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Be Conscious Of Unconscious Thoughts

In this audio, Sat discusses how to stay conscious and awake by being aware of when you are unconscious (or involved with your thoughts) and to Just Stay instead.

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Question: You have said to be conscious of our unconscious thoughts - how do we distinguish between the two?
Sat: Every time we are mixed with the thoughts, we are unconscious, it would be like the night dream. When we have a night dream, we no longer feel ourselves in the bed, we go into the story and we are unconscious to the Truth. We are very conscious to the dream, but we are not conscious to the Truth. Being conscious of your unconscious thoughts means be aware when you are involved with your mind and just Stay. Because if you don’t see it, if you don’t consciously see your unconsciousness, then you continue dreaming. You continue having all these stories in the mind and traveling all over the world and it is endless. I don’t even want to get into that, but that’s what it means. It means all of a sudden, see what is happening, see your involvement with the mind. When you see your involvement with the mind, you are awake, you are conscious! That moment you are conscious, you are conscious of what? That you are being unconscious because you are mixing with the thoughts. That’s what it means.
It is a good practice during the day to ask yourself, “Am I conscious or am I unconscious?” And that brings about being conscious. It is the same thing when I always say when we do our meditation, “Be conscious of the silence.” Because you don’t want to slip into the dreamland in your silence, meaning falling asleep or just dreaming there. Be awake, be conscious of your silence, be conscious of your expansion, be conscious of this stillness. It is a good practice to stay that way.

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May 18, 2021

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