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Sat explains the difference between Human living vs. real living. She also elaborates on striving and ambition.

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Aida: In one section You read ‘Let’s give our child, not an idea of life, but life itself.’ Does this mean a true life as it was intended to be?
Sat: The way we are living as humanity, it is a surface living. It is survival, gathering information and nourishment and taking some rest in between, so you have more energy to go after surface living. And the more you go after something, the less you have peace. That only gives you a sign that ‘listen, this is not the way to go.’ All the working, etc. is right but the map that this book (I Am the Child) is trying to talk about is that catching fish is always fresh [for] each one of us. It is saying that in order to have balance between mind, body and the soul you have to have some sustenance. Something that anchors you, something that doesn’t change and then it gives the steps. That is the real living because we are going to be in the body as the entity from birth to death. Why not use it in a way that is most profitable? That is a true living!
Aida: What You just said about striving and how it actually takes away one’s peace, is also a huge statement!
Sat: Listen, people always emphasize on their children having ambition. Ambition is really good if it is used properly. To go after making money is good, but what about ambition in finding some peace? What about using some of your ambition in other areas too? What if we use our ambition to help the needy or have ambition to have silence? Ambition itself there is nothing wrong with, the way that it is going to one channel only that is destructive is the problem. We guide each other towards that destruction because we always want our children to be the best in school, the best in after school, etc. The child has a nervous breakdown by the time they finish university because it hasn’t also been given the effort of finding balance while it is being educated. That would become true living.

Sai Center
August 14, 2022

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