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Class- Spiritual Healing II

The topic of Spiritual Healing continues here, where Sat introduces disease, discord and disharmony as never being created by God, therefore emphasizing their unreality, and having them nonexistent in our consciousness. She emphasizes that through “I am nobody and I don’t know anything,” along with taking everything to God as Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent, nullifies disease, discord and disharmony.

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-Class begins with a meditation, afterwards Sathyam asks the class how their meditation was and a few people comment.
She continues: There is nothing that we can do that will complicate the Truth. There is nothing you can do that can complicate who you are, and yet because of its simplicity I am never understood … never, rarely… rarely ever! Tonight, you guys will have to read between the lines. A child will know Me.
A woman says: Dogs too.
Sathyam: Puppies, before they have been trained by people’s behaviors.
A child would know Me. To one that sees too many, I will be invisible.
(Sathyam is silent and completely still for a few minutes.)
She continues: Disease, discord and disharmony are imagined only in the mind of a complex man; but I am simple, very simple!
It is agonizing to be so in the clear and yet not be seen! It is like a ghost that says “I am here, I am here” and no one can see it, except the one who is as innocent as a child. The simpler that we live in our Self, the simpler that we live in our thoughts, words and deeds, the closer we are to understanding. (She remains silent for a moment.)
If we could for a moment, look at the candle and have no judgment of its color, light or size. Just look at the candle and have no opinion whatsoever.
(Continues to remain silent.)
This is a Buddha mind; this is an empty mind; this is the mind that was in a child, in a baby. When we go into nature, it is wonderful to admire it, its colors and its grandeur. A Buddha mind however, stays in nature without any opinion, without any praise or blame, without having to conjugate some sort of a conversation, to make the mind go farther and farther.
There is absolutely no gymnastics in self-realization. Some people associate self-realization with seeing colors, light, hearing all sorts of sounds in their meditations, as well as having all types of sensations. These are all beautiful but they come and go. What I am talking about is none of that; it just IS, in its own absolute and total purity. Can we be that? This is why we do the “I am nobody and I don’t know anything” Meditation here. We do this because it is preparing the soil for further investigation. Any questions so far, or did I lose every one of you?
-A man asks about the difference between feeling grateful and when one has no opinions.
Sathyam: It is nice to be grateful, but gratefulness is not what we are talking about at this time. At this time, we are talking about the empty mind, which is the Buddha or the Christ mind, one that has no preference, no opinion. It just IS, fortunately in that Isness, some of us have experienced the Omnipresent!
Do you have any other questions, so far?
Another man says: When you look at something with an empty mind, it gives you the possibility of learning every aspect of it and absorbing it.
Sathyam says in praise: Yes you are right. It becomes a field of possibility or no possibility at all. It is not already full, it is emptied.
Do you have any other questions?
-Another man asks about how he can understand the teaching of disease, discord and disharmony not existing when he is in pain and how he can go further with it.
Sathyam: I am glad that you asked. It is not about the pain in your body, it is rather about the belief in your consciousness. The belief of discord, disease and disharmony that all of us are affected by, does not go away overnight; the way that it goes away is by erasing it from our consciousness. This means that we shift our beliefs.
So far we have believed that disease, discord and disharmony exist but now we have this Truth that says “Try me now! They were not made! Disease, discord and disharmony were never made by God, therefore they were never made.”
So, we begin to contemplate on the possibility of this being the truth. The more we do that, the more we erase the strength of this belief that everyone has. To the extent that we are not persuaded by this belief, to that extent, we see the changes in our bodies- not before that.
So, for us just saying “disease, discord and disharmony do not exist,” means nothing. It has to be so rooted in our consciousness that we don’t think otherwise! So, whatever is not in our consciousness, cannot become our experience.
I will give you an example: say you are addicted to Coca Cola and absolutely love drinking it. Every day you think about Coca Cola more than anything, because you like it so much. Say one day the thought of Coca Cola did not cross your consciousness; you will not have a craving for Coca Cola that day, it just won’t be there. The image and the name are not there; therefore it is not created as a desire.
A man says: There is nothing in this existence that I desire except learning, but it makes my path and the road I am on tougher with the obstacles it presents.
Sathyam shakes her head in disagreement and says: There is thinking that you don’t have it, and there is actually not having it. These are two very different things. You might think that you don’t have it and I would say that you do. You may not have it to Coke, cigarettes or booze, but you may have it to all sorts of other things- all sorts of other things, like sports or even suffering! I am not talking about the actual activity so much, but rather the thinking; the actual thinking may be going on a lot. So, if you look at yourself, you will see that there is a conversation in your mind at all times. This alone stamps what we are talking about. Yes, these are all mental gymnastics, which is fine. But what we are talking about here is complete simplicity.
(Sathyam addresses another one of the men) I am going to go back to what you said a little earlier, and the interest you showed in disease, discord and disharmony not being real, because it is opening up another gateway of consciousness for you. This is not just a belief that these three words have not been made, this is not mood making, this is not believing it just because I said it. This has to be taken in; you have to contemplate on it, and you will see the result of that.
One of the most beautiful examples I can give, which in fact came in My meditation and your question brought it up, is that I read a book by an author (Joel Goldsmith) who really, really helped Me a lot for many years. In one of his chapters he was saying “What Did Hinder You?” where he writes about a group of small children playing hopscotch on the sidewalk. To play this game, you draw different squares on the ground with a chalk and then you hop in the squares with one leg, following certain rules.
One of the rules is that if you land inside certain squares, you cannot get out unless- someone gives you the permission to get out. So, this one boy’s turn comes and he lands in that particular square. At that point, the children go to take a bathroom break, but end up not returning to finish the game. They go home and get distracted with their families and having dinner. This entire time the little boy is still standing in that one square.
Whose fault is it that he is standing there? Is it the fault of the rules and regulations of the game? Is it the fault of those children who left to go to the bathroom and never came back? Or is it that boy’s stupidity for not leaving that square on his own? There was no fence blocking him in, nor was there a guillotine awaiting him on the other side. He just believed that he was limited until their return! It was his belief; it was not anyone else’s fault.
So in the morning, the children return and cannot believe that he stayed there the entire night. They laugh at him and he says to them very upset, “It is your fault for not letting me out.” One of the boys says in response to him, “What is wrong with you, all you had to do was start walking and you would have been out of that square.”
Going back to what we were saying prior to this example- discord, disease, and disharmony as we know it, is a box drawn around us by our beliefs. Whose fault is it that we don’t jump over it? The boy that stood there all night long did not know any better. He believed too strongly that he cannot come out of the box on his own. He was probably miserable, cold and hungry. Just walk away and do not believe it! There is too much of a belief system going on. The true way is to drop curtain upon curtain! It is not about learning; if you want to learn, do not walk in through these doors. We have learned enough in the past.
A man says: When you are inside the chalk, you still believe you are limited, but I think what has to happen is that you have to go beyond the belief of being limited, to be able to know that you are not limited.
Sathyam: Yes that is right and that is exactly why we cannot mood make or think to ourselves that just because we have heard it, it is enough. We have to let it roll in our consciousness and allow it to cut down all of these beliefs, just as a lawn mower does.
The way I started was by going back to the three attributes of the manifested God: Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. Then I nullified or erased everything into those three attributes. Since God is Omniscient or All-knowing, and we know that He is Omnipresent, then He is everything, including us. Could God get sick, could God have disharmony or disease? But He is Omnipresent, why am I having it then?
This is enlightenment by dissecting [the old beliefs]. It is not a fanfare, it is not an explosion; it is just the reversal of the two into one. This is the Buddha mind that we all strive to have.
Someone says: So, a mind that would know nothing and would have no body would be having no judgment and as a result ...
Sathyam interrupts and says: Now again since you asked, I will explain it. This is a very big point, when we say “I am nobody and nothing,” what are we referring to? We are referring to the body and the mind. When I say “I am Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent” it is not an individual at all.
A man says: It is God.
Sathyam: It is ALL; it is not just God. So, here we are nobody and nothing and on the other side we are ALL, because ALL cannot be individualized and individuality cannot be ALL. I hope everyone gets this.
I am so happy you are here tonight, (referring to one of the men in the class) and I wanted you to know that.
The Truth is more permanent than the false. We therefore do not have to worry about finding it, what we have to worry about is holding on to the false. We let it go. Now what is false? “I am somebody and I know something” is false.
A man says: To know something is a way of being so self-important.
Sathyam: Oh yes, for example we go to any party, whether it is a social or political affair, a mischievous or teenage party, a drug party, etc. wherever we go, all the people there can give us so much information that we can leave there and burp it out. Why does it have to be this way? I have to force Myself to come here and open My mouth. Why? Why so much talking? What information is so urgent that it has to be given to somebody?
Now, I don’t want to be misunderstood; when I say I force Myself to come here, it is because there is a part of Me that does not find any purpose to even telling the Truth, because it is in the State of Isness and does not want to become anything particular at all.
Do you have any other comments or questions?
Sathyam remains silent for a moment, nods Her head side to side and then says: Very rare indeed!
-Another man talks about how the American Indians and Eskimos never had colds and or the flu, despite the challenging climates they lived in.
Sathyam: I am glad that you are thinking along these lines. Gather this type of information that actually feeds and supports what we have been talking about here, which can change everything for you. I always compare this to living under two separate umbrellas. Most people are sitting underneath the umbrella of the universal mind, which believes in discord, disease or disharmony.
So, whoever sits under this umbrella is affected by it, because of what goes on under it. Once you break away from this umbrella, you will go under the other umbrella, which goes back to the times you were just talking about, where there was no thought of impurity; there was no thought of disease and no thought of health.
I remember some years ago I used to talk about the time of Adam and Eve. The mother of all discord in the world was shame, at that time they did not have body consciousness. Then they looked down at their bodies and said, “I have to be covered up.” That was the first thought of “I am the body.” Then the concept of the good and the bad body came about.
Look at what is happening in this country and the world at large today. If you are one pound overweight, they condemn you; you become sick and die of malnutrition. I was telling someone that this concept of dieting has become a concrete fog over people’s heads, and anyone who has even a little bit of a weakness, becomes swallowed by the thought of being skinny. In other countries, where they don’t have this consciousness, they have no problem with this. So, it is the collective thoughts and beliefs that we need to break away from.
The gentleman whose game I talked about a little earlier (Joel Goldsmith), whose work I found very helpful some years ago, calls it being mesmerized; I call it being under anesthesia. Once the Truth hits your consciousness, first you go along your way and then if it is nibbling at you enough, you stop and say “Wait a minute, maybe there is a 1% chance that this could be true!” That is the beginning of reversing your consciousness.
Do you have any other questions before we end the meeting?
Sathyam sings:
Divine Father Sohum, you and I are one.
Divine Mother Sohum, you and I are one.


Spiritual Healing ii
August 23, 05

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