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Class- Omnipresent Meditation

Here Sat discusses how to make the experience of God as Omnipresent, Omniscient & Omnipotent our very own- by removing the individuality as a human being, without a name and form.

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-Class starts by Sat asking everyone about their meditation. After some discussion She begins:
Where is God? (She asks one of the men specifically.)
He responds: I think the best answer I could give is that He is Omnipresent.
Sathyam: Are you going to give Me an answer? (He doesn't reply.) So, God is Omnipresent, what is it to you?
He responds: I would say Omnipresence comes very close to answering “Where is God?” It seems that the feeling for Divinity only occurs when the mind and the senses are really quiet, and the awareness of the body and the world is gone.
Sathyam: Do you know God then?
He responds: No, I don’t think so.
Sathyam: Can anyone else answer these questions?
A man says: I think the question of “Where is God?” is almost as futile as asking “What is God?” The next question of “Do I know God?” I would say yes intimately, without any intermediaries, middle men or anything like that. And, that is the only way I can know God. I don’t think I can get to know God through angels, the devil or any other middle man. That is just my feeling and I don’t mean to impose it on anybody else.
A man says: If you say you know God, many times that ability to know is on a mental and intellectual level. And in actuality, you don’t know anything about God; because if you did touch (God) you cannot bring it to words and talk about it.
A woman says: I have glimpses of that peace and that is what I associate with God.
Another woman says: I think God is right here in this room.
Another woman says: I think He could be anywhere and everywhere.
Sathyam: My next question is “Do you know God?”
One of the women says: I am getting to know Him.
Another man says: I see God in joy, love and peace so I feel that if I feel joy then I am with God.
Sathyam: So often, without knowing, we have accepted the fact that we know where and what God is. Very rarely though have we actually had an encounter with Him.
So, tonight I would like to talk about the encounter. God is when the mind isn’t, period! You do not have to accept this, but I will tell you why it is so important. It is important because the mind is made up of concepts and acceptance. Say, we accepted that God is love for some of us here. So each time we experience love, we think we are experiencing God. But it is so much more subtle than that; we therefore have to make it our own.
I think the most satisfying answer I got was when one of the ladies said, “I feel like I am getting closer to knowing Him.” The reason for that is there is only one way of experiencing it and that is through awareness. There is a knowingness without absolutely any interference from the mind or the senses. It is not an emotion, it is an awareness; it is an Isness.
I will give you an example of what I am referring to. Today, when I was riding My bicycle, this example came to My mind, which I had not remembered or thought about for years and years.
(The story that Sat is about to recount, happened during one of Her trips to India, in a taxi on Her way to Her Guru’s Ashram.)
As we were being driven to our destination, from the corner of My eye, I saw a being and then I saw him walking very rapidly.
How often would you pay attention to something you just see from the corner of your eyes, when there are so many things going on? The taxi went about ten yards and I knew we had to turn around and find him. So, I asked the driver to turn around. We did that and the man whom I had spotted had already crossed the street, and was walking on the other side. I had not even seen his full face, but rather just his profile. He was a young man.
I told the driver that he needs to eat and that we need to give him some money to get some food. There was no indication on this young man’s face that he needed to eat. The driver did get out and gave him the money. You would not believe the expression on this young man’s face at that point; it was as if God Himself had come down and helped him. The expression was one of joy, surprise and shock of the fact that someone had actually stopped and helped him.
As a human being, I could say “I am so righteous, I look around and figure out what people need, because I am so aware and because I am so good and I love to help people.” Not at all! It had nothing to do with Me- that is God. There is a knowingness without absolutely taking any thought. That is God in action, there is no reason or season for it, there is no beginning to it, there is no end to it. It is just absolutely unbeknown to the mind.
Now, if I had glimpsed at him, talked to him or felt him in My heart, perhaps I would have done the same thing; however, it wasn’t like that at all. Of course, I don’t have to go back twelve years to find an example, but for some reason this story came to My mind today. It is knowingness without any concept! It is so subtle that only those who are open and near this understanding will pick it up easily (snaps Her fingers several times to demonstrate).
When a person says they are righteous, they are not. When a person says they are evil, they are not. When a person wants to serve, they really don’t. When they don’t serve, it doesn’t mean they are bad people. What I am trying to say here is that if we are saying God is Omnipresent, then the experience of Omnipresence is absolutely in the absence of physical identification, so it is beyond experience; it just IS.
What makes it perhaps mildly an “experience” is afterwards when you begin analyzing it. At that time it just IS. It was just that the taxi stopped, it was just that I gave money to the cab driver, and it was just that the cab driver took the money and gave it to that man who needed to eat at that moment.
Everything was in the State of Perfection and yet it was not I, as I know, who did it, so I could not go around bragging about it and in fact I even forgot about it completely for twelve years, until tonight when it came back up. When the word for “service” is dropped, it becomes a love affair without taking thought- that is the true Existence.
We’ve been discussing Omniscience, Omnipresence and Omnipotence for years and it is truly not enough to say “God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent or Omniscient.” It has to become “ours” and in order to do that, all the methods that are being used here are offered.
With practice, the identification with this limited existence just vanishes and what is there is unbeknown to you and I. It is truly unbelievable that the less you know, the more this is activated. I don’t mean that you don’t know because you are stupid, but rather because you have gone through the process of dropping.
What is really amusing is that we come together here, and we have had many people who have come in and out of these doors. I tell these people who have come to this class that they are unlimited and God is within them and they never show up again. (Laughs) I think this is really good news that I give. We are so conditioned that it is not even conceivable that the freedom is ours. It is too much for most people; we have so many concepts that it is hard to see it any other way.
I would now like to address what one of you said [earlier]- ultimately the experience of God is absolutely a solo experience. Nevertheless, for some people, it makes it much easier if someone who has experienced God points you to it. You cannot call that a middle man, you can only say that the same Existence that stopped the taxi in India, also brought you here or there, or wherever you are pointed to your Self. We cannot limit the Unlimited, it is neither this way nor that way; whatever works will happen.
I have heard people say things such as “I will never do that,” or “I will never believe it” and that is exactly what they end up doing, because it was that same exact thing that made them rigid. It made them think only in that one particular way.
The flexibility comes when we have dropped the idea that we are “somebody” and that we know “something.” (Laughs) “We are somebody and we know something”- that is the mother of all troubles. “I am somebody, I am a good doer, I am worthless … etc.” are all the same in terms of being garbage.
-One of the women asks more about Sathyam’s experience with the hungry man in India.
Sathyam responds: Yes, the shock that was on his face said, “Yes, God does exist!” It did not say “A good doer in a taxi exists,” to him it was a gift from God. And that is how it should be reviewed.
The reason we are all getting closer [to experiencing God] is because we are losing that [old and rigid] concept of our Existence.
Isn’t it true that you are no longer so rigid in your beliefs, and that is what is making it happen? (She asks one of the women in the class.)
-She says that that has been her experience.
Sathyam: The more we don’t become the Doer, the more we don’t take the credit for good or bad. This is because the Doer does either good or bad things, which then tosses us in the ocean of karma. When we don’t take the credit it’s one thing, but when we know why we don’t take the credit for either one is the ultimate understanding of it! We don’t take the credit, because if we do, we have created this idol (points to Her body) and in that idol there is trouble.
One of the women says: And then you start thinking that you are better than everybody.
Sathyam: Or if you are criticized by someone, you become humble and think you have to go kiss up to them. The more you do know God, the more the authority is given to you and what is that all about? The point is that the more you know God, the less you know of yourself. The smaller the identification becomes and the more it begins to shatter itself, the greater this understanding of what God is.
That is why the Contemplative Meditation of “God being Omnipresent” is very important. Please do it if you have any common sense. When you take it into meditation ask, “If God is Omnipresent, if the Truth is Omnipresent, if the current of light is Omnipresent …” use whatever sits in your heart and concentrate on that part of it. “If God is Omnipresent …” let your mind get going on that a little bit and when it settles down a bit, ask “Then who can I be?” Ah … at that point, individuality begins to shatter.
Let’s do it for a moment. (Sathyam closes Her eyes and continues) ask yourself “If God is Omnipresent …” wait and then ask the second question. See what happens to yourself as name and form.

Meditation takes place for a few minutes.

Sathyam continues: Slowly open your eyes. How many of you experienced that the individuality was no longer there at that stage?
A man says: There was an Observer, but I don’t know if that Observer is me.
Sathyam: Oh yeah that Observer is you.
-Another man says that there was a decreasing amount of body identification but that it was still there.
-A woman talks about how she felt insignificant during this meditation.
Sathyam: Close your eyes now, we are going to go where you don’t feel insignificant. Believe Me if it was not important, I would not make you do it again. “If God is Omnipresent …” check the meaning of this and then ask “What can I be?”
Meditation takes place for about 3 minutes

Sathyam continues: Slowly open your eyes. What this contemplation does is that it begins to allow you to merge in the Truth, by eliminating the wrong thinking of who you are. That is what makes it so precious and that is why I am sharing it with you.
-A man talks about feeling relieved, no longer tense, joyful and peaceful after this last meditation, yet still he had an awareness of his body.
Sathyam: That is alright. Anybody else?
If it sits in your heart, practice it. Come back to Me in one month after you have practiced this and tell Me how it has affected you.
-One of the women talks about having trouble with the contemplation starting with the word “if”. She feels that “if” entails a possibility of yes or no and not absolute certainty.
Sathyam: You should eliminate “if” then. For Me “if” signifies certainty and is more like “since”. You can use “since,” if that works better for you.
-The woman who had felt “insignificant” during the last Contemplative Meditation with the group, says that she felt as though she is God’s offspring, when they just did the last meditation together.
Sathyam: Well, you are getting closer. We have to take this to heart and be really brave with it. This is because the mind wants to have limitation and by placing limitations, the mind has a job to do and is therefore able to work really hard. When you have limitation, it means that you believe in all sorts of opposites.
However, it is like what one of you said earlier, in that when you allowed yourself to courageously experience that Oneness, there were no longer any thoughts, but rather just joy, freedom and empowerment. It is very challenging to do this.
What is happening here is that we are removing the individuality; since there is only God, we cannot be any different. I am not saying that you are God, because if I say that I would be lying. I am removing your mask and what is left is nothing but that Omnipresent.
Some people come to Me and say that it is sacrilegious to say “I am God.” If you think of yourself as God as a human being, name and form that would be true, because you are not God as the name and form.
By removing this lie what remains is the Father. What we are actually doing is breaking idols, rather than worshiping them. We are breaking this idol, this idol, that idol, etc. (Sathyam points to every person in the room,) and that is true love for God. Why? We each have to ultimately merge the idea of being an individual and apart from God into the total understanding of our oneness. And yet we are afraid of doing that.
(Sathyam asks a few people how their meditation was. One person says it was interesting; another person says that he could not go beyond the barriers of the mind, etc.)
I might explain this very point 120 different times and there would still be room for misunderstanding. This is because we have identified ourselves with this body, a body that many different concepts and ideas have been hammered into, concepts and ideas about doing it “this” way or “that” way, going in “this” direction or “that” direction. There has been a constant obedience to the nonsense. That is why there is a freedom in what we are talking about here.
How was it for you? (Asks one of the men in the class.)
He responds: Whenever I do this meditation, I end up in this very strong surge of beneficial, beautiful and intense feeling.
(Sathyam jumps up with excitement and goes over to him and gives him a high five.)
She says: That is it- that is as close as you can ever come to it. I am going to tell you a secret, that feeling you just explained does miracles.
He responds: I can see where it could do that. When this feeling is amplified or turned on full blast, I can even feel my body changing internally!
Sathyam: Yes and yet don’t let it pour out of your hand; this is the gem of all gems being given here!
Nisargadatta, who was a very self-realized person, was a tobacco salesman. He met his Guru, who said only one sentence to him, he trusted it, contemplated only on that sentence and was merged with God in three years. He would be in his room upstairs, in a small building, in a room even smaller than our present room here- an insignificant old man, in a small insignificant room, in an insignificant town, the biggest gem of Truth however, was there!
-One of the men asks if Nisargadatta wrote the book, I AM THAT.
Sathyam: Yes, He wrote I AM THAT.
I am touched and cannot talk anymore.


Omnipresence Meditation
August 2, 2005

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