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Ask Yourself, Who is Agitated?

In this audio, Sat talks about the nature of the mind and how watching the thoughts and letting them go creates separation from the them and their agitation.

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Adrienne: I was thinking about the mind and how sometimes it feels agitated, does it get agitated just because it is not in control and doesn’t know everything, but it wants to so much? (Laughs) it makes me feel like something is wrong because it is trying so hard to be in control, but it cannot.
Sat: Well, the first thing I want to ask you is for a moment ask yourself “who gets agitated?” Ask yourself that and answer Me.
Adrienne: It is like a shadow puppet, it’s not really anything.
Sat: Yes, but when you say “the mind gets agitated,” is it the thinker that gets agitated or the mind gets agitated, or both?
Adrienne: I don’t know, I think it must be the mind, I don’t know.
Sat: But do you get influenced by it, do you feel agitation in your body?
Adrienne: No, it is not upsetting me at all, I am just realizing how it tries so hard and it is so wonderful to be able to let it go.
Sat: Yes, well, that made Me very happy- your answer. Again, if that is what is happening Adrienne, you are finding separation from your thoughts, which you probably at times didn’t and did get agitated along with it. But now you are watching it, we are also sometimes under the collective influence, so by just looking at it and letting it go and you were wondering why that happens.
That is the nature of the mind going through different stages of not caring, caring a lot and suggesting. They call it the three Gunas in Sanskrit, so just the fact that we are beginning to watch it and not identify with it, I am sure it dies down, it would be like something that comes, and then lasts a few seconds and passes by. Like I said, the most important thing is that now you don’t find yourself involved in it and then to help it die down, you can sit in silence if you have compassion for your mind (laughs) sit in silence and take the mind to the heart, take the energy of it to the heart.
Adrienne: I am so thankful to have that, so many people probably take medication or do all these [other] things.
Sat: Yes, you are very welcome, we are all graced, as thankful as you are, I am too. You know, I was watching the past few days, what is happening, I see that it is so magnificent to see every one of you, including Myself, to have such a simple path and such a straight path from the mind to the heart and we are all equally benefitting from it and that is something we can only be grateful to!

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April 25, 2023

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