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Class - You Can't Serve Two Masters

Sat discusses and demonstrates the Trust Meditation. She explains the original promise given at the birth of the body, as well as dropping the old stories and focusing on one’s ultimate desire for freedom.

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*Sat is an abbreviation for Sathyam.

-A woman talks extensively about practicing the meditations, especially the Trust Meditation. She talks about being very happy about experiencing the state of Being, since in that state she doesn’t have to perform or compete, and she can Just Be. She asks Sathyam to clarify the Trust Meditation, particularly the Promise.

Sathyam: Yes; it is as if your pretenses are down. Who you think you are is down, who other people think you are is down, and you are in your natural state of Being. Can you imagine if you could go through life like this, how peaceful and joyful life would be?
When you do the Trust Meditation, you trust because of the promise that was given to you when your body came into this world. You trust that you do not need to take thoughts, in order to accomplish something at that time or any other time. So, when the thoughts come, you remember this promise, and you remain unmoved. (Sathyam demonstrates this by having Her eyes closed and speaking very calmly.) Unmoved … you can also have your eyes half open, when you do this.

When you ask people if they have children, some say “Yes, I have five or six,” or they may say “No, I am not married at all,” or “I am not old enough,” etc. Did you know that most people go around with thousands of children? Every thought that pulls you and nags at you has not grown up to be mature. Every time that you have repeated thoughts, you are taking care of children.
What is the best way to quiet down a child? By not paying attention to him! There is no way of contacting the Source (pats Her heart as She says this), or the peace that we all have within our Self, unless we have come to terms with that stillness, and not gone with the mind. This is why we have so many methods here to help us understand the mind and know how to not go with it. Because all of our lives we have gone with the mind and it has taken us to more agitation, to the point that we are used to agitation so much that some of us are no longer aware that it is really not normal at all. It is not our nature to be agitated. If we get used to it, there is no hope at all.

One of the women says: We live in a society where mental power is put on a pedestal.

Sathyam: Yes, absolutely! We live in a society that says the mind and thoughts have power, and that we have to be able to think well. On this path that I talk about, the mind that has been filled with falsehood and beliefs that are not even true, is a hindrance. We have to undo and drop the false.

The same woman says: It is hard.

Sathyam: Yes, it is hard if you don’t know what you are doing. I would like to specifically work with you tonight (addressing the same woman) because you are very, very serious about this. Everybody, follow along with her on this practice. For those of you, who are new here, see if you experience something new and totally different that you have never experienced before.

Close your eyes. What I am going to tell you is the Truth, but for now imagine that at the time that we were born, there was also a force within us, in the form of a promise that lies dormant. If we can trust that this force will take care of everything, we are free. So, we sit here and let the thoughts come. We remember the promise; we trust and remain unmoved by the thoughts. We will do this for a couple of minutes now. As soon as a thought comes, remember the trust and remember the promise, and just be still.

Meditation takes place for about a minute and a half.

Sathyam continues: Slowly open your eyes. How was it for you? (Asks the woman whom She just addressed and wanted to teach this practice to.)

-The woman responds by saying that she felt comfort and that each time a thought came, she would go back to that trust and that comfort.

Sathyam: I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the fact that when you give up, everything goes well. This is because for a moment, unknowingly, you are trusting the promise. However, we don’t usually give up until we are pushed to the edge of the cliff, with one leg hanging off. At the moment we give up, the mind stops and the promise is activated.
This tool that I am giving you is very simple and some of you may even laugh at it. You may ask yourself “What is She really talking about?” Yet if you only knew what a secret is being revealed here! If you only knew! Wouldn’t it be foolish for us to go through a chaotic life and die in the end? And yet all along we had this promise and we were either not aware of it, or even if we were told about it in this room- I am not aware of any other place that offers this, and we did not listen to it. Practice it on your own until it is proven right!
When you know this secret, trust it and believe in it, it activates what is already there but is dormant. The more often you trust the promise, the more you will see the result of this contact. You really, really do! Let’s do it for another few minutes.

Meditation continues for about a minute.

Sathyam says during the meditation: Always remember the promise and then trust; do this with every thought! Slowly open your eyes.

-A woman states that she is a bit confused about this promise.

Sathyam: At the time of the birth of this body (points to Her body) and other bodies (points to the people in the class), there is a hidden promise given to us. If we don’t take thoughts and we are not concerned, the promise becomes activated and everything will be taken care of. This is not a myth; it is true. It has been true not only in My life, but also for many others who are in silence in other places, like India or in the Himalayas. By living like this, they are living by grace; things do come to them naturally.
I am not saying that in our Western culture with its modern lifestyle, we need to sit somewhere in silence and do this. What I am saying is that you need to remember this promise throughout the day as you are working, taking care of your children, doing housework or even driving your car. Every time there is a grip of thoughts, which I call children that never grow up, you go back and remind yourself of the promise and trust it. Why do you have to do this? Because this promise is not aggressive! If you don’t take advantage of it, you will never know it is there.

The same woman asks: The thoughts You are speaking of, are they our worries?

Sathyam: Any kind of repeated thought that is bothering you, any concern. Use thoughts that are necessary for your daily functioning, but with any type of thought that is repeated and bothersome, take advantage of the promise. Do this even with mundane thoughts such as “Should I eat this or that … should I go here or there?” etc. Just relax and see if this power within you doesn’t take you to the right place at the right time.

A woman asks: So you are saying to let it go and it will all take care of itself naturally?

Sathyam: I am not asking you to let it go. When you say to yourself, “from tomorrow on I am going to let it go,'' it is out of suggestion from the mind. What I am telling you, however, is the truth; there is a promise that if we trust, everything will be taken care of. There is this Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent power that is dormant, unless you know the secret of staying on that trust. So, it is not just deciding to let go. Many people do that and pick it right back up again two minutes later. It is more like what one of you said earlier. There is a comfort, there is a feeling of being at Home, there is a feeling of “Oh my God, I have found Home!” You take this Home with you wherever you go.
There is a knowing and you become convinced as soon as you do it and you see the result of it. By doing this, you then become a beacon of light in society. You become one of those rare people, who do not need a lot of chaotic energy around them, because this promise is truly there; it truly is there. It is so magnificent, and the good news is that this promise is within every single one of us.
Why is it that we don’t use this promise even when we find out about it? Because we are unwilling to have that peace that we are looking for! A lot of people will look for peace, but they hinder it every step of the way. The peace has become a myth for them, it has become a cliché. They say things like “I wish I had peace, but right now I am going to be un-peaceful.” But this peace is already there. When we desire peace wholeheartedly, we must be alert and vigilant not to disturb it. And one of the ways to support our peace is to trust. I am not saying to trust in God, or in this or that, or to trust in something that changes or something that is a concept in your mind. What I am saying is for you to trust that promise and see what happens. It is an invitation to glory, an invitation to a feast. However, the irony of it all is that only a few respond to this invitation. Everyone however, is in the line for chaos.
This is the truth! Now you might ask why it is like this. It is this way because of habits, concepts and beliefs; we are like animals, we totally go forward with our instincts and habits. And yet we are … (Sathyam is deeply moved and speechless and just shakes Her head in disbelief.)

-A woman talks about a commercial she saw stating that animals have this instinct that helps them have their life naturally taken care of.

Sathyam: Wasn’t it St. Francis of Assisi who said, “Look at the birds, they don’t take thought”? What was he communicating 700 or 800 years ago? He was communicating trust in the promise. In the old days they talked more symbolically. We are both lucky and unlucky, since presently the Truth comes out in a very clear and straightforward fashion. Why does it do that? It is because the ignorance is too much. You give someone symbolism and they are completely lost. This is not the language of now; you would confuse people with symbolic language.

-The same woman with the previous comment talks about being in the flow of things or the state of grace.

Sathyam: You are in the rhythm, the flow or the grace, as you say, when your life pours out spontaneously. Most of us, however, don’t even know what spontaneity means. All we know is to strive, to survive, and to add more to our lives, etc.- that is all we have been taught. It is the universal chaos that has been happening; it is nobody’s fault. So, it is up to us to hear the Truth, grab it and then run with it. And most won’t do that because it is too simple! As I have said so many times before in this class, we are so used to eating by wrapping our arm around our head that if someone brings the food straight to our mouth, we might refuse and say “This is too weird, I am not used to eating like this.”

Do any of our regulars have anything to share about Trust?

-A man talks in great detail about his experience on a bike riding tour and encountering multiple obstacles along the way, including having his money pack and his bicycle stolen and being hit by a bus. He explains that he used Sathyam’s teachings to stay calm and everything was taken care of.

-A woman asks him if all his money was in the pack, which was stolen and he explains that he had stashed money in some other places too.

Sathyam: When you trust, if you need to stash some money in other ways or in other places, you will stash it in other ways and in other places. You will not even know why you stashed the money. You don’t do it out of fear!

-A woman talks about always having money, despite her generosity to send money consistently to her relatives in Mexico.

Sathyam: Yes that happens quite often when you trust; you trust that your money will not end- that is Trust!

-Another man talks about his quest for knowledge and how he likes to learn more and more, but that coming to this class has helped him a lot.

Sathyam: I call that gathering more and more concepts. I am glad however, that you do come here, because then you balance it. This could be here or at any other place that balances it for you. It could be through a book, or a video, etc. Life is all about balance.

-The same man talks about having to keep an open mind since coming to the classes, where he is not judgmental of others the way society encourages, not going with the chaos and confusion of the world, as Sathyam had referred to earlier.

Sathyam: What have you learned since you have been coming here? Instead of “learn” it is better to say, what has been your realization? What has changed for you? (She asks the same man.)

-He responds but his reply is inarticulate.
Sathyam clarifies: So, what you are saying is that your mind is calming down from all the judgments it used to have?
He says: No, but I now know what the other side is all about.

Sathyam: In order to bring you back to this discussion, what have these meetings done for you?

He says: Well, I get to look at me.

Sathyam: You mean, “Look at me” as the mind?

He responds: From this class I get to look at me and see where I need to go.

Sathyam: That is not good enough. When you say “I look at myself and I now know where I have to go,” it is like an alcoholic saying “I will not drink anymore tomorrow.” I don’t know how serious you are about this, but I do know that you have a heart of gold, and that is what brings you to the places where you can see the Truth. However, if you really, really want freedom and you don’t want to play around like you have been doing, I would highly recommend this: it would be better not to come and practice than to come here and not practice. This is because the freedom is in the practice, not so much in the repetition of hearing or saying it. The reason I am focusing in on you this evening is because I see something really remarkable in you.
For one week I would like you to do the Trust, the Stop, the State of Being or any of the other practices that you have learned here. I would particularly recommend the Stop Meditation for you, and we will all do that together in a few minutes.
I would like tonight to be a night of reevaluation for all of us. It is really beautiful that we all show up here each week, and we are becoming friends and companions because of our gatherings here, and I want you to come for this reason. But My heart aches to know that gold is given away [here], and it is played with as if it is only a marble. So, this is about doing a little bit of a reality check.
We are now going to do the Stop Meditation, but for you (Sathyam specifically says to one of the women) just hold on to your Trust Meditation, since it is very powerful. For those of you whose temperament goes better with Stop Meditation, take the Stop [to your silence] … or don’t take anything at all.
I would like you to keep your eyes half open. (Addressing the same man) continue to look at whatever you are looking at, and just stop reading every thought. Just be empty, blank!

Meditation continues for about a minute.

Sathyam asks the same man: Now tell Me; were you able to not go with the mind for a few seconds?

He responds: Thanks to all the prior sessions here, I was able to go longer than just a few seconds.

Sathyam: Just hold onto what you were feeling here throughout the day, because if you vacate this unbelievable invitation, you are welcoming and inviting extreme, chaotic duality. Therefore, we cannot serve two masters, we really, really cannot! We cannot serve the mind’s every whim and ask for peace. You cannot do that, if you are after freedom and peace seriously, as I was at the age of 18. I would say to you do not delay your arrival! It would be really foolish to be the Sat, Chit, Ananda, which mean Truth, Awareness, and Bliss and act like an idiot- as we all have.

-The same man talks about helping a friend with setting up his computer. His friend asked him why he, himself, wasn’t able to do the same. The man told him, “Because you wanted the computer to work the way you wanted it to, instead of following the proper instructions.” He then adds, “That is where I am with this.”

Sathyam: No, that is where you are going to be. You are an old student and I can therefore talk to you like this. You see, I have so much patience with all of you, until it gets to the point that I think you are ready, and then I am going to ask you to make up your mind. It is now time for you to jump. If you start walking the walk, the benefit to you will be much greater. And if you don’t, you are delaying your arrival!

He says: Today, I leave here feeling that my past will no longer pain me.

Sathyam: Your past will not hurt you forever, when you no longer carry it. When you drop your story you have dropped your story. Again, here and now, the invitation to you is: Jump; start trusting and do not delay this arrival. You may give yourself a hundred excuses why you should not get there, and I am telling you to drop it. If anybody else here feels that the same thing is happening for you, know that it is true.

-The same man starts talking about his past again, Sathyam interrupts him.

Sathyam: Your “story” does not interest Me! What interests Me tonight is the “Stop” that you did for two minutes. If I did not have interest in you, I would not talk like this. This is because I know in the heart of your heart you belong here, so just stop. Just stop your story in your own mind for five minutes.
Is there anything else that any of you would like to share?

A woman says: I know that the “wise” unlearn; they don’t learn anymore.

Sathyam: Yes; the “wise” unlearn, they do not learn. This is exactly the process that we are doing. I repeat Myself over and over again, and I apologize for this. We have taken in so much stuff through our senses, that we have indigestion; we are unaware that learning has a limit. You will be surprised to hear that I did not complete My high school education in My country. I failed many of My classes, and I was not able to read or write very well, but I was able to write a book in My native language that has gone all over the world. How did this book come through and why was I the chosen one? It is because when you are connected to the Omniscient, you do not need the worldly knowledge, you really don’t. Worldly knowledge is about going from A to B; however it will not follow you. This knowledge is also subject to any disease, discord, or disharmony. I am just reminding you tonight to give priority to this Source that we all have within us. Most of you are very familiar with it to various degrees; tonight is a reminder for you to just give it priority.

(Sathyam talks to some other people about their meditation and progress.)

A woman says: I am very impressed that You hold all of our feet to the fire and hold us accountable.

Sathyam says: Yes, because I come here weekly, free of charge. I have a very good personal lifestyle; I could sit by the lake and enjoy Myself instead of driving down here. What brings Me here is the spontaneous flow of whatever is to come out through Me. The patience is eternally patient, but when I see an opening I don’t want people to waste this short life. I am not a friend to you, nor am I an enemy. A friend will cater to your weakness; an enemy will destroy you through your weaknesses and your strengths. I feel like I do not cater to the weaknesses because I see the strength.
We have delayed the meeting with the Self for so long. Those of us, out of hundreds of thousands of people outside of this room, who choose to come to this gathering, the reason they came is because the prompting came. The prompting brought you here or the prompting uses others as instruments and brings you here. So, this is the play of seeing your Self, without any masks.

-A woman talks in great detail about how her desire to learn to heal her body brought her to meditation. Now she thinks that her way of thinking, stories and conditionings of the past have caused her physical problems and now she thinks she has to unlearn all of that.

Sathyam: Do you know what unlearning means? It is the dropping of all your baggage. Do you know what your stories are? They are the small children in your mind. These small children are constantly bringing up this unnecessary feud, which takes energy to listen to and act upon. You said that you feel there is a link between the body, the spirit and the mind. When you feed the body and you pile up information in the mind, but you close your eyes to who you really are, there is no way that you will not get sick, period! This will be either a mental, emotional or physical illness. This is because there is no balance, it is out of whack.
Our five senses cater to eating, seeing, touching, smelling, etc. There are also another five senses, which are on a subtle level. We do not use these at all. So, we send all of these allies out in the world to bring in junk, and yet we don’t use the inner senses that are inviting us to equanimity and silence. People feel more miserable in societies with the most technological and scientific advancements, because the senses have to go so far out, so often, to research and gather information. The more cures we find for our diseases, the sicker we become, and the more new diseases come up. This is because the mind that is searching for a cure is itself a sick mind.
One of you was talking about herbal medicine. Yes absolutely, at least you are being in touch with the nature that you are living in, but ultimately, the family in the mind has to grow up by wisdom.


She then sings the following:
“Divine Father, Sohum, you and I are one,
Everybody here are, we and I are one”

Namaste Again

Sathyam adds: When you leave this room, please recognize, even if it is for a second, that who you are is not what you think, and not what other people think; it is way above and beyond your imagination!

You Cannot Serve Two Masters
July 11, 2006

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