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Class-Jnani & Bhakti

*Sat is an abbreviation for Sathyam.
In this DVD, Sat talks in length about desires, which ones create bondage and which ones contribute to ultimate freedom.

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Sathyam: Last week we talked about desire. I am going to summarize what we talked about last week and then we will continue with that subject, since I think desire is a very important subject.
When we desire something with huge intensity and a lot of passion, eventually that desire has to be fulfilled. This is the arena for the fulfillment of desire. Desire is created with the same material as the manifestation, which is thought pattern.
Sometimes your desire might not get fulfilled in this lifetime. Fulfillment of that desire could come at the most inappropriate time, when you are not ready to receive it. Then it becomes a curse. Most people, who are in a position that they do not like, can bet that it was a position they sought after at one time. They just don’t have the memory of it.
Tonight, we are going to continue our talk about what kind of desire is not binding. Our teaching emphasizes The Art of Living, and one of the important aspects of that is how we can live without mixing more bondage on our way to Freedom. How do we not gather more luggage? Before I spill the beans, does anyone want to volunteer and say what kind of a desire does not bind?

One of the women says: I believe last week You said that desiring the Ultimate or the highest consciousness, to be awakened or to be free, is ok.
Sathyam: Yes, because no matter in which lifetime it comes, it is the right thing. I do not know too many people, who would get it three lifetimes from now and say to themselves, “I do not want to be awakened,” or “I do not want to be free” or "I do not want to have peace.”
Can anyone tell Me how, in the course of our daily lives, how do we go about living in the Art of Living, without creating more luggage?
The same woman replies: I know; by making all the twos into one, by turning the duality and the separation into one.
Sathyam: Yes; don’t you love this? (Referring to this woman’s progress on this path in a short time.) You take every two and make it into one. I have said it in class many times; the best way not to be bound in our ordinary daily lives is to be like an inn or a hotel.
We let things come and we let things say goodbye and go. They say hello and they say goodbye without any expectations. Whenever there is a desire to hold on to, it needs to be fulfilled. Anything that is desired, that is held on to, it has to be fulfilled!
The inn that I am referring to is our consciousness, where it does not reside in any specific place. It just flows, just like a river. It doesn’t hold on and it doesn’t have much expectation.
I know that the more we know the Truth, very little expectation is there. We are more anxious to give, than to have any expectation of return. Is that not the truth for all of us? We hurry more to accommodate than to be accommodated; why? Because there is not as much body consciousness, and there is not as much of a sense of survival, as there was for us once upon a time. Some people want a lot of things for themselves; that is due to fear of losing that body consciousness. So, they seek comfort and happiness for it, and then they dig their own grave.
Do you have any other comments on that? Desire is a very important point.
The same woman who had asked the previous question asks: Sathyam, what if you desire something for somebody else? I think about all the starving people in the world, the needy children, etc., particularly at this time, during the holiday season?
Sathyam: This is a very good question; now you do not have to agree with My response and it is ok. (Laughs wholeheartedly) in other words, you are free. You see, when you come to the path of self-realization, which I am sure all of us who get together here are on, everything shifts. The way we see things shifts.
Normally, we should pray for all that you said; Baba always says, “Loka Samasta Sukino Bhuvanto,” which means “May all beings in all the worlds be happy.” He likes us to repeat this prayer all the time.
But I would like to add something that sheds further light on this subject. We do not know anybody’s past or future. We do not know what actually makes them finish the adding [onto] and or subtracting of many lifetimes. Maybe, this hardship will actually add up to their freedom; we just don’t know! Do you know what I am saying?
But at the same time, we have compassion. How do we deal with this compassion? If we are in a position to help, we help. However, since we are here and you are talking about starvation in some other place in the world, the best thing is to say to ourselves again, “Since the Truth or you can call it God is Omnipresent, what can they be?” Immediately release their lack from our consciousness; in that, there is salvation.
People may say that this is nonsense and we are just too lazy to help out. We are just sitting happily in our comfortable homes, without caring about others and we think that we can just erase the suffering by the expansion of our own consciousness, without making them any sandwiches.
But there is only consciousness; whatever is registered in it becomes people’s reality. If we erase it from our consciousness, we have also erased it from the picture level. Whatever is not beheld in your consciousness will not exist. This is how the great people could give healing and I have said that here before, by not recognizing the illness could they give [healing].
Not that they did not want to recognize it, not that they tried to recognize it, they could not behold impurity. And why couldn’t they behold impurity, when so much impurity appears? Because their consciousness did not have the pictures of horror that a normal person’s consciousness has.
So, on the one side yes, you can pray and it is very noble. On another side, it is also wonderful to go and feed the needy today, and hopefully tomorrow you can feed them again, and then the next day again. But to admit “I do not know; I do not know what is good for them, but because of my divine compassion, I am going to spend some time erasing this picture from the universal consciousness!” I have seen the miracle of this; I have seen the effectiveness of it being incredibly greater than the usual things people try to do.
Look, from the beginning of time until now we have fought poverty, disease and discord in the form of war and we have never solved the problem. Isn’t it high time to reevaluate why that is? If God is good and if God is Omnipresent, then what is going on? It is all because of the impurity of the imagination!
If there are enough of us who actually shift the consciousness from the first gear into the fourth gear, it will be an easy ride. This can only be taught to those who have already done a lot of service, and have loved with all their hearts. They are now ready to receive what is an absolute contradiction to everything anybody does, including working for peace. It is a deeper understanding that is not available to everybody.
For most people, there is not enough interest to receive this and run with it, but this is very good news to us. We are very lucky to hear this and to the extent that it sits in our heart, and we see the Truth of it, we have already erased it.
I am going to say something very mystical, which I have tried saying before and I don’t think many people caught it: “If you were not present, the world would not be present. Therefore, you came before the world. Whatever you behold, becomes the reality of your world.” You may not believe Me, because if you individualize it, it is impossible to grasp.
One of the women says: So, if many people think that something could be done, it will happen.
Sathyam: Yes, you can think this way. I am, however, taking you beyond thinking, to where there is nothing but purity; no matter what you say. If you have collective thoughts that are positive, yes, you can temporarily have an effect, but it is not a permanent solution. Because the same minds that can come together to think positive, can come together through another group as the other side of the coin to think negative- because it is the other side of the same coin.
It is this way of thinking that is so deep that just opens up this avenue of possibility without effort. This is why I say that Self-inquiry is so important, so important, because everything that we have learned, even as a noble path, is no longer noble on the path of self-realization. This is because good is good and bad is bad. Good is better than bad, but neither one will know the Truth. What is needed to know the Truth is a complete remake of the old way of thinking and accepting!
One of the women says: You said one time that the best we can do for humanity is to raise our own consciousness.
Sathyam: Absolutely! If you are not on this path, then feed the poor, clean the disabled man’s home, save the water from being polluted, and do everything you can! However, once you come here, you realize that you have already done your work. The world is not your business; your business is to live in what is permanent. There are millions of people out there, who have to do the good deeds that we have perhaps done in the past. But for the people who are interested in freedom and awakening, they have already done their homework. Now is the time to know the Truth and set oneself free.
Baba says, “The knower of Brahman is Brahman,” or “the knower of God is God.” It is that simple. There is no way you could know the Truth, unless you are the Truth. There is no way to know how the orange feels, unless you are an orange.
These are very big points and we are so, so fortunate that we come together and we discover things that are not so obvious. Do you understand what I am saying? I am not saying this is happening because of Me or because of anybody else in here. I am saying this is because we are coming together. If we did not come together here, this talk would not take place. The individuality comes to drop the individuality and take away the mask. That is what makes it good news!

Take a look at yourselves now and compare “you” to who you were six months ago. I am astonished by the way some of you currently talk. I am sure a lot of others around you feel the same way also.
This is what happens when you erase the drawings on that paper, which I showed you a long time ago. When you erase all the appearances on the screen of the Pure Consciousness or Awareness, you have erased it from your world. How did we fade it away? We faded it away by not dragging it into the now. When the story goes, the pictures go.
There are people who are addicted to the stories and the pictures. They say “we feel so much better by pouring our heart out [to others].” They feel better temporarily, but I assure you though, by dragging their stories out, their nightmare will continue.
There is no relief happening by repeating the stories. The only time it might be effective for longer than an hour or so, is in the case of a person who always keeps it inside. They do it once, feel a little relief and leave it behind.
But there are people with chronic illness that keep repeating their story, and you hear it again and again. If you have a friend like this, just hang up the phone. You are doing them a favor by doing that. Just say, “I am sorry I am not available today.”
Right now, I have conference calls with Iran regularly and more and more children join us. I always desire to reach more children, and wouldn’t you know that when you serve the Truth, the Truth begins to serve you.
One of them said yesterday, “I have a friend at school and her parents have divorced, and she is heartbroken. She cries and talks about it to all of our friends. It breaks my heart to see her like this. How should I help her, Sathyam?” I asked her, “Do you really want to help your friend?” And she said yes. I told her that each time she repeats this story, it will add up to become more and more calamitous.
So, instead of listening to her story, sit her down and teach her what you have learned here. Tell her that there is a way out, and ask her “do you want out?” Then you can do the Trust and or Stop Meditations with her and tell her not to repeat her story. She said, “Yes, I will do that.”
Now, she is only nine years old and I talked to her today for an hour and a half, and when I asked her how it went with her friend she said, “Thank You; thank You so much.” We even had a six year old today on the conference call.
The Truth is like fire to the dead and useless leaves. It is like fire to what needs to be burnt; nothing else can burn that fast.
One of the women asks: Do you have to get new friends on this path, because you no longer have any tolerance for your old friends’ mentality and way of thinking?
Sathyam: Believe it or not, your intolerance is very much welcomed in this phase, because it only shows that you can no longer think the old way. Then some of our friends are removed from our lives without us even trying to push them away. They begin to fall [away] because they can no longer relate to you; they are in more distress than you are.
Then, when it comes around, your tolerance becomes eternal. First, you have no tolerance for them anymore. Then they are removed from your life because they can’t stand you. Then you go through certain processes and when you come back, you have tolerance for the worst of the worst.
This is because you do not see it as an obstacle; you see it as a challenge. Do you see what I am saying? This phase is a wonderful phase and you should go through it. In other words, do not push it; let it happen the way it happens.
The same woman says: Because I just cannot listen to some of my friends anymore.
Sathyam: If you are inviting them to your house, you better listen to them, because you have asked them to come over. But if you just happen to see them someplace, let them remind you of your practice. This is because in that situation, you have to practice our tools to be able to stay alive around them. Then, it becomes an opportunity for you to practice.
In the past, every time something disappointed Me, I would go to My cave; I shut the curtain and dove deeper and deeper. I have a place in My house, which is a very small space with a curtain at its entrance and I call it “cave,” and it really does look like a cave.
I would go deeper with anger. Sometimes when you go deep with anger, you really go deep because you mean business, you are not joking around and you are not looking half-heartedly. Every disappointment takes us to a deeper place. If we look around this room and if we look back, we see that disappointments are what kept us looking deeper. That is why I always say that bad is not bad and good is not good.
When you are one with the Omniscient knowingly, because unknowingly you already are, then every act you do is a blessing. Whether you scream bloody murder, laugh your head off, do crazy things, fall to the ground, or do something beneficial, it is a blessing to whoever is around to witness it.
Now, I would like to give you a set of equations that I wrote down last night:

Wisdom plus love is Self-realization
Love without wisdom is attachment
Wisdom without love is dry ego
I will tell you why this is. Wisdom and love are the two feet that get you there. If you are missing one, you are going to limp. You will not get to where you want very quickly. Until the last step you take, you need both legs. If you are only about wisdom, looking for wisdom is very dry if your heart is not open. It actually makes you think you are somebody, and that you know something. I have experienced that with a few people in the past.
When the love is for wisdom, they become partners. They become yin and yang; they become positive and negative energy. They will have this divine romance that will play [out] until you are free.
If you have love without the wisdom, you will throw your love at everyone’s doorway. You’ll give your love as long as you’ll have their love. With that, there is attachment and there are unfulfilled desires, which will grab your neck like an invisible chain, like the dogs have and bring you back again to yet another lifetime.
So, Love … and I am not talking about the feeling that you have recognized as love up until now. What I am talking about is an unbelievably burning, one-pointed love of the Truth; love of Sathyam. Hand in hand, love and wisdom are miraculous. (The word “Sathyam” means Ultimate Truth.)
There was a man who would meditate for fourteen hours a day in the Himalayas. He would meditate in different caves, and he had a lot of wisdom. He went to see Sai Baba, He told the man to quit meditating. For the first time in his life, he experienced love for his Guru and that opened up his heart. The wisdom and love together were unbelievable in his life. All of a sudden, he felt something, which he had never felt before.
The energy of this auspicious Divinity is both Shakti and Shiva. Without this energy, Divinity is not shown and without the Divinity, the energy does not mean anything. It is very important that these two (love and wisdom) go hand in hand. They bring incredible one-pointedness; the love makes the wisdom one-pointed.
Now I would like to hear from you guys.
One of the women asks: Last week You spoke about desire, the black and white and the colorless. Can you explain the difference between the black and white and the color-less?
Sathyam: Yes. The mind is made up of black and white, which means duality. This is why those of us who live by the mental energy, are constantly tossed here and there in the midst of contradictions and never find peace. When you find the colorless, not the white, but the colorless, you have found the screen. You have found the base, upon which the black and white [or the duality] dance- reincarnation after reincarnation. So, when we concentrate on that Presence or that Seer, we are erasing.
(Sathyam holds up a small smiling stuffed creature with one eye) so, for next week this is our practice, “See with a Single Eye.” He is so happy that he sees with a single eye and he is orange …
Namaste to all of you, and I would like to sing a song for you now. It is in Sanskrit and since you will not understand it, I would like you all to relax and enjoy it. I would like to dedicate it to our hosts.
(Sathyam turns the light off and begins to sing)
Bolo Bolo Submil Bolo Om Namah Shivaaya
Om Namah Shivaaya Om Namah Shivaaya
Bolo Bolo Submil Bolo Om Namah Shivaaya
Jhootajataamey Gangaa Dhaari
Trishoola Dhari Damaru Bhajavey
Dama Dama Dama Dama Damaru Baja
Goonj Uthavo Nama Shivaya
Om Nama Shivaaya (4x)


Jnani & Bhakthi
December 12, 2006

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