out of my mind, I am I
Priest, rabbi, holy saint, I am I
Frustrated, failing, or succeeding
Feeling the “I” or not, I am I
Needing you, needing me, needing this or that
Needing God, I am I
You did good, you are bad, don’t do this or that, I am I
Thinking, thinking, thinking, still I am I
Feeling, loving, hating, touching, and seeing, I am I
I live, I is, I dies, I am I
Names, forms, places, stages, phases, chapters, periods in life, I am I
Young age, middle age, old age, I am I
Married, divorced, belonging to you or you belonging to me, I am I
This life, last life, next life, I am I
Ups, downs, laughter, pacifier, tranquilizer, I am I
Concepts, beliefs, tendencies, habits, I am I
Call me mother, daughter, wife, call me friend, sister, whore or what you like, I am I
Love God, serve all or be a bum under a bridge
Still I am I
Ravana, Hanuman, Arjuna, Kauravas,
Be this side of the army or that side, I am I
Every reincarnation, every avatar that came and went, I am I
No beginning and no end
No cause or reason
I am I.

Sathyam: What this is trying to say is that no matter what you are doing or what you think you are, the concentration should not be on trying to alter or change our character. It is enough to concentrate on the God or the “I” that is Omnipresent, by doing that all the rest will fall in the right place. So many of us are such harsh judges, and those are the ones who are very much into body consciousness, thinking that we are somebody, we know better and that we are the doer. All of these beliefs are wrong!
A woman asks: If you actually get to the point where you know who you are, is it possible then for others to know that too?
Sathyam: Yes, when you get to the point that you know your Self, you will not know that you know your Self. You will only know that you don’t know anything. I tell you why, because what is knowable is in the realms of the five senses and who you really are is not in that realm. So you will not know who you are or “I am I,” but you will know exactly who you are not. And at that point the mind stops, because it no longer has anything to identify with, you have dropped it all. Will others know? It doesn’t matter; those who have an inkling will pick up on it and those who don’t, don’t. It doesn’t matter! So in other words, very, very often most who are self-realized don’t know that they are; they just know what they are not. But the Truth, whether silent or spoken, penetrates with an authority behind it. Self-realization is beyond imagery.
A man asks: You said that You do not know who You are, but You know who You are not. That is probably as good as it can ever get, right?
Sathyam: Yes, because you cannot have attributes or concepts there.
He asks: Nothing to compare it to.
Sathyam: Nothing to compare it to, and beyond the words and the mind. And yet, it is the most perfect doing or being that you could ever imagine. So until then, we have to sort it out.
You know, in Iran, India and Pakistan, when you buy rice, there are lots of little stones and pebbles along with the rice grains. They pour it on a big tray and someone sits there for about half an hour or an hour, and separates the stones and pebbles from the rice. This is a great analogy for what we are doing here, whatever is not real … (Sathyam demonstrates as if She is separating the rice from the pebbles and pushing them aside; as though She is sorting them out.) Anytime that we are caught between the concepts of “I should, I should not, I would, I would not, I must, I must not,” we are living a mental life! Anytime the mind stops, then we go beyond the words, so everything we say here is to just point us, but it is not That yet. It is just to point us, because the Truth is unspoken; it stands without any crutches and yet … (She shrugs Her shoulders.) … That’s it!
And then after we throw all the stones and pebbles away, we come to see that we have no beginning, no end, no cause, no reason. You see, the mind says “Give me a reason! What is the cause of that? When were you born? In what country? Tell me, when are you going to die?” etc. Here it says “No beginning, no end, no cause, no reason, I am I.” That alone fires the mind and takes its work away from it. Does it not? It is just like going to your office and your boss telling you that you are fired.
One of the men says: Thank you.
(Everyone including Sathyam laughs.)
Sathyam: And then we laugh really hard and that is why most people who have eliminated the thinking are so happy, because it is a joke.
You are divine, remember that! (Sathyam says specifically to one of the women. She then hands out copies She had made of I am I and there are just enough copies for everyone in class.)
She continues: Perfect … “I am I” is perfect.
One of the men says: Sathyam, one of the things that got triggered for me from what You were saying is that our western education really wants to give names, functions and reason to everything. When you think about it, the concept of zero did not even exist in western culture until a thousand years ago. The number zero was imported and did not even exist, so it is very hard for our western education to think of ourselves in terms of nothing, that there is such a thing as nothing. It is easier to think of ourselves as “so and so and such and such” vs. “I don’t even exist, I am nothing but a bundle of nerves and energy;” it is very difficult.
Sathyam: First of all, when you say “zero,” that is what we need to become- zero. This is because zero has no beginning and no end, it is a circle, how would you know where it started or ended? It is like a lingam, even symbolically it is screaming the truth, all we have to do is look around and see things screaming the Truth. As far as the western minds are concerned, let them suffer until they realize they are zero. (Sathyam laughs wholeheartedly.)
The Truth is like bread, you have to knead it and then it has to rise. But if you don’t add baking soda to it, it cannot rise. People have to go through certain processes for the sake of manifestation, for the sake of this dream, until they are ripened enough to even have the interest to hear it. And there is nothing wrong with that, the entire Creation is an evolution in a way, if you can believe it!
Someone says: But it is fun to watch, what fun is a playground full of spiritual people?
Sathyam: It is very painful to identify with it and very fun to watch. Yes!
Sathyam asks one of the men specifically: Do you like what you are hearing here? Does it tickle your heart?
He replies: It is very interesting.
A woman says: This keeps reminding me of Freud and the concept of homeostasis, and the desire to not die and to go back to that state we were in, prior to our birth, when everything was perfect.
Sathyam: I did not know Freud said that, yes, because when you think about death, then you realize that death is a continuation.
The same woman says: Because you were already there prior to your birth and that is what you want to go back to.
Sathyam: Yes, the “I” was always there and then the body was just a painting on it, just a drawing on the canvas. Yes, that is right.
So, we hear the Truth and what do we do with it? Nothing! Whatever hits our heart, we just practice it and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Then when we hear it again, it will have a different taste.
Since being here, how many of you are looking at the same thing that is being said, but are seeing it differently now? Do you see it differently? (Some people agree.) That is expansion of the consciousness, what did not make sense, once you gave it a chance, is beginning to take root in your own consciousness. In order to recognize the unreal and stay in the real, one has to have guidance from outside, just to be pointed to Oneself. The real Teacher is here (She points to everyone in the class) and I don’t mean who is sitting here in this chair.
A man says: Within us.
Another man asks: You said a little earlier “Since we are gathered here together in a cave …” and You were going to comment on that.
Sathyam: Yes … a cave … I go to a cave very often … I used to … a cave is symbolic of having put the five senses outside of the hole of the cave. A cave is where you take refuge and become quiet … symbolically a cave is really here “within.”
Once we turn our attention inward, there is a silence; a cave symbolizes trust, because once you go into the cave, you don’t have as many needs as if you were in the world, so you trust that everything would be created in that silence. So, a cave is a good symbol, and whenever there is too much going on around you, just go to your cave. All you have to do is bring your attention to the region of your heart and you are in that silence. That is different from Stopping, when the thoughts come.
How many of you have been practicing the Stop? Has it worked for you? If it hasn’t worked then bring out the questions right now, because it cannot not work!
One of the men says: Stopping the mind never works for me.
Sathyam: Oh no, you do not stop the mind, you Stop, never stop the mind! No, no, no! Let Me demonstrate it for you- here is a thought like the ones that came as soldiers in the movie, Little Buddha and they are shooting at you. Your eyes are half open, you are unmoved by it, you are not ridiculing it, you are not controlling it, you are not pushing it away. And then what happened? The arrow that had fire at the end of it became flower petals. Why? It showed that it was never scary in the first place; it was just a scarecrow. We don’t stop the thinking; we stop looking at it and going with it.
So the thought comes, (She demonstrates this by staying completely still and silent), there is no word to describe it, all I can do is that (referring to Her demonstration of it). The mind cannot be controlled, because the tool you are controlling it with is another part of the mind. It has to be transcended by the lack of identification.
A man says: What I think is funny is that this was supposed to be our natural state, all the illusions are man made!
Sathyam: They were just pictures in your frame. I don’t know where you hung your frame, but that is exactly what it was. Here is the screen (shows the inside of Her hand), then the movies started and I don’t want to get into it any further because it gets too heavy. Let’s just watch the movie and we don’t even have to pay for it; it is a continuous movie.
Or we can really cry because a drama is happening, or we can laugh because a comedian just walked in on the screen. Like one of you said earlier, we would like to go back to the Original and the tool for doing that is the Stop.
Of course, all the meditations we have done for the past five years have been stages to bring us here, so we can talk about this further and further. For example, staying in the region of the heart, going to the Himalayas and having the Trust or the Eraser Meditation- these are all tools to make us less reactive, a reactive life is the life of a human; a non-reactive life is the life of a realized person.
Short meditations are very, very good, unless you have sucked yourself into the pictures, then I would say go run around the block and then sit down and have a long meditation. Besides that, we really have to aim for having a continuous state of meditation- that is the Art of Living in Truth.
Anyone who goes to India and leaves all of their responsibilities at home ought to feel peaceful, and then of course being around Sai Baba’s energy, you are in heaven. Then you come back home and it is like having pies thrown at your face from every direction.
The Art of Living in Truth is not a path of Sanyasi or that of a renunciant; it is being in the world but not of it. I think that is a better method for the west.
Well, thank you for coming and I am glad that we had this night together.


Stop, Prioritize Meditation

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