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Allness Of God (10/2020)

In this video, Sat discusses the Advaita (non-dualism) path. She explains that as we are going back Home on this path, we must realize the allness of God by realizing the allness of ourselves.

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Sat: I want to explain a little bit so it’s clear what God means in the Advaita path, the nondual path. Ordinarily in religion, there is a God, the Creator, and some religions have it with a form and some religions have it without the form. Then the religious people, if they really love that God that was introduced to them in the religion, or in ordinary life, then they pray to God for different things and see God as a higher power. And that is fine and it is really beneficial when the surrendering is full. But there is God and there are humans that are created by God [and] the gap is very vast. On the way back Home, or self-recognition or self-realization, it is to know God. And in order to know God, you have to give God the grandeur that it deserves, not only as a figure with form or without form, but to truly see it as Allness.

In that belief of Allness, you realize that you cannot be separate. The Allness does not divide itself, it appears as divided. In the ultimate Truth that is very ancient, that is more ancient than time, [a] few people have realized that in order to know the Allness of God, you have to know the Allness of yourself. Because you can only know an ocean by putting a drop of the ocean water under the microscope. We don’t hear this type of Truth very often, definitely not in a church, or in a mosque, or synagogue. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it’s just for masses, for personalities, for do’s and don’ts.

Now I remember when I started My classes in 2001, one of the first things I said was that what we are doing here is the back door to the Home. The front door was for the guests, the postman, and the milkman in those days. But the back door is a private door, where not everybody can come in. They don’t even know where it is, and only a few members, very intimate friends and family, come through the backdoor.

The way back Home, which in Sanskrit is Advaita (meaning leaving the duality behind), is really a back door that is not obvious to everybody. And I really believe the reason I became an instrument is because My highest desire was to come face to face with God in the formless, [the] ultimate. I didn’t want just an image of God, or part of God. So, this is what we are doing. And a lot of things in our talks might be off the wall, where you are left feeling like, “What??” That is only because it is not ordinary, it is not common and that is the reason. I don’t know for what reason this was explained but I hope that it had a purpose and helps some of you.

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