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Class-Just Be

Sat begins by talking about the grace of God and how we experience that when we are Just Being. She explains in detail that without our roles or the images we may have of ourselves, we can experience Just Be and the Art of Just Being. She further talks about how Just Be is peace and ananda, or bliss.

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*Sat is an abbreviation for Sathyam.

Sathyam begins by leading the class in the following meditation:
We begin by just letting go; we can always pick up the baggage before we leave the room. For now, we just let go. As we sit, let’s just be, completely in our contentment, without caring for anything at all.

Meditation takes place for about two minutes.

Sathyam continues: Tonight we are going to talk about the grace of God. Before we go on, I would like to ask a question and there is no right or wrong answer, I just want to hear from you. When I ask you to “Just Be,” what does it mean to you? Would any of you like to volunteer to answer?
-A man talks about not getting involved the way the world wants to involve him. Another man talks about not being his thoughts, desires or his mind. -Someone else talks about having freedom from all the images and some others make similar comments.
Sathyam: Any other comments? We are talking about what it means to us when we say “Just Be.”
“Just Be,” is where peace and bliss are. About twenty years ago, when My Teacher told Me to “be happy,” He meant “Just Be.” This is because our Being is happiness, and the reason we don’t experience this continuous happiness is because we are constantly being “this” and “that.”
One of you just mentioned connecting to the Source, which is the same thing; you also mentioned how there is too much responsibility and too much demand upon you. That is because you are becoming some image of what another person wants you to be or something that they want you to do. When we have learned the Art of “Just Be,” it does not mean that we don’t do; it means that we go forward and act while staying in our Being.
To Me, this is as important to our well-being as breathing, because otherwise we are subject to all sorts of disappointments and ups and downs.
Last week we were talking about images and how we are not any of the images that we think we are or that others think we are. So, the mind is in a state of continuous imagination rather than being- Just Being.
To Me, Just Being is the highest grace, because our Being is grace, it is synonymous with grace. So by Just Being, we experience grace. Now, in the state of separation from our own Being or God, we think that the grace has to come from some place and in order to attain it, we have to do all sorts of gymnastics, in the form of prayers, spiritual activities, etc. All along, that grace resides in the State of our Being, Just Being rather than becoming, or being “this” and “that.”
We have to understand that if we just hold on to the “Be,” then we can act as a wife, or a husband or a stranger. In our State of Being, we realize that all of this “becoming” is an act- it is not serious, it is not the truth. So, if we don’t experience that lotus of Being, we cannot look for the petals, because the petals need that power of Being in the lotus to keep them together.
We can approach the Art of Being in a lot of different ways, but the simplest way is the closest to the Art of Being. When we sit down and say things like “Oh my God, how am I going to “be?” we make it complicated; “Just Be” is letting go and sinking deep.
Let us meditate for a few minutes and practice to “Just Be.”

Meditation takes place for about two minutes.

Sathyam continues: Slowly open your eyes. When we go deep into our Being, we realize that nothing else exists.
Someone says: It was just quiet.
Sathyam: Yes; this is what My Teacher refers to when He talks about Sat-Chit-Ananda, which means Truth, Awareness and Bliss. He says Sat-Chit-Ananda is who you are; this is what He means by that. He doesn’t mean your character is Sat-Chit-Ananda. God knows none of our characters are! He doesn’t mean that our approach to life is Sat-Chit-Ananda, because it isn’t. What He means is that in the depth of our Being, there is this ocean of Sat-Chit-Ananda and in order to identify with that, we have to “Just Be.” Not to become, not have been, or be in the future; none of the busy work that sums up to absolutely nothing. Honest to God, in the past few days I was shown that it is so dramatically nothing that I just cracked up laughing, and yet we take it so seriously.
I remember a story that I would like to share with you. There once was this Yogi, who spent his life writing in his little shack in the forest. One night during a bad storm, a woman with two small children knocks on his door for food and shelter. He invites them in and starts a fire for them. He then gives them some milk and instructs them to sit by the fire and keep it going, and he goes out to get them some food. As they are sitting there, the fire begins to die down, and not knowing what to use to keep it burning, they search the shack and come across the writings that he had been working on for the past fifty years. For the next few hours, they continue to put his writings in the fire, not realizing how important they are to him. When the Yogi returns and sees what has transpired, he simply goes mad; he begins to scream and kicks them all back out into the stormy forest. Now, you can imagine how he was feeling! Everything he had ever experienced was in those burnt papers. Of course, the family had no idea why they had just gotten thrown out into the cold; they were simply trying to keep the fire going. After they leave, the Yogi sits down to meditate and a sense of remorse comes upon him for kicking them out. Once he begins to transcend the mind in his meditation, he comes to the realization that he had spent his whole life compiling and gathering, rather than just being.
All of that (compiling and gathering) puts a lot of weight on every muscle (in our body) and every fiber of our being, and then we end up going to different places for remedies. (Sathyam begins to laugh.) And then a store like this opens.
So, is God good, is the Creation good? Yes! If we stay in our State of Being, it is extremely good and if we don’t, it is miserable. We know this, we see it all around us; we see how chaotic life is. As soon as I descend into My thoughts, I am miserable. As long as I stay in My Being, I don’t see an iota of bad in the world.
This is our choice: to gather information or to burn it and “Just Be!” I don’t mean we do not keep sentimental things in our house, or that we should be indifferent or detached. No! I am talking about what we have in the files of our mind, all the things that are stored away in the attic of our mind, clouding it. That is what I am talking about, the things that don’t allow us to Be.
Would anyone like to add anything, or ask or share?
I asked about the grace of God some years ago and immediately from within My own Self, which is the same in each one of us that is sitting here, this is what came. (Sathyam opens the book, Most Precious to read the question and answer about Grace.) And it goes with each answer that you all gave at the beginning of class about the grace of God. Everyone’s answer had something to do with the answer that came to Me from within.
The question that the mind asked and the Being answered was: “How to have God’s grace and how to feel it at all times?” (Question 43 from Most Precious)
The answer that came was: “Do not believe the world, the rest is grace.”
We just talked about this. In other words, the world is asking you to “become,” to be somebody, have something, have a name, a title and the duties that go along with them. Do not believe that, the rest is grace. Why? Because once you don’t believe it, you fall back into your own Existence and that is grace.
The answer continues: “You are the grace, but your belief of the world (this is another word for the mind) gives an impression of separation from the grace.”
How many people, ourselves included, at times ask “What happened, how come there is no grace? How come there is no relief?” Surely, at that moment we felt separated from our own Being.
The answer continues: “Practice living in Truth- that which is false will weaken little by little.”
So, what is the Truth of our own Being? As we live in the Truth and manifest this Truth more and more, we will see the falsehood of our thoughts begins to lessen.
The answer continues: “What will remain is the grace of Being. Your Being is grace, nothing but that, again the mind will not fathom it.”
Why can’t the mind fathom it? Because the mind is very much into the surface, it cannot know the nature of Being.
The next question from Most Precious: “How do we use this grace moment to moment in our material life?”
A few of you actually said this.
Answer: “Have no opinion about what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad.”
Why can we not do that? Because this is the nature of the mind. It is the mind that creates opinions about what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad. As long as we are opinionated, we are not living in our Being and that is the surest measurement we can have.
The answer continues: “No conclusion of the outcome of your activity.”
Why not, why shouldn’t we have a conclusion? Because the conclusion binds, and we are free … the conclusion binds, and we are free.
The answer continues: “Relax in the Center of your Being.”
How do we relax in the center of our Being? By eliminating what is good and what is bad, immediately, we fall into the center of our own Being, which is no different than God.
The answer continues: “Relax in the center of your own Being and see how at that time, your body and mind will be a channel of grace.”
So right now, the body and the mind gather all this discord and disharmony through the senses. Once you relax in your own Being, it becomes a channel of grace; the same mind that created problems, now creates peace and harmony.
Now I really love this next part.
The answer continues: “But if you worry, struggle and fear the material world, where is the room for grace?”
In other words, how can you feel your Self?
The answer continues: “And if it is, where are the eyes to see it? You will be too entangled with what is seen to be aware of what is unseen, as the grace.”
Do you see how perfect this is? So, everything that is spontaneous and unseen, the subtlest of the subtle, is your Being. And the grosser you get, you start moving into the emotions, the feelings, the mind and the senses. So those times that we feel we are without grace, or we have fallen from grace, you can be assured that we are too entangled with what is seen in order to be aware of the unseen, such as grace.
Now, I have been sitting here for almost four years and I don’t believe anything new has come out of My mouth so far- not that I am in control of it. It is repetition from a different angle to bring us into our own Being. There is very little change to the Truth, because the Truth is changeless, but worldly knowledge is always changing and accumulating.
I will give you an example of this: My father came to Richard and I and told us that we can drink coffee, because he had heard that it is now considered good for you. And My mom in her naïveté said that the same people who now say coffee is good for you, recently said how bad it is for you. This is the nature of material knowledge. Do we want to be tossed about aimlessly? Do we want to have fear of dying, suffering and losing our capabilities, or do we want to be who we are, which is so much greater than holding on to the crumbs on the ground?
When the words come out of My mouth, I too am the student of it. If we go to our State of Being, we would see that whatever seemed important to us would crack us up, and we’d laugh about it. No matter how serious it appears, no matter what picture and image it picks up to convince you of its seriousness, if you go to your own Being, you will laugh your head off. Believe Me, at times I Myself get into seriousness, concern and worry, but once I am shown, I put time into practicing, and I become a student of the Truth that comes out. It is that simple!
If you don’t get what is happening here, or if it did not register with your mind, that is perfect too. Something heard it and that means a lot, some place in the region of the heart heard it and it will never be lost.
-One of the men talks about how he has been reading stories about some very wealthy people and how their biggest worry is keeping their money.
Sathyam: Yes that is true. I don’t believe in curses but for the sake of conversation, I would say that the things that people consider blessings are actually a curse. These things actually become a curse in their lives and many simple things are a blessing in disguise!
Whatever you put your mind on, that is where your treasure is; for example, if you put your mind on money, believe Me, you will make money. If you make money for the sake of the money, it brings greed, but if you make money without attachment to being wealthy, then you become charitable and you share your money with others. In this case, the money is not a hindrance for you, but rather something that helps you on your path. I am not saying money is bad, but if it becomes self-consuming or what you go after day in and day out, it becomes your curse. It actually becomes what takes your peace away.
If for example, you are born into a farming area, where everyone farms and raises organic food, this was given to you. But if you become fanatic about organic food and do whatever you can to get it, you become consumed by the word “organic.” Do you see that? There is one that comes to you and there is one that you go after.
Even on the spiritual path, when we say “Just Be,” don’t go after it, because the more you go after God, the farther away it feels, because there must be a distance for you to travel to get to it. “Just Be … Just Be!” There is no being consumed with it, but it will consume you, that Being consumes you. So, I am glad you shared that about your reading (referring to the previous comment) and what you read is absolutely right. Reading stories like this will give us perspective about life.
I remember saying something to My son that I thought went right over his head, but about ten or fifteen years later, he came and told Me about it. He said: “Mom, you once said, ‘We are born alone, and we will die alone, so don’t imagine that at the time of death, you can take anyone or anything with you.’
So, what does this mean? Knowing that we cannot take anything with us when we die, should make us understand the futility of attachment to people and things between birth and death. Be with people and while they are with you, it is a blessing. But to believe that you will be with them forever is imagination; it is total imagination and attachment. People live as if their money, friends or family are eternal; even though they know that when they die, they cannot take them along. This knowledge has to be practiced in day to day life. Practicing this brings detachment, freedom and peace. We have to contemplate on this and make it our own, it is not enough to just repeat the words “We are born alone and we die alone,” but then turn around and try to hold on to everything! If we really contemplated on being born alone and dying alone, nothing would weigh heavily on us. Why? Because we will always remember “Ahh … I cannot take all this money with me … so why don’t I share it?”
Our silence will break all the disharmony that anybody comes to us with. For example, if I come to you and say “I have this disharmony in My life,” by your silence, you can help Me far more than you can with your words. This is because your silence means you are going to your Being and that will help Me far more.
-Sathyam passes out some Easter eggs filled with candy and Sai Baba quotes, and She asks everyone to read their quotes outloud. She explains that the eggs are in the shape of a lingam, a symbol of creation, with no beginning and no end.
-One of the women reads her quote which says: “Let go, let go, then you will see how happy you will be.”
-Another man reads his quote which says: “Everyone is searching for the pot of gold and all along it was hidden within.”
-Another woman reads her quote: “May you find eternal peace.”
-Another man reads his quote which says: “May peace be yours.”
-Another man reads his quote: “You are never alone; God is always in your heart.”
-One of the men reads his quote which says: “May you always be happy.”

Sathyam says enthusiastically: May you always be happy means your Being is happiness!
How about you, Richard?
He reads his quote: “Past is useless, future is imaginary, Now, Now, Now is happy.”
Sathyam’s quote: “You are not the body, you are not the mind, you are God.”
She continues to say: This is all that we talked about tonight: “You are God.”
-The people in class applaud Her effort in putting together the quotes and the Easter eggs filled with candy.
She replies by saying: It is the “I” that does it unbeknown to Me. Believe Me, I (as the mind and body) just got here … don’t think that I am aware of what happens around Me, thank God I am not, so I don’t take any credit for it.


Just Be
May 1, 2004

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