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Are You Done With Being Righteous

Sat elaborates on how to remedy thoughts and feelings of being right and righteous.

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Radha: I wanted to share that recently I very much went with thoughts of “I am right, I’m righteous!” At some point when I was going with it, even though it was very uncomfortable, I fully knew that I was making a dumb choice. I wasn’t making the real choice; it wasn’t until I was able to ask “are you done with this now … are you ready to make the real choice?”, that I was able to sit down and make it (the right choice). Regardless of right or wrong, I was able to come to the unity and harmony You speak of, only because You showed me that. Nowhere in the world is that apparent, and I am really grateful, because that harmony and unity that You speak of is the only thing that feels good in Maya.
Sat: It is a very important sharing. Because you knew, like most situations we react that way in normal humanity, except you knew that thought of being right in the human form. Maybe a hundred people would agree with you but that doesn’t bring lasting joy at all. Maybe at that moment your agony subsides, your discomfort would subside, but there will be another occasion that comes up and it will have a much bigger force because it was fed, not only by you, but [by] the people with whom you shared; they uphold this disease. When you decided “NO…am I done?”, what a beautiful question “am I done?”, and eventually you were, and the result was what? Did you have more peace and release?
Radha: Absolutely! No comparison!
Sat: Yes but sometimes we put ourselves through many days of that in order to not want to go there again EVER (laughs). So like I [have] said, on this path the failing, particularly if it is painful enough, once you decide to use one of your strengths and come out of it, then the impression is there; it is not easily forgotten.

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Are You Done with Being Righteous?
March 8, 2022

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