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Accepting Maya

Sat discusses how maya is within us and is not personalized. She demonstrates this by taking us to the night dream and back to day dream.

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"We accept Maya because we are greater than Maya. Maya exists within us."

Sat: I am talking to you guys that already know, you are on the path. I am saying we as a group of people accept maya, because we are beginning to realize that we are bigger than the maya. By this realization, we also see that the maya cannot be outside of us. This is the extent of ignorance. Right now I am talking to Myself. I am telling a story. It has nothing to do with the forms. I am saying “how ridiculous it is when we come to realize that maya is not is a is a dream of the universal Is-ness. It is not my dream, it is not your dream, it is not his dream. At night we are sleeping, I dream of all of you in this room. Is it your dream? Or is it my dream? You just happened to be in my dream. Now imagine the ignorance of maya that fools you. Every one of us in the universal mind is trying to achieve something...we do not even exist. Look at the extent of this incredible demonstration of this maya. You do not exist in my dream; my image of you exists in the dream. Imagine if one of you decides to do something in my dream!
Now...we come to a good news here; The good news is, when every individual image that I had in my dream, all of a sudden...not one (at) by one...but the dreamer...realizes is dreaming, all the images go away!
Do you guys do not need to! I am talking to myself.
So in the night dream, I am struggling to arrange, I am as the body of somebody in that dream that created all the other bodies, tries to rearrange everybody’s life, and make a point out of this dream...until it wakes up! Or until it realizes, like I am sitting here and realizing, what is the truth of it is.
Now, in the day dream, the same concept in a much greater scale is happening, that all of us is THAT which has the universal dream...That One...not two, not three, not four...That...which is dreaming all of this. When in the day dream we realize that there is not a dream or personality or population, we become the universal dreamer. That is why maya is within us. I gave a good lecture to myself.
What is this knowledge good for? What is this wisdom? It is good for nothing!
It is good for nothing and also, it is the only solution. It is good for nothing because you cannot do anything about it; maya is maya, truth is truth. It is good for everything because you know it.
I am talking to myself because it is very mystical. We are talking very ‘mystical’, it is not an ordinary talk. This is what contemplation means. You do not sort things out; we become aware of things. We don’t find conclusion, we become alert and risen like a bird.

Accepting Maya
April 16, 2016

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