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Christmas Series-The Mystical Meaning of Jesus Christ’s Message - Parts 1-3

In honor of Christmas, Sat discusses the more mystical meaning behind several of Jesus Christ’s teachings that She received intuitively.

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Part 1: “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Light.” - Dec 24, 2020
Two days from now it is Christmas Eve and I was inspired to talk about Jesus the Christ. I am not a Christian, I am not religious, and I have not read the bible. But intuitively, the phrases I have heard throughout My life, that Jesus has said, have been opening up. The more mystical meaning of them, automatically, without taking thought. So, I thought this is a good occasion to give a little bit of understanding to Jesus Christ, what He truly was, as My intuition revealed to Me.
As a truly realized human being, which at one point, a human being was not even there, He gave a few very significant points.

When He said, "I am the way, the light and the Truth," He was indicating that the "I am" - that consciousness that says "I am" in each one of us is the way. Meaning that if we realize that who we really are as "I am," which is no different than what He was and what the Father was, we realize that we are not the personality, we are not the ego, we are not the thoughts, we are not even the body or emotions and feelings.

He did not say, "I am this and that," He just said "In order to get to the Source of our own Being, is through ‘I am.’” Now, the humanity takes this "I am" to be this body, or this profession or this bank account, or the title of being a mother, a father, a son, a daughter or this and that. But the "I am" as a pure Beingness is the way to recognize and realize ourselves.

So, the "I am" is the key, and "I am," if it is purely held onto, will take us to the immense silence of the mind, and that is the origin or the nature of who we were and we are, before the polluted ideas penetrated and covered it.

Part 2: "The Kingdom of God is Within You." Dec 24, 2020
Now, He also says, "The Kingdom of God is within you" or "the Kingdom of heaven" as I have heard. He does not say, "The Kingdom of heaven is without you," He says "It’s within you." What is this "within?" Meaning that the five senses constantly want to reach out and get information, ideas and turn it to beliefs and acceptance and cover up this Kingdom.

"The Kingdom of God is within you" means your true Home, your true treasure house, it is in silence, when the "I am" is released of all titles and positions. And that is an empty mind, and empty mind is one with the Truth.

Part 3: "I in the Midst of Me Is Mighty." Dec 24, 2020
He also says, “I in the midst of Me is mighty.” What is this “I” that is mighty? It is not “I am a child, or a daughter, or a Guide or a Guru,” it is just simply the “I.” And it is mighty because it is a universal mind (the mind of God/God consciousness), it is not a personal mind, it is not a divided “I,” or a personal “I;” it has grandeur and encompassing Existence.

So, as "I" alone, we are no different than the Christ or the Jesus, or Krishna, or Rama, because there is that consciousness that was in them that says "I am." It is the same consciousness that is in Me, it is in you, that says "I am." The problem is that we don’t stop there. We identify ourselves with an "I am" that has possessed this body or this name, or this position, or this title.
So, going back to the purity of "I am" and the oneness with the Father, it is simple, simple, and with the simplicity of just dropping what is not pure "I am."

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