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Class- Spiritual Healing I

Sat talks about healing spiritually, which entails unmasking who we thought we were. She discusses where disease, discord or disharmony originate from and that the remedy lies in realizing who we really are.

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Sathyam: When we are in a place where there are disturbances, whether it is noise, feelings, etc.- the best way to remedy that is to be aware and conscious of the noise, but then go beyond it in this area (points to Her heart) and find the quietness. By doing that, we realize that the quietness is the base to the noise and it will therefore not get our attention.
Another thing I wanted to say is that I was hoping you were coming tonight. (Sathyam says this specifically to one of the men.) Because last week something you said was very, very lovely, it was so true and it just warmed My heart. I thought it was so nice to know that you feel this way. You talked about asking a question of any sort in your meditation, and then asking if what you were hearing was the truth. You then talked about how when the unmasking started to happen, you realized that there is nothing but the Truth. That is a very high state.
Do the rest of you have any questions?
-A man talks jokingly about how one could have deep profound experiences, while biking, water-skiing, etc.
Sathyam giggles and says: Oh yes, it can happen so easily there. There is not a place where you can’t find it; it is there forever, in the base of everything.
The last time we were here, we were talking about something that is very precious and important to Me. We talked about looking at our night dream and realizing that by contemplating on it, we find out that the only difference between the night dream and the day dream is the duration of time. In the night dream, time barely exists, which makes it even closer to the Truth ( laughs), than in the day dream.
As funny as it sounds, it is actually sad in some cases, because if you do not know that, then you will never get a chance to unmask; it would be impossible. Then we would buy everything at face value. There is a saying “Don’t take everything at face value,” and I don’t even know if those who say this realize what they are saying. “face value”- it’s true!
Many enlightened souls, including our Guru, talk about the state of enlightenment, the state of Buddha or Christ-hood, they compare it to a deep sleep. What makes it a deep sleep is an absence of the mind and the senses. By that alone, we realize that when the mind is not moving and the senses are not being shot out, then we are in the State of Being.
Now, the question comes up “How do we keep that state going in the day dream or night dream?” This is exactly why we consciously become aware of that state, when we go to sleep and we go into a deep sleep, we do not take any thought to do that; it is not our doing; we don’t force ourselves to go to a deep sleep. In fact forcing it or wanting to do it consciously stops us from going to a deep sleep, it happens naturally. When the mind settles down, it just happens automatically, that is the same thing we can do in the day time; we can bring it about in the same manner. The State is not a place we need to actually find; rather what we need to do is to drop everything that occupies the mind too much. If we can drop the junk, the empty room is always there. It is all the chairs, pictures, etc. that make it look as though it is crowded.
The reason I talk about that tonight is because it is very enlightening to know that the stage of a deep sleep, which is the closest to our own Existence, can be experienced in our lifetime during the day and night sleep. In order to do that, we need to eliminate believing in and concretizing time.
I know a few people, one of which is my own father, who is extremely punctual. This is a fantastic characteristic to have, but to feel as though it is life threatening if one is not punctual, is going a little bit overboard.
There are those who just go by time, when they wake up, when they eat, when they get dressed, when they leave their house, etc.; time becomes everything in their life. Then after a while, time begins to dictate everything to them. When we live in time, the memory does not vanish because it is time bound.
In order to release ourselves of the past and the future, we must eliminate time as something crucial. When you do that, you just show up here at 7 pm each Tuesday (the time for the meditation class), perhaps even much earlier than that. Because it is not so much the time that matters, but rather the love and interest that matter.
Time in this society has become too serious. For example, I had a few minutes tonight, so I was sitting at Virginia Lake contemplating. I realized that I really don’t remember My past at all. I realized that the places I have gone to, I have no idea where they were; everything is just vague. Now, normally they would take Me to the doctor to find out what is wrong with Me. But this is what happens when you begin to not pay too much attention to what is changing, then the memory or the concern of it doesn’t haunt you; they just don’t grip you anymore. You begin to loosen the ties with the past, present and the future, because at that time there is not that concretizing, that feeling of existence in this dream.
So unmasking is amazingly good, because by unmasking you no longer bite into things. The news comes to you, the world comes to you, but for some reason because you have taught your mind to unmask and drop it, it is like a shield or an ointment. Just like water drops, which roll off your skin and no longer sit on you if you have ointment on your skin; the mask just drops by itself and leaves you with peace and a deep understanding.
One of My family members for example, used to be very much into doing long, transcendental meditations and going into the state of Samadhi. Through a lot of discussions we have had and his own understanding, he began doing the Trust Meditation. And he began to see that our whole life has to be lived with a conscious awareness of who we are not. Otherwise, as soon as we come out of the state of Samadhi, we are gripped by what we left behind, before we went into that state.
Now with you (referring to someone else in the class) I can tell you that the experiences you had with the Omnipresent & Omniscient Meditations were completely genuine based on My own experiences, and if you can continue to expand on that, the mergence becomes automatic. And then instead of consciously merging, the merging will suck you right into it and that is when you start seeing things without seeing, hearing things without hearing, in a subtle way; and knowing things without knowing, without having a reason to know!
Going back to you (referring to the owner of the health food store where the classes are held) the interest you have, combined with the gratitude, love and the selfless service you give to others, will undoubtedly deepen itself, because it has all the ingredients, it just needs a little bit more understanding given to it.
So, all of us are in the same boat, and we are trying to cross this world of Samsara, which is the world of activity and tendencies, into a place where we are awakened when others are asleep and asleep when others are awakened. Can anyone explain what that means?
A man says: When one is asleep to the world, they are asleep to the pulls of the material, dualistic world, they are asleep to grabbing hold of that and yet they are awake to the inflow of the knowledge that comes from tapping into …
Sathyam interrupts him and says: Yes, that comes from union … yes, yes! In Most Precious it says that symbolically we go through life with the eyes half open, the half that is shut is the half that is Still and knows, and the half that is open just acts on the stage of life.
That brings us to a point that one of our regulars brought up a few different times, reiterating using spirituality as a way to copout of their day to day responsibilities. They completely misunderstood, thinking that this path of self-realization or self-recognition means that you get rid of your job, your spouse, your children, your dignity etc. This is a copout; this is not even a misunderstanding, this is even beyond misunderstanding; it is finding a way to justify what they had already desired to do (leave their responsibilities behind).
What we are really trying to do here is to be in the world but not of it. The point is not for us to not be in the world, but rather to be in it completely and totally. The Truth becomes very complex for those with a lot of desires, because they want to form it and shape it to the justification of their own desire. This is the place where there is no desire, because the fulfillment comes from that lingam of Perfection. For those of us who don’t know what a lingam is, it is an egg shape, without a beginning or an end, it is just the energy of Creation, the energy of the sound of Om.
For those of us who are giving it a lot of beautiful, beautiful attention, we find that our desires are dropping. We begin to have less luggage and the less desires the mind has, the less files it has. The files in the mind begin to fade away, because they are not being used. And after a while, what is left is what was originally there, which is the Pure Screen or Canvas.
Tonight is special for Me and I can’t pinpoint why; I really can’t! I just feel that it is. So if you have any questions please ask them now.
A man asks: What is the origin or the nature of disease?
Sathyam: The nature of disease has two components to it, one is two-ness or duality, meaning the moment that a child is born, it is already under the umbrella or cloud of two-ness. This is because the parents and everyone else, as a collective thought, already believe in disease and health. That alone is a curse on the child, because it was not born in an atmosphere where they only knew One.
In Oneness, there is no second power that comes in and starts conflicts. As soon as we believe in two, we are under the cloud of disease, discord and disharmony. The more we believe it, the more we believe what is happening. Those who practice medicine are some of the sickest people, because they begin to believe what they read. The psychiatrists who try to solve people’s mental problems are some of the sickest people in the mind, because they begin to believe [in disease].
When we start believing in two, then the conflicts come and if we believe in it hard enough, it becomes an impression in our consciousness. Listen to this everybody: whatever is in our consciousness becomes our experience.
I was told this personally, a few years ago. Although I was familiar with it before, through the writing of Joel Goldsmith, but it had not yet become My own experience, until My firsthand experience of it that happened when I was sent away. That is when I was personally told, and I realized within My own Self that discord, disease and disharmony were never, ever made by God, they were never created. Therefore, whatever was not supported by Divinity cannot be true. As long as we are tossed by the opposites: good & bad, health & disease, discord & harmony, we are under this impression of being mesmerized, or having that feeling of not unmasking.
It would be like the story I have told before about the masquerade. In the story, a child goes to a masquerade, where people are wearing different masks and everyone there believes everybody is who their mask portrays. They believe they are seeing a doctor, an ill person, a prostitute, etc. This goes on and on until the child looks into their eyes and sees himself in all their eyes. He then says to himself, “This can’t be true, because in every eye, I see I.” That is when the child cannot be touched by what others are touched by, because his consciousness is pure. That was the demonstration that was given to Me in one of My meditations in the other room. (This class used to be held in a different room, in the same building.)
So, this child has a pure consciousness because it had not allowed the influence through his mind and senses to become a hindrance to what he believed. This is an incredible point; he looked into every eye and saw himself. Can you believe how simple the Truth is and yet we miss it?
So this is just a little demonstration to show you its simplicity. Baba says that every breath we take says who we are. Isn’t it funny that everything in our makeup says who we are. First of all, our name says who we are; if we all go and find out about our name, we will find out that it is telling the truth. Then our breath is saying who we are too; it says “Sohum” which means “I am That, I am God.” Then our eyes say it, it looks into everyone’s eyes and it says “I see only One.” These are all little signs. Did that answer your question?
He says: Sort of. You say that the baby goes under the consciousness of the parents and others who believe in sickness and health. What if the baby’s parents do not have that consciousness and the baby still gets sick?
Sathyam: The birth is a continuation of another life, so if the child has not accomplished the Oneness, it comes with all the baggage of two-ness. If you realize who you are in this lifetime, in case you come to another dream as a child, in case you are born again, you are not under that influence anymore. But if you are born with all those influences already in your consciousness, already engraved in your files of mental existence, of course you come back under the umbrella of two-ness, which is also another name for karma. Do you understand what I am saying?
He asks: Yes; then what would be the most beneficial form or procedure of treatment for a sick person?
Sathyam: To wake up! This is what I have done, and I do not know how successful I have been, but so far so good: I have always told My children and others around Me who they are at all times. I have constantly been telling them who they are. I have been telling them “You are the light, you are divine” etc. Even to this day, there is not a telephone call where My children don’t hear this! But that does not mean this is enough, because there is so much outside influence.
However, the best remedy, the most unbelievable remedy is for Me to realize who I am, for you to realize who you are and from there, one can heal people without even speaking a word. If one can unmask people, then he can be considered a healer.
Someone says: In the beginning of this class, You said that last week one of our classmates said that when he unmasks people and sees their divinity ...
Sathyam cuts them off and says: No. Listen to what he said, because what he said was much greater than what you are talking about right now! Remember, he said “When I unmask, all I find is the Truth.” He did not individualize the Truth, he just said “I found the Truth.”
Now, if this Truth of what he said last time is really engraved in him, to the point of no return, he can be considered a walking healer, because that consciousness that beholds no impurity can actually erase or change people’s picture, without even willing it to do that, without even wanting that to happen.
So this is a permanent remedy; it is not a pacifier, this is why the progress is slow but steady. It is not overnight, because it has to go through millions of layers of beliefs and eliminate every one of them, until it comes to the surface.
This is why we sit here each week and as you know by now, I am not after numbers; I am after the quality of the person who is receiving it. That is what gives Me joy and happiness. We take the time and talk about the Truth here, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be just here, it could be when you are by yourself; wherever the Truth is spoken or felt is another notch of opening of that outlet.
This is why sometimes I feel as though I may give people the impression that I am heartless, that I am not into this world too much- nor care much about it. The world that we try to care about and repair does not even exist! What we need to do is unmask, merge, that is the remedy. How many times have we come here (into this world), had a husband or a wife, had children, did everything we could to put bread on the table and died alone? It is high time to wake up. This is it, wake up!
-Two of the men talk about TV commercials and billboard advertisements, which try to convince people that they are sick. One of them says that we all have headaches and back pains, etc.
Sathyam: When you start unmasking, when the TV gives you messages about how sick or unhappy you are, you automatically remind yourself of who you are, you automatically unmask. It becomes nothingness!
Last night, I believe there was a commercial for arthritis [medication] that I was watching; the side effects were unbelievable; it was enough to kill a person. I said to Myself, “Are you kidding me? You have the courage to come on TV and talk about this medicine?” And they still continue to sell it; it is as if people are deaf, why don’t you get it? This medicine could kill you … (laughs)
There are only two medicines in the world of maya that appear to be less harmful and more life-saving than any other medicines, one is aspirin and the other is antibiotics. For the rest, I would say unmask; even these two should be unmasked. Now, we can replace the ordinary medications with alternative medicines and say “I am going to use a holistic or homeopathic remedy,” which is fantastic and much better than the customary medications, but that is not going to wake you up. It is still going to give you a remedy for an imaginary problem.
A man says: It is still duality.
Sathyam: It is a duality. Remember one time, I told you about the dream I had where I had gotten HIV, after being intimate with a man. In My dream, I saw the mental part of Me wanting to find a solution and I immediately Stopped and went in and realized that in the dream, I could not be affected. When I woke up, with it, the man was gone, the disease was gone, and having to find a remedy for it was gone. All of them were gone; it is the same with this dream.
Many, many years ago, I remember one of the things I was ordered and had to be obedient to, was not to repair, mend or fix this world of appearance, because when you do that, you believe that it exists. When you try to fix something, it means you think it is broken and that puts us in the trap of duality.
That might be too much information for all of you (laughs).
A man says: But it was all digestible and it helps to hear it again and again.
Sathyam: Yes it really does, because the Truth first puts you to sleep, then the mind wants to grab it, then the mind gives up and there is an understanding beyond the mind, which begins to get a taste of it. So, it is not easily grabbed.
I tell you something very amazing, if the Truth is spoken in a big hall filled with a lot of people, those who are not ready to get it will fall asleep or for example, something gets into their eyes and they have to leave the room (giggles), or something happens that they just miss it completely, because it is not something that would be understood before one’s time is up (before one is ready for it). It would be impossible.
A man says: That means we are hand-picked.
Sathyam: That means we are ready, yes we are ready- if we have understanding. It means we are ready! Then we are no longer under the umbrella of cause and effect. Karma, reincarnation, bad and good- they are all thrown into some sort of a pit.


Spiritual Healing I
August 16, 2005

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