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Sat discusses Allness and helps users learn how to stay in that state.

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Question: Regarding the Allness that You speak of, I want to know if all the unpleasant things that happen in One's life or in the world are included in that Allness?
Sat: You have a piece of paper, that’s Allness. And there is a drawing on it. Is the piece of paper the drawing?
Nilu: No.
Sat: Is it [the drawing] separate from the piece of paper?
Nilu: No.
Nilu: How could it fit on Sat Chit Ananda?
Sat: It’s not that it fits. How could you draw war on a piece of paper? Because you enjoy it. Or you just do it. How can a kind person fall asleep and have a horror dream that is killing people? Is it the dreamer that killed? Or is it the image on the mind of the dreamer?
Why is it like this? Maybe that should be the question? I don’t know. But what I just told you makes more sense to Me than anything else I would hear because the base is unaffected. The screen is unaffected by the burning on the movie. This is what we are trying to identify with, so we don’t burn; so we don’t die; so we don’t get wet. That is the whole idea of us being interested - because we are tired of being the picture; identifying with the picture. There is no stability in the picture.
I don’t understand Maya. So when meditation goes to Allness, you already left the ego and the mind and the body. So you are identifying with the screen or the piece of paper. In that there is no pain.
The question is how do we keep ourselves there?
By going towards achieving that; while other people are going backwards. Every satsang, every practice, even if it’s failing, is a step forward to cleaning our consciousness from imagery, which are the thoughts and stories.
Well well, that was a good question.

After Livestream
Feb 28, 2022

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