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Benefit Of Satsang

In this audio Sat discusses the benefit of Satsang (spiritual discourse or gathering).

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Adrienne: I just feel that it is that much easier when I am in satsang with everybody, which is so amazing to be with people and not have the thoughts as the main focus. What an amazing gift!
Sat: Yes, you said it. Particularly when you know the Truth, it becomes like oxygen to keep breathing that air. Before, we were oblivious to having peace; we wanted it, but it was so far away that it was not oxygen for us. Oxygen was just a period between the fulfillment of a desire and release of that desire from the mind. The more you advance actually, the more you seek that type of company, whether alone with yourself, listening to an audio, or reading a sentence and pondering on it.
The main purpose of having a community and satsangs is really because it is a different type of oxygen. It is oxygen that rejuvenates your soul and believe Me we all need it. Otherwise, the scale goes up little by little on one side and the other side begins to weaken down. This is why I say, this is now our life, as long as we are in maya, we have to have an eye on it, on keeping that balance any way we can. One of the best ways is satsang, the company of the same.

Sai Center
Benefit Of Satsang
July 31, 2022

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